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How I Made Big Profits Last Christmas. (Copy me)

Resell on Amazon Christmas 2019

Above is a fraction of the inventory I'm reselling on Amazon for Christmas 2019. Now: Time to get yours.

Dear Reader:

I thought I knew it all.

See, I've been reselling products online - and writing about it in this blog -  for ten (ten!) years now.

And around October of every year I get the same question from dozens of readers:

"Jordan, what can I sell during the Christmas season to make big money?"


And my answer was always the same: "It's too late, you should have bought clearance items during the Summer."

Years later, I discovered I was only partially correct.

That's right.  You can find products to resell (online and in stores) during October, November, and December, and still make a lot of money.

That is, if you have the right advice on exactly what to buy...

It wasn't until I discovered BOLO Groups that I realized I didn't know nearly enough about reselling during Christmas.

"What's a BOLO group?" you ask?

A BOLO group - a trusted one - is a group of online sellers sharing product leads with each other. (The best BOLO groups do a whole lot more, too - like how to buy below wholesale, how to stack discounts, how to analyze pricing trends, and more.)

The product leads are what they've found in stores - some are online - that are selling for a price far greater on Amazon, and even eBay.

Thus, by joining a BOLO group - usually for a fee - you can be alerted to those product sourcing ideas, too.  Then you can visit your local stores (or go online) and locate the same products with the objective of buying it and then selling it online for a significant profit. (As you know, that's called "retail arbitrage.")

This BOLO group alerted me last Christmas to a LOT of toys and household items that I made BIG profits from.

Here's a just one example:

This is a specific Holiday lawn ornament that sold for $50 at a major retail chain -  yet I sold for up to $229 on Amazon. (Don't let that high $50 price scare you. Many BOLO items cost $5 to $25 each, yet they also sell on Amazon for 3x-4x their cost!)

So I rented a UHAUL van, visited 3 stores, and bought 15+ of them ... (Sorry I can't tell you exactly what it is. It's way too lucrative and it wouldn't be fair to the BOLO group members)

Did they sell?

Yup. My net profit per unit sold was $60 to $80 each. So for one day's work of running around to stores, then prepping the items for Amazon fulfillment, my total take was almsot $1,000:

Product found in store to resell on Amazon


Again, that's one example. By late November, I was chock full of items found via the same group.

So, now you're probably asking "How can I join a trusted BOLO group, and how much is it?"

There are a few trusted BOLO groups. Of course one of my favorites is the one that brought me the above results - BaLance Q4, which is run by "Q4 Pioneers" Barrington McIntosh and Lance Wolf:

Barrington McIntosh Lance WolfI begged Barrington and Lance to provide my readers (that's you) with inexpensive access to their incredible Q4 BOLO service. And they agreed!

Their BaLance Q4 group is a steal at $297 for all of Q4 (that's every day right through December 2019). That's a one-time charge, not recurring.

Joining BaLance Q4 is easy, immediate and a true bargain. You get all this:

  • Local finds organized by stores, so you can easily create your shopping list - several new finds are added daily! (You'll be placed in a private small BOLO group to minimize competition)
  • Over-the-shoulder training: FaceBook "Go Lives" From Major Stores Showing You How To Source Inventory
  • How to buy below wholesale webinars - live and replays available - learn how to source online and in stores, like the pros!
  • Online arbitrage and research tips and ideas
  • What to buy in Q4 in stores/online based on Historical Data
  • How and why to add wholesale to your inventory acquisition strategy
  • Much more (view everything here).

So if you're stuck on 'what can I sell' this Christmas get access to BaLanceQ4 today.

Questions? Email Lance and Barrington directly at: Support@balanceyourfba.com

If you have specific questions about this offering, email:

Have fun and keep me posted!


P.P.S. If you've never sold on Amazon before, I recommend this beginner course. And if you're selling on Amazon but finding you're restricted from selling several brands, see this post.


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