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Jordan Malik Reviews

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Jordan MaliK Reviews


"Jordan Mailk's recommendations are spot-on for profitability."

-Jan P (Referencing her experience with my recommended Amazon product sourcing group)

(Source: email)

"I made a net profit of $275 on the very first day I bought Jordan Malik's Cleer Platinum online arbitrage software."

-Memphis Matt

(Source: YouTube comment)

"Thanks again for your great information. You are really on our side all the time."

- Raymond Goyette

(Source: blog comment)

"My business can't do without your Check Permission software [Ed. note: CheckPermission instantly shows whether or not you are approved to sell any item on Amazon]. I love it! It not only checks the book category, it checks all categories, which is a BIG time saver and valuable tool for me.

Just wanted to let you know your Check Permission platform is a great tool."


(Source: blog post)

"You're the first [Amazon FBA expert] that actually followed through with a promise (reading all your mail in personl) and then gave me a good lead on beginning my tax questions...Good karma!"

- Steve P (reader of my Amazon/eBay Seller Help Newsletter)
(Source: email)


"Thanks immensely for all the content you send our way, I love reading them."

-Commy (reader of my Amazon/eBay Seller Help Newsletter)

(Source: email)

"I know that you have a well deserved reputation for honesty and service in your dealings with your online cliente...[and] if you ever have need a reference for standing by your products, feel free to use me."

-Donn A. (customer of my CheckPermission software)

(Source: email)

"I have [been following you for 7+ years]. Your knowledge and advice has helped me a lot, especially since 2015 that I was fired from my well paid job and decided to be my own boss 🙂 and no mistake, in the next 12 months I sold a million dollars on Amazon. I paid all my debt, including my house mortgage, bought a brand new 2017 Tucson cash. Took my kids to Disney World. And invested the rest of my money in real estate in the United States. I was able to do this in a big part of following your advice."

-S. Diaz

(Source: email)

"Your content is a worthwhile read.  [Your newsletter] hit home today with [your article] "Almost Suspended By Amazon"

-David H. (reader of my Amazon/eBay Seller Help Newsletter)

(Source: email)

"Jordan: I gravitate towards people of integrity, and you, sir, are a cut above!"

-Joe Aqui

(Source: blog post comment)

"Wow you provide the best, fastest customer service; the world needs more Jordan Malik's!"

-JME (customer of my CheckPermission software)

(Source: email)

"You are one of the few Internet entrepreneurs that I love and respect very much. I'm 100% sure I'm not the only one!"

-Mike M.

(Source: email)

"You are one of the most valuable and honest guys in this industry that helps me learn more and more month after month. THANK YOU, JORDAN!"

-Caleb M.

(Source: email)

"[Jordan Malik's] CheckPermission software is a must-have for selling books on Amazon. If I didn't have CheckPermission, I would have bought so many gated (restricted) textbooks that I would have quit in despair."

-Dan A. (Customer)

(Source: Private forum for ZenArbitrage.com members)

"Thanks again for a very informative newsletter.  I know I do not respond to every one you send out but they all mean a lot to me and I save them on my computer for reference."

- Gordon K.
(Source: email)

"You are awesome. I'm a Cleer Platinum customer who, with your help and guidance I was able to go full time with FBA as of March 23, 2017!!  Thank you thank you thank you."

- Meredith ("Merry") F.
(Source: email)

"I passed the 6-figure revenue mark part time in my first year doing Retail Arbitrage/Online Arbitrage. (I got into E-Commerce about 1 1/2 years ago by joining programs recommended by Jordan.) I have ourced my first Private Label product and will be heading to China in a week to build some manufacturing relationships at Canton in Guangzhou. Thanks for doing what you do, Jordan, I owe you!"

-Yussef Gilkey, Amazon seller

(Source: Facebook comment)

"You are one of the view Amazon/Ebay/Online seller gurus that I trust to deliver great advice and value...always! I learned a few new tricks [about online arbitrage] and appreciate the time you took to make this in- depth video."

Thanks very much!
- Lisa G., Amazon seller
(Source: email)

"Jordan has an incredibly responsive allegiance of fans. He recommended my best-selling book to them and they bought 1,200 copies in 24 hours! He's one of the most respected and trusted experts in e-commerce, and he was one of my mentors when I started out. He's responsible for much of my Amazon success. Now we live in the same town! Lucky me!"

