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Warning: You Can’t Rely on Just Amazon

This is probably my most important blog post this year.

Meet (former) Amazon seller Nida Kazmi, below. CNN recently reported that she was making $1,000/month in profit when Amazon inexplicably shut her down:

(I'll talk more about Nida in a moment.)

See, Amazon is still the #1 place I sell products, BUT it's been known to suspend sellers - or warn them of possible suspension - for wrong reasons.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, it could in the future.

Like Nida, I received warnings from Amazon too. But I acted really fast and deflected them successfully. Enitled "Your Amazon Seller Account" or "Warning:..", they are serious notices:

  • Accusing you of selling counterfeit products (You're innocent, but a customer/competitor filed a bogus complaint. It happened to me)
  • Accusing you of violating Intellectual Property Rights of a competitor (You're innocent, but a competitor submitted a bogus complaint. It happened to me)
  • Warning your seller account is temporarily suspended for performance issues that were (probably) out of your control. This happened to me, years ago:
Amazon Trademark and Copyright Warnings

I narrowly missed getting suspended by Amazon for totally invalid reasons. Luckily, I 1.) acted fast and 2.) have additional income streams for "back up"

When sellers receive temporary/permanent suspensions, devastating financial losses can occur. Why? Because those sellers rely solely on Amazon to sell their products.

Now, don't panic. Amazon sellers who get suspensions and/or warnings can recover, athough the financial damage to their business can be staggering. Nida's stuck with all that inventory, as you can see in the above picture.

See, if Nida was selling on other major platforms (it's easier than you think), she would still be receiving that critical income!

I've said it for 9+ years: You can't rely on just Amazon. If you do, Amazon can destroy your business with just a keystroke.

The good news? The risk like Nida's can end now, with this:

sell on multiple channelsSee, smart Amazon sellers are now duplicating their Amazon listings on one or more proven selling sites like Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Mercari, and more, easily and inexpensively. (The fancy word for this is "Multi-Channel Commerce."):

  • Easily because today there is software that synchronizes your listings and inventory among multiple major sites
  • Inexpensively because 1.) that software has come way down in price; and 2.) many seller platforms (like Walmart) charges merchants smaller fees than Amazon!

In fact, many sellers now have 50% of their sales from Amazon and the other 50% on Walmart.com! And others sell products on Amazon and Walmart and eBay and Shopify - or a combination!

And you can do it to.


With my trusted partners Barrington McIntosh and Lance Wolf of BaLance.

Barrington McIntosh Lance Wolf

(You'll remember I introduced you to Barrington and Lance in my May blog post when I tested and made real profits with their product sourcing ideas.)

With their 30 Day Step-by-Step Workshop, you can:

  • Keep all your inventory in one location, yet sell on multiple channels
  • Duplicate your Amazon inventory to other marketplaces (like Walmart.com) - without creating new listings!
  • Deploy their secret formula to sell on Walmart with 2 Day Shipping
  • Self-fulfill Amazon Prime orders - without relying on Amazon’s FBA warehouses!
  • Get all your questions answered via 4 live webinars (recorded in case you miss them)
  • This workshop is for you if you source/sell via private labelwholesaleretail arbitrage, and/or online arbitrage!

The instructors of the workshop practice what they preach, because they, too, are selling their inventory on other sites like Walmart. Here's a snapshot of just one seller's multi-channel sales for the last 3 months of 2019:

multi-channel ecommerce sales

So, don't miss BaLance's bargain-priced workshop - for just a one-time charge of $197 - especially with the holiday shopping season just 3 months away! The workshop starts July 10th and the deadline to enroll is July 9, 2019. It has a 7-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Questions? Email Lance and Barrington directly at: Support@balanceyourfba.com

If you need a "done for you" multi-platform listing service - where all your Amazon products are duplicated across eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc.  - I recommend Karen Locker's Solutions4Ecommerce Multi Platform Listings Service .

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