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What to Sell on Amazon to Make Money in 2019

Endless searches in stores & online stops today

Can't find items to resell on Amazon?

Dear Reader:

It's a crucial time of year for you - Summer. Why?

Because right now, all retailers are announcing major discounts to boost sales. They're competing for your dollar, due to the traditional summer sales slump. They're also clearing the shelves for "Q4" (the October through December shopping season). That means they need to liquidate their stock in order to make room for all the millions of new products coming through their stores.

More importantly - and I've been saying this for years - is that online sellers like us can capitalize on these up-to-90% off sales by:

  1. "Holding" those sale items for a couple months until Q4, when Amazon prices really skyrocket, and/or
  2. Finding some quick flips to by reselling the item on Amazon for a nice profit.

The problem is: How can you find those items easily?

Many of us have resorted to doing random searches on sites like Target, Walmart, Kohls, and even Amazon, looking for items to flip. We also hop in our car in record-breaking heat and scurry around to area retail stores. In either case, many of us are coming up empty handed. This kind of arbitrage sourcing can be a colossal waste of time - It feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You feel the same way too? I hear you.

See, I used to enage in all that chasing until I found this guy:

Meet Greg Webb, quite the successful Amazon seller:What to buy to sell on Amazon expert Gregg Webb

Greg is a master at finding products for sale on Amazon (or Walmart, Target, etc.) that are proven to skyrocket in price, especially during the Christmas shopping season.

I Bought Based on Real Data & Experience

I recently joined Greg's Buy and Hold mastermind group. Ed. Note: If you're skeptical, the group is co-managed by Barrington McIntosh and Lance Wolf, the same gents I told you about in my blog here and here.

It's really quite simple: Greg scours online for products that are underpriced but - according to historical data, and just common sense - poised to be big sellers in the near future, and he tells us about it.

Here's an example:

Last week, Greg alerted us to World of Nintendo Mario Kart R/C Racer that was selling for $19.99 at Walmart, currently selling on Amazon for $39.99, and is poised - based on last year's Keepa data, shown in the graphs below - to hit $66+ on Amazon.

Greg's alert appeared to us on our cell phones. You can also get them on your computer. His exact alert is below (click to enlarge):

Walmart Amazon Arbitrage
So I snapped up 10 of the Mario Kart R/C Racers from Walmart online at $19.99/ea. Here's my receipt:

Toy to Buy on Walmart to Sell on Amazon

And here's a closer look at the Keepa data Greg referenced in his alert to us. You'll see, indeed, the price last year was $66. The Amazon sales rank  - hard to discern in the image - was well within the top 1% of toys. You'll also see that the price peaked at about $90 last month.

So based on Greg's solid predictions, I'm poised to double my investment. My net profit for each Mario Kart R/C Racer, after all expenses, is predicted to be about $21, or a ~100% return on investment. Here's a snapshot of my calculation, using the free Amazon FBA Calculator.

What About 'Amazon to Amazon' Flips?

Greg is also a master at finding drastically underpriced items sold by Amazon that are (in the future) poised to sell at much higher prices.

This are commonly called "Amazon to Amazon flips," and yes, you can buy items from Amazon to resell on Amazon, as long as you're not using Prime shipping to ship the items to you when you buy them. How I did it: To buy the items, I logged out of my Amazon account. Then I created a 2nd Amazon account (as a regular 'shopper'), using a different email, and not subscribing to Prime shipping. I use that 2nd Amazon account to buy the Amazon items I want to flip.

A few days ago, Greg spotted this Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Funko set, sold by Amazon, at $14.99. The next image is his alert, and the following image is the screen shot of the item at the time of the alert:

Funko deal alert

Here is a snapshot of the actual product:


You'll see that the lowest Amazon price is already double: $29.99 at time of this post. Based on Keepa data, that exact same set sold for $45 in Dec. 2018 and Dec. 2017:

Resell Funko on Amazon

So that's another 'buy and hold" deal scored by members in our group.

Can't Afford to "Hold" for a Future Sale?