-Bradford Sullivan, Author and Amazon seller

"Jordan's Cleer Platinum software is the best kept secret...I'm able to use Cleer Platinum on any website. Many other software extensions only allow you to use it on specific sites. I found textbooks this year.  I highlight the title of the product, with my mouse, as indicated by Jordan. Then I click on the cleerplatinum icon and then it gives you the options from there. It works!"

- Denice Rich, Amazon seller

(Source: Facebook comment)

"One thing that has been a constant is Jordan Malik's HONEST advice. I'm relatively new to online arbitrage. Over the last few months I've taken just about every online course, there is, from Amazing.com, PAC and some others.... I purchased Intellizon Pro about a month ago when I was trying out OAXRAY. Recently, I started using Tactical Arbitrage, and I knew that Storefront Stalker Pro had an integration with Tactical Arbitrage. But, I also wondered if Intellizon Pro would work since it's half the price. So, I asked Jordan if he preferred OAXRAY over Tactical Arbitrage and if he knew if Intellizon Pro would work in Tactical Arbitrage. In his completely unbiased way, as he is with all products, he told me he "had not tested it in Tactical Arbitrage yet. But, it should work if you could upload a CSV file." Then he proceeded to say to me that he has "heard nothing but good things about Tactical Arbitrage and Storefront Stalker Pro." I do have Storefront Stalker Pro, and it works well. But, following Jordan's advice on how to try Intellizon Pro in Tactical Arbitrage I found out that it did an excellent job in helping me find ASIN's from storefronts on Amazon and importing them into Tactical Arbitrage. I highly recommend both Intellizon Pro and Storefront Stalker Pro.

On a side note, I have learned that you can take Jordan's advice on products he recommends. Because, even though I'm sure he likes making money (as all of us do), I truly believe he is in it to help others more than he is for the money."

- Gary Chevers, Amazon seller

(Source: email)

"Jordan is the real deal, an expert in his field and a forward thinker. I have been following Jordan/using his products for about 20 months now and it has changed my life! I went from an occasional ebay sale to earning a substantial side income from ebay and Amazon. His ebooks and software products are so easy to use and pay for themselves within a few hours of proper use. I highly recommend him and ALL his products."

- rynydr1151, Amazon and eBay seller

(Source: IMReportcard)

"Thank You for sharing your tremendous tips and wise counsel on everything 'arbitrage' ; I am doing much research before launching but really do appreciate all your updates, Cleer Pro and other various strategies... just want you to know that all your postings are appreciated very much, Best Wishes and excessive thanks."

- Ailee W., Amazon seller

(Source: email)

"I have to tell you HOW AMAZING you are.

And in all that you do for those of us "finding" our way. I get all of your emails and I look forward to them, and I appreciate your transparently and honesty. I've seen it or heard it all. You are one of a kind."

- Melissa H., Amazon seller

(Source: email)

"[Your newsletter is] a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you so much for sharing...Keep up the great work with the emails, blogs, and podcast."

- Stacie, online seller

(Source: email)

"Jordan Malik is your compass in a sea of scam artists.

He is knowledgeable, proven, and above all, a man of honest integrity. I am glad I found him!"

- Gary Keating, Amazon seller

(Source: Amazon review of one of my bestselling books)

"I consider you a benchmark against which I wish others would measure themselves.

Your emails and podcasts have been an invaluable resource.You seem patient, and are so not off-putting in the brash in-your-face way that seems to affects many involved in sales of any kind. I look forward to each bit of wisdom you dish out in any media, and hearing you directly or in interviews is always a pleasure"

- Bradford B.

(Source: email)

"[Because of your podcasts] my mind is clearer and more goal-oriented.

I watch YouTube videos [from sellers like you whom] I respect concerning their attitude, humility, and genuineness. I just added your channel to the list. Thanks."

- Terry G.

(Source: email)

"Thanks for cutting through the junk and always bringing the real.."

There is just so, so much noise out there right now. I get email blasted almost daily, at least weekly, about the next.big.thing that I absolutely MUST have for my business… [Because of your info] I am now [helping others] start Amazon businesses: our 4 grown kids, a young family friend and now a very successful HR professional who is fed up with the rat race. I filter the info and products and send them the “good stuff.” And yours is at the top of that list. Thanks for cutting through the junk and always bringing the real issues and useful information to the forefront. I’ve been a fan since you started…."

