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My Online Book Arbitrage Showdown With Peter Valley

Peter Valley Zen Arbitrage

January 20, 2019 was a special day for me. My readers and I interviewed Peter Valley (above right), the legendary online book sourcing and Amazon selling expert. You may also know Peter as ther creator of Zen Arbitrage and FBAMastery. I bet you didn't know that Peter is also the the world's most published author on Amazon selling.

This interview was special as I've been a fan of Peter Valley for several years but I never got to meet him until my birthday when I had the honor of his visit to my home in Las Vegas! If you missed the interview, here's the full replay: youtu.be/0xvV2P1nvpU

Tip: The video is over 90 minutes. So if you're pressed for time, do these 2 things: 1.) Speed up the video - but still understand everything we're saying - with this free browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome browsers (I use it too), and 2.) Below find timestamps of specific segments within the video (if you want to jump around):

Interview Segments:

00:05:59 - Peter gives me a very UNUSUAL (but hilarious) video gift for my birthday

00:10:20 - Peter's VERY humble beginnings (he started nearly BROKE)sell used books on amazon

00:15:15 - Peter describes dumpster diving for book

00:20:00 - The one TRUE fact that makes online book arbitrage 'really work' 

00:21:00 - Jordan briefly explains the buying and selling process done by book arbitrage experts on Amazon

00:26:45 - Jordan asks Peter "Why are some online arbitrage sellers failing? (What makes a 'winner')?

00:31:30 - Jordan asks Peter "Where is the 'low hanging fruit" online to get books for reselling?

00:34:37 - Do textbook prices and/or sales increase dramatically during textbook season?

00:44:00 - Why are used books such a 'great' item to sell on Amazon?

00:48:05 - Why are big booksellers (on Amazon) dramatically lowering their prices?

00:53:20 - How is Amazon's "Fair Pricing Policy" affecting sellers?

00:58:15 - Where are the best resources to get used books for reselling?

01:07:21 - The (good) change that occured when Amazon stopped charging sellers a 6-month storage fee

01:11:45 - Avoid buying 'new' books in bulk when they are 'remainders'.

01:16:50 - Profitable used books that are not textbooks

FREE Online Book Arbitrage Course AND Book just for you (WOW): jordanmalik.com/onlinebookarbi...

Sites mentioned:

FBAMastery.com: Peter's blog, all about sourcing and selling used books

CheckPermission.com: Jordan's software that instantly shows you whether or not you're approved to sell any item on Amazon

Keepa.com: free site that shows Amazon pricing and sales rank history of any item)

www.asellertool.com/Scoutly.html: UPC barcode scouting app for sellers

FeedbackGenius.com: Tool to get more feedback from buyers

Free Bonus for you: Be sure to get Peter's (no-catch) FREE Online Book Arbitrage full course and eBook here. I've seen the book and course, and they are indeed a bulletproof 'step by step' complete, free training on how to source books online to resell on Amazon. This jam-packed bundle from Peter is his gift to you.

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