Some are you are saying "That's nice, but I need deals I can flip faster. I don't want to wait 5 months to make a profit."

Well, good news. Greg is constantly posting so many deals to the group, many of them are 'fast flips,' too.

You don't believe me? I'll prove it to you.

Seek, last week Greg alerted us to these rare Transformers Toy sets Walmart was selling online and in stores for $12.99 each:

Sell Transformers on Amazon

I was slow to pull the trigger on this one, but I found some at Walmart.com for in-store pickup. Here my receipt from a partial buy (I found 4 total):Transformers Walmart Amazon flip

At the time I published this article (1 week after I bought them from Walmart), the lowest price on Amazon was $46. That means I could sell mine now at ~$18 profit each (140% ROI). But I'm waiting for the $55+ price peak predicted in December, instead:

transformers price peak

Make These Deals to 'Come to You' for FREE

I only bring you the great (honest) methods that really work for getting profitable products to resell. And I bring them to you at very reasonable prices.

And now you can join the same Buy and Hold Mastermind group that I'm in. You'll receive ALL this:

  • Monthly Live Webinar on how to Buy and Hold products and sell them at premium profits. This strategy alone can make you thousands each year in profits.
  • Planning:  How to order most of your inventory from home, as opposed to running to the stores and walking out empty-handed, AGAIN! ($97 value)
  • WhatsApp Group: Ask questions and network 24/7 with other like minded sellers on strategies that are working now.  Maximize your online selling profits with the Buying and Holding Strategy
  • Brickseek Bolos:  To get you on your way to implementing the Buy and Hold Strategy!!  Check Product availability before you leave home, and then head directly to the store to pickup! Massive time saver on wandering around to find inventory
  • Keepa Check:  Have a ASIN that you would like to review? Our exclusive "Ask Greg" feature means you'll get advise from the expert himselfon whether or not you should buy and hold any product you're considering
  • Pricing Strategies: Learn how to tackle listing price fluctuations and have confidence in your buying decisions. 

This membership price is really cheap: Just about $3/day (it's billed $297 for the first three months, then $297 every 3 months after that, should you decide to continue your subscription).

But I Have Two Warnings for You:

1.) This Group is accepting a only 100 members. After it hits 100 members, it will close off access. This helps balance the # of deals available to the # of group members

2.) The bargain price is way too low for the value. As we get closer to Q4, the fee could go up. So lock in your price now.

Questions? Email the group founders directly: Support@balanceyourfba.com

And whatever you do, take action to make this your most profitable Amazon selling season, ever.


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  • Chris July 18, 2019, 10:50 pm

    Looks like a solid investment for $3 a day. Need to get ungated for brands/products so will check out the link you provided. Will definitely be giving the 14 Day trial a run. Thanks, Jordan!

  • Fred July 16, 2019, 3:41 pm

    All of the links say “Forbidden” when I click on them.

    • Jordan Malik July 16, 2019, 10:10 pm

      You probably have anti virus software that is blocking your clicks, as no one else has reported the problem.

      If you’re looking to access the Buy and Hold Mastermind group, copy the below link and then paste it into your browser: https://barrington-mcintosh.mykajabi.com/a/15788/WmaMuZfJ

      If that doesn’t work, try reading the blog post using a different browser.

      If that doesn’t work, try another computer.

  • Gary Tanner July 15, 2019, 8:23 pm

    Hey, thanks, I will try the 14 day trial.


    • Jordan Malik July 15, 2019, 8:57 pm

      Gary in those 14 days you’ll have more product leads than you can handle!

      • jeff liedy July 17, 2019, 9:51 am

        The way the restrictions are placed, it requires proof of purchase from Nintendo, or a distributor of at least 10 units. Here is the catch, in order to buy bulk Nintendo products from a distributor, you have to be a licensed Nintendo retailer. This effectively blocks used sales from anyone that is not a licensed Nintendo retailer who is also buying new/refurbished units from a Nintendo distributor.

        You cant just sell anything anymore

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