- Sharie O., Amazon seller

(Source: blog comment)

"Jordan Malik Delivers the Goods - Literally!

Jordan delivers on what he says to keep the podcasts informative, truthful and relevant to the topic (usually a user question). [In his podcast], Jordan answers questions honestly and gives us the true mentoring of someone who has 'been there and done that over his several years of selling on eBay and Amazon.... Well worth your time if you are interested in improving sales and profits!"

- Stjnmaxk, itunes subscriber

(Source: itunes reviews)

"My product is a top 10 seller...thanks to you!

Your podcast turned me on to selling on amazon and helped me understand how to do it, and you inspired me to give it a go. I took my [private label] product, solemate, that I gave up on 5 years ago and made it work on Amazon. It became a top 10 best seller in it's category within just 3 weeks. Now I'm talking to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond and it all started thanks to your wonderful podcast! Thank you so much!"

- Lori Barzvi, e-commerce entrepreneur, creator of mysolemate

(Source: Facebook message)

"I invested $100 and made a $400 profit!

I am using your FindSpotter VIP service. It alerted me to this Butterfly light set for $5 each and I sold all of them within 1 month $42.50 each! And that's after I paid my employees $2/unit to pack them. You are the man!!!!"

- Mike R., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: email)

"I am about to break the $2000 monthly sale mark.

My uncle showed me your podcast in November, and instead of pursuing my MBA in entrepreneurship, I embarked on the beginning of an Amazon business of my own. Since starting in November I am about to break the $2000 monthly sale mark and through constant research of your material have to tools to grow and eventually quit my full time "career". Thanks again Jordan."

-Nathan K., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: Facebook message)

"Most of what I know about toys on Amazon I owe to you.

I really admire your work and hope that one day I am great Amazon seller as well!"

-Jason G., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: Facebook message)

"Your Resell Toys book is even better than I thought. It's one of my 'go to' guides when I'm out prowling  [for resellable items]. Thanks for all you do for us. "

-Joey B., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: email)

"You have helped me so much I cannot thank you enough. First off I want to thank you soooo much for your Cleer Pro software it is FANTASTIC!  I so much appreciate everything you do to help people like me... You are such a kind and giving person, and your video's are wonderful!  God bless you and thank you so much for being YOU! HUGS!"

-Pam N., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: Facebook message)

"You single-handedly saved me.

A personal thank you because you single-handedly saved me from [buying the $4,000] Amazing S*****g M****ne, and pointed me in what I consider a much better direction.

Thanks for all you do."

-Jeff M., Amazon.com merchant

(Source: email)

"Once again you have great info!"

I was searching on [the local classifieds site you recommended] Offer Up and bought a new bottle of perfume for $30, that sells on Amazon for $200.

Thank you Jordan!"

- Cheryl S., Amazon merchant

(Source: email)

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for your free newsletter.

 Tip #4 Creative Photo Trick was brilliant... I was going to use a boring white pillowcase as my back drop. However your tip took my pic to a new level and helps it to stand out. I've attached the pic. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

-L. Smith., eBay seller

(Source: email)

"I love your honesty.

Hello Jordan, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know I'm learning a lot from your free podcasts. More importantly, I love your honesty. Thank you for all your effort providing the postcast.

You truly live up to honestonlineselling.com."

Greg C., Amazon merchant

(Source: email)

"Absolutely awesome and very helpful.

I have been looking for a resource like Jordan for months! So glad I found him. If you want help or advice with Amazon and other aspects of selling online, look no further."

Sonny Byrd, founder of GetBetaBox

(Source: Clarity.fm)

"I had a killer December thanks in part to you.

Just a shout out - My rolling 30 day sales ticked up above $10,000 yesterday, which is beyond what I could have ever imagined. Not bad for just doing this on the side. My biggest winner was a Findspotter recommendation, an item that accounted for a third of my sales at a 160% ROI ... Merry Christmas and thank you!"

- Jim S., part-time Amazon.com merchant

(Source: email)

"I never would have known about these profitable toys without your Resell Toys guide.

Yesterday, I finally got my hands on my first Nickelodeon [product name removed], which is something I never would have know about without your guide.

I paid $6 for the item!

