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Can you make big profits selling USED shoes on eBay?

Sell skechers on ebay

eBay Sellers:

It's been a LONG time that I've gotten this excited about an opportunity for us. (And this one has been sitting right under our noses).

It's about sourcing and selling used shoes on eBay. Don't balk at it - sellers just like you are making some serious profits, easily. And I'm not talking bout Air Jordans nor vintage Vans. No, these are 'everyday' shoes.

First let's do some background here.

As an online seller I've always been a huge advocate and practitioner of sourcing and selling used products (on eBay and Amazon). I mastered it so much that I wrote "how to" guides about it here, and here (and in my other guides like Resell Appliances, which is no longer available)

Why? Am I crazy? Nope:

  • Used stuff is incredibly cheap (or free) to source locally
  • Buyers demand out-of-production items to replace 'things they love' or that they just can't find anymore
  • There is a HUGE gap between the demand of those buyers (worldwide) and the supply. That gap is where you (the seller) come in
  • This millionaire still does it

That's why I was ecstatic when my trusted partner released 101 Killer Shoe Brands (get 10% off with coupon code JORDAN) with used shoe expert Santino Passalacqua. (You may know Steve Raiken from Raiken Profit and his Youtube channel.)

Selling shoes with Steve Raiken

Sourcing and selling used shoes is an awesome opportunity with HUGE profits. Why? Aside from the reasons above:

  • Some consumers fall in love with their shoes, go to get a new pair and realize they're out of production. Their only alternative is to get a used pair on eBay
  • Used shoes are everywhere (thrift stores, church sales, craigslist, sold in lots on eBay, your relatives' storage/closets, garage sales and more)
  • Most original buyers of shoes wear them and then treat them as virtual 'throwaways' (they're not worth anything to them). They have no idea they're worth $$$.

Need examples? I'm not talking Air Jordan's and vintage Vans. I'm talking about modern and vintage brands you and I (mostly) never heard of:

Like this pair that a reader of 101 Killer Shoe Brands bought new for $7 and sold for $38 (click on the image for a larger version):

sell sheakers online

...Or this pair bought for $2 and sold for $53 (click on the image for a larger version):

sell skechers online


...Or this pair bought for $2.50 and sold for $35 (click on the image for a larger version):

sell sneakers on ebay

Want to source 'New' only? Here's a pair bought at Marshalls for $30 and sold for $80 (click on the image for a larger version):

find shoes to sell online

You can do this too (I am). Used shoes are everwhere. If you need help, I'm HIGHLY recommending Steven Raiken's 101 Killer Shoe Brands ebook ($67 - get 10% off with coupon code JORDAN) . The book itself is an easy-to-read picture guide to 'what to be on the look out for'. But what's more: When you buy the book, you g101 Killer Shoe brands to sellet access to Steven's Private Facebook Group where resident 'used shoe experts' like the co-author Santino are helping folks long.

What do you get for $67?

  • The full-color ebook, easy to read with details on all 101 used shoe examples

and (via your access to the included private Facebook community) Tips on:

  • Where and how to source
  • How to maximizing profits
  • How to take the best pictures
  • How to clean and repair shoes

Now, this is the very first time I've ever endorsed a system/guide with no money back guarantee (that's the authors' choice) and I respect that. That's because the value here is bulletproof. However, DON'T buy 101 Killer Shoe Brands if you:

  1. Don't like to get your hands dirty. This is not for snobs. If you want replenishible items at 30% margins, pursue wholesale or private label. This is for you folks who love one-offs with big profit margins and the thrill of the hunt
  2. Don't like work. You will be taking eBay pictures and cleaning shoes (it's 'work' but it's easy)
  3. Are expecting to get rich. Used shoes is an easy revenue stream, but don't expect $1M in sales year 1. (Although he did $208,000 on eBay with shoes)
  4. Don't like to read. 40% of you will buy the book and make a complaint that there are not enough videos/tutorials/how-to's. But all of that is in the authors' free private Facebook community (which you'll get access to after you buy.)
  5. Refuse to know eBay basics. To utilize this book, you should have basic knowledge of creating an eBay account and selling items. Here are free resources to do just that.)

NOW is the time to grab the opportunity - it's fresh, exciting and hugely profitable!

I'll see you in the Killer Shoe Brands facebook group,


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  • Sharon October 8, 2017, 9:06 am

    I took a Japanese class in San Diego and did an awesome skit about my trying to find shoes in a Tokyo shoe shop, the staff not knowing how to let me down politely while holding back their giggling, suggesting a men’s store and deciding that wouldn’t work either. If you’ve been around Japanese women with their hands over their mouth to politely hide their giggles and imagine his bigfoot gaigin and a bunch of US college kids doing it all in Japanese (I was the only one other than the instructor who had been there, so we had to show the others how to act like Japanese retail staff, but it all came out pretty darn funny…before the day of video recorders, unfortunately 🙂

  • Sharon October 8, 2017, 8:59 am

    Su Lin, if you’re selling globally and not just in your part of the world, remember to put the US/EU/Asia sizes on your listing, maybe a chart that is easy to reuse. listing. Americans usually aren’t familiar with size conversions (applies to clothing as well). I’ve lived all over the world and all I know for sure is nothing in Japan will fit US feet 🙂 When we needed new clothes we had to fly to korea for knock-offs or items with minor defects 🙂 And that was back when I was early 20’s and met military size and fitness standards!

  • Su Lin July 15, 2017, 6:39 am

    Hi, great article! One question : Is 101 Killer Shoes Brand suitable for non-USA Amazon and eBay sellers who sells in USA?
    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    • Jordan Malik July 21, 2017, 3:44 pm

      Sorry for the delay on this. Since shoes (even used ones) are in demand globally, yes it works IF you are able to locally source used shoes that eBay buyers around the world are looking for.

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