Ed. note: screen shot of the same item in used condition on Amazon is here: http://screencast.com/t/uHXtfCUwPHC

Right now, I'm also looking at a pile-up of about 20 board games ready to ship and I'd say 35% are games your guide turned me on to (I wouldn't
have known to invest in them without it).

Thanks to the extra push ResellToys has given me (and a slight case of cabin fever from the Toronto winter), I'm going to be renting storage space to accommodate the growth."


- John B, new Amazon seller

(Source: email)

"All of Jordan's emails are GOLD,

"but the free book on private labeling he told me about  opened up a whole new door in my mind and tied together neatly some concepts I've been considering. I didn't have the road-map to fruition until now."

- Marcelino Latorre

(Source: Facebook Wall Post)

"He's the real deal.

"Jordan is really the most honest person on the Internet. I bought almost all of his information, books, etc. and have never, ever been disappointed. He's the only one that didn't let the temptation of a large commission, cloud his vision and let down any of his newsletter followers by recommending an extremely expensive program everyone else did ... Anything you buy from Jordan will give you a whole new way of looking at making money."

- Rush Young

(Source: Book review on Amazon.com)

"I looked at my sales for April - $22,000!"

Not too shabby for my first month.  Jordan's content helped me get my Amazon business started.   I used Skip McGrath's book based on Jordan's recommendation, his podcasts and blog posts."

- Logan B.

(Source: A personal email, 5/1/14....Logan wrote again in October 2014:)

"I'm now averaging over $50,000 a month in revenue.  I'm on track this month to do $70,000+.
I'm averaging about 15-20% profit on my revenue. Once again I just wanted to say thank you for the valuable information you provide.  Anytime I talk to people who want to get started with Amazon, I always recommend they start by looking through your blog, buying one of your recommended courses, etc."

"Excellent advice and well worth the time spent.

If you are just starting out and you need a little crucial advice to push you to the next level and to help you stop doubting yourself and doubting the possibilities of this business then give Jordan a call. You won't be disappointed."

- Scott Fanello

(Source: Review on Clarity.fm)

"We want to say 'thank you' very much for all your help."

[Our sales are picking up because of] your information, emails, blogs, toy guides. We now have the tools to become successful. You have inspired us to continue on our journey in online sales. God bless you!"

- Mike and Niki H., Amazon and eBay sellers

(Source: email)

"It's hard to really believe anybody [else] online.

Jordan is the real deal..."

-Terry Lofton

(Source: Youtube video comment)

"I really get an education listening to and reading Jordan's stuff.

"Jordan shows us he is a 'real guy', an honest man ... Jordan gets right to the point, shares his proven ideas, and helps us find a niche of products to sell in. All I can say is 'THANKS.'"

- CBSMom1624

(Source: itunes customer reviews)

"Jordan Malik is best described as 'legit.'

"His blog has TONS of hardcore, free help for your Amazon (and eBay) business. Everything from managing feedback to sourcing inventory to online arbitrage, Jordan covers it. His ebooks are also top-notch, [so are his] awesome video tutorials and podcast. Altogether, he’s cornered the market on 'awesome.'"

- Peter Valley, Amazon mega-seller and best-selling author of Amazon Autopilot

(Source: FBAMastery)

"Jordan's free information is more valuable than most people's paid info.

"I have been selling on eBay since 2001 and have dabbled with Amazon since 2005 (got serious about 18 months ago). Jordan Malik is the first "guru" that gives you the straight dope and not a bunch of hype. I even resist using the term guru since most of those guys are a bunch of scamers.

I made the mistake of paying for coaching from a supposedly well known (and trusted) "guru" and it was a complete waste of money, I've learned far more form Jordan's blog. His free information is more valuable than most people's paid info.

I've purchased most of his guides and even a few items he recommended and they were all worth the cost.

If you are reading this because you have doubts then be assured that Jordan Malik is the real deal. If you don't believe me just read his blog and you'll see for yourself.

P.S. - I realize testimonials like this seem phoney but this is the result of being frustrated and Jordan helping me out after I emailed him. What guru does that?

-Charles H. Taylor"

(Source: Facebook post)

"The free information Jordan provides has saved us from making 'beginner' mistakes.

"Our sincere thanks."

- TAXx2

(Source: itunes customer reviews)

"Jordan Malik is a true “Breath of Fresh Air” in the Amazon Niche

Jordan Malik (the author of TREMENDOUS eBooks that have literally changed my life) is TRULY a hero to me.

I’m being 100% objective, and while I still subscribe to his Newsletters to this day, he literally mentored me for free – now I have a business with the Amazon FBA program (though we’re not at ALL affiliated – “yet” anyway – but he knows I’m sharp/persistent) and thought that with the holiday season quickly approaching, that this man may not even realize the degree to which my life has been transformed by his:

1. Personal Attention – I email him for advice/he responds in lightning fast fashion (despite the fact I no longer subscribe to his membership sites – not b/c they’re not “the best” in my opinion, but b/c i’ve found my ‘niches’ w/in Amazon and sell differently).

2. He CARES about his members/their success/and gives SO many freebies away it’s just amazing – again, as my first true “mentor” he has NEVER ONCE led me down the ‘wrong path. ‘

3. It’s not about the $$ w/Jordan’s free blog “honestonlineselling.com” – it’s about his GENUINE CONCERN that his followers SUCCEED.

4. I went from a truly tragic loss, and due to Jordan Malik, when I had NO ONE else to turn to, was THERE for me – show me an Internet Marketer like that – FREE ADVICE TO SOMEONE LIKE ME: Riches to Rags to homeless to (yes, I’ll brag – b/c it’s due to Jordan) someone who I outsell (may/not be true – don’t know his sales stats on Amazon)

Finally, I swear upon the Hoby Bible, my Children, and myself, that if you’re not keeping up with this “Toymaster"/Sourcing sorcerer, esp given the 4th quarter with Amazon is RAPIDLY approaching, you are missing out on one of the most ethical/honest mentors and(to me) a HERO when it comes to truly ethical IM Marketing. Has he ever been given a negative review? I don’t care – NO ONE could “lose” just by subscribing to his newsletter.

Saul David Friedman"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"The Boss Man!

Jordan Malik and his website are amazing to get access to all of his products. From Ebay business to Amazon to anything that deals with selling online. All of his feedback is amazing, super trusted GURU. A must follow person and is killing it right now. [Jordan's book] BLESHA is one of my favorite books I think I have read it 4 times now and every time I get re energized about my ebay store and always turn more profit. Good Guides for beginners as well as advanced users, Don’t hesitate to buy buy buy."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Amazon guru

This man has a golden head. He should be a millionaire with his ideas. The best ebooks, very easy to understand videos. This man can teach everyone about marketing. He knows everything about Amazon. He was the seller of the year and not without reason – check it."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Another Guide by Jordan with Great, Moneysaving Advice!

I just finished perusing “16 Ways Amazon and E-bay Sellers Can Boost Profits, Slash Costs and Save Precious Time”. Like Jordan’s other guides, this one provides great practical tips that can help me in my business right away.

There is info about using Google Voice Mail, about including good photos to boost your sales, writing colorful item descriptions and even saving 50% on the cost of shipping tape.

I plan to re-read the guide so that I can watch the videos and implement some of the useful tips.

Thanks, Jordan!"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Review of new ebook on Kindle

I have to tell you that of all the people out there selling info, Jordan gives away more valuable info than anybody I know. I am just starting out and I always return to Jordan’s web sites for add’l info. I will be a subscriber to one or more of his services very shortly. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong if you tie up with Jordan Malik and his services."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Interesting pointers

Thanks Jordan, you always have new and interesting items to help improve my FBA experience. Really appreciated the info on the FBA Manager. Not ready for outsourcing too much yet but really appreciate the info. Great tips on saving money on office supplies and expenses, especially the tip on labeling. Thank you."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Super great Guru

I have been with Jordan Malik’s FindSpotter, Soldoutazon and Blesha for over a year and have been exceedingly happy with his advice and suggestions.

I have tried other web groups that feature help with Amazon and eBay, which is my main interest, and bar none all I did was spend money for book after book, tool after tool and it finally stopped with Jordan where I started immediately making money from what I invested in.

Couldn’t be more pleased."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"[Jordan] is very good

I have not only learned a lot from Jordan but he has got my creativity moving. Great videos, ebooks. I am also a member FindSpotter and SoldOutAzon.

There are only a handful of people I listen to and follow. I use his methods more than anyone else.

Jordan is professional."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Jordan Malik is a trusted Asset to any on-line seller

I discovered Jordan Malik’s Honest Online Selling newsletter through following Jim Cockrum. It was through Jordan ‘s newsletter that I discovered Amazon’s FBA program. After starting FBA myself, I was able to to take sourcing to a new level through his FindSpotter.com site.

Jordan’s FindSpotter.com has been a great resource for building my business. He has gathered a great group on that site’s forum that are eager to share and help each other grow their business. Jordan has always been willing and patient in answering any questions and generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise. Over the past 3 years I have come to trust him and rely on his information in growing my business. His growing body of ebooks are a great resource for anyone looking to build an on-line selling business."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Don’t judge him by his website

You give us so much free information, you really don’t push products on us.

Everything Jordan writes is brilliant, and worth every penny.

First go to all his free videos and you can find out what he is really like. He loves to teach and share.

The guy has an MBA.

He will bring you to his house and show you where he works. It is so organized you won’t see any products. He even shows you the rag he uses to cleans his product. (so down to earth)

Yes he has great ebooks to sell but what he gives away is priceless.

I wish he would critique my account, I would trust him with my password.

I remember when he got seller of the year he was more surprised than anyone.

I don’t know how he does everything, oh yah he has a wife.

I follow him so much I feel like a stalker."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Jordan showed me the profit in reselling toys

After purchasing Jordan’s ResellToys.com Guide I decided to look at some used toys in my local thrift store. I picked up a game from the 70?s for $0.97 and managed to sell it the next day on eBay for $50! I am glad I followed Jordan’s advice and made some easy money with this find!"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"So easy to become an Amazon Profit Pro with Jordan

Jordan Malik is a superb teacher. I have been an Amazon Pro Merchant using FBA for 4 years, yet since I discovered Jordan’s Blog and FindSpotter.com (one of his primary websites) my profits are exploding to the point where I am probably going to become a full time Amazonian. The income I will earn between August 1,2012 and 1/31/2012 (a month after christmas b/c of all the amazon giftcard gifts given), is probably going to exceed 10 months (2x the amount of time) I make at my regular job. Jordan is not a guru. I don’t know how or why he does this – personal service, answers every question, clearly ties his own success into how his subscribers are doing (he could use all of his info for his husband/wife operation, hire a few more people, and make millions – instead he shares everything he knows and uses to profit daily as a FBA Amazon Merchant). I don’t know if I could or would do that. His “add-on” premium services pay the monthly fee back in a day with the minimal prices he charges. I have never in all my years of trying to make money online, making a little w/Amazon for 3.5 years, made this much without a website/seo/design/effort – as none of that is necessary in merchandise arbitrage. He uses the websites in place as the platform to “daytrade. ” Only difference is instead of daytrading stocks or currency, he is trading merchandise which, unlike stocks, will almost always make greater returns. I’m so grateful I found Jordan Malik and would recommend him to anyone. Saul1968"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"12 FBA products that you can source locally

When I first read this report by Jordan, I had a hard time believing that people in my city would have these products just sitting around. So, I posted Craigslist ads. A week goes by. I knew this stuff wasn’t going to work. Then I get a call for a Lego Harry Potter 4842 selling for $127 on Amazon. I paid $60 for it. The next call was from a Ebay Powerseller who got stuck with a Technic that was not selling on Ebay. He let it go for $75 and I sold it on Amazon for $160. Finally, the next call was from a wholesaler who has supplied me over 200 sets so far. I’m glad I did not discard that report."
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Great guy and very knowledgeable

When someone comes out with the next “make money online” or “make money on eBay/Amazon” you never really know if the person is just hocking some crap or if he/she can really walk the walk. I can say Jordan definitely knows his stuff! I have followed his programs and have made literally thousands of dollars over the last year only working a few hours here and there. Jordan has made me a believer about selling stuff online! Thank you Jordan!"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Jordan is worth listening to

I’m just getting started with FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all the information out there! Jordan greatly simplifies the process and tells it straight.

Case in point: Jordan is an affiliate for an FBA listing software he had been using. Lately, the software was getting buggy and he sought out alternatives.

He found one he likes and now recommends it – WITHOUT using any affiliate links!

It’s refreshing to hear from someone who is more interested in other’s success than just trying to make a buck.

If you’ve been considering FBA, check out his blog. Good stuff!"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Honest Trustworthy and He Goes the Extra Mile!

Jordan Malik was a great find for me. I’ve struggled with online sales, then I found his site and his products. Jordan is honest and trustworthy. The materials he provides are ready to use and your return on investment will come back to you many times. I have been a customer of his, am a current customer of his, and am excited about future products he will be developing. Jordan Malik goes the extra mile to help you and you will be very pleased as I have been I am sure.

Best Wishes!"
(Source: IMReportcard.com)

"Deserves an A+

Jordan Malik has helped me take my business to a whole new level. I use several of his products including FindSpotter.com, SoldOutAzon and ebooks to produce a full time income from home. His advice and recommendations have been invaluable. I have learned better sourcing methods, customer service techniques and how to manage the bottom line. Wish I had been introduced to him early. I would have saved A LOT of money and aggravation."
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"Jordan is a fantastic teacher

I had the great fortune of finding Jordan Malik’s blog this time last year when I first started my online business selling on eBay and was eager to learn how to turn a part time hobby into a full time business. He introduced me by way of his blog and FindSpotter forum to selling on Amazon. This changed my life. I followed his advice, and the advice of members on his forum and have read every ebook, guide and watched every video he has presented – the result? I have built my business to the point that I am employed part-time, rather than full time, and I am on track to be full self-employed and to realize my dream of being my own boss by Christmas. Jordan has tremendous integrity and insight for online selling and sincerely wants to help others grow their business. He has a very clear and effective method of teaching and I personally consider him my mentor and one of the main contributing factors to my success. If you are looking for someone to give you sound advice and tools – Jordan is it!"
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"The Real Deal.

You don’t know me, but I’ve been selling on eBay since 2006 and on Amazon.com FBA since August 2011. I have a 100% rating on both. So I’ve been around the block a few times and bought my share of training products over the years. I still chse the rabbit occasionally, but that’s another story.

This is about Jordan Malik.

I’ve read a lot of ebooks and tried a lot of products over the years, but none compare to Jordan Malik.

I have found my selling-on-the-internet Guru.

As my title says, Jordan is the real deal. He is honest, straight forward and no holds barred. He tells it like it is whether you want it or not. He genually wants you to succeed right along with him and his family.

He has provided tools and knowledge to get you there. All you have to do is do it.

He is quick to respond to emails and you will frequently find him in the forums and answering questions. I honestly don’t know where he finds the time to do all he does and still come up with new stuff.

You can’t go wrong with following Jordan Malik."
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"Jordan Malik is a very honest sincere and trustworthy business person

I have known Jordan for about 6 months buying books and subscribing to his services. Everything I have bought or subscribed to has been well worth the money. He knows the business and is not afraid to share his knowledge. You can trust what he says. His advice will save you hours of time and lots of money. This is one person you will want to know about if you want to build a successful online business. I have had an online business for about 10 years so I have met many people and Jordan Malik is the best so far. Thanks."
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Jordan Malik is an Wonderful Mentor with Honest Advice

"I was introduced to Jordan Malik when I read an ebook about retail arbitrage and went from selling exclusively on eBay to FBA Amazon. The information Jordan provides through his ebook (B. L. e. S. H. a), his blog and membership sites is clear and concise. He shares what he knows with the “competition” because he realizes that there’s plenty to go around.

Thanks! Diane Cantrell"
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"FBA Guru Extraordinaire

Jordan Malik will make you money. Enough said.

I’ve been using FindSpotter.com for nearly a year now, and have turned an incredible profit from his suggestions. Nobody knows more about FBA than Jordan, and it shows. Honestly, he makes it so easy to turn a profit that I feel like I’m cheating.

Recently he’s developed Soldoutazon, another incredible service for sellers on Amazon. This program allows you to easily source sold out products on Amazon, so that you can be the only seller who has them available.

Jordan has also responded to my messages when I needed specific advice for my business. This is above and beyond what I expected from him."
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"Jordan is the King at selling on amazon and ebay

Jordan Malik is brilliant on teaching people how to make money on ebay and amazon. His reputation is all over the internet and in his ebooks he writes, and the best or all best things is that he answers every email you send to him so fast. It’s crazy, nobody does that. Anyways I wish him luck and much success!"
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"Quick and Helpful

I have found Jordan to be very quick and helpful and professional when I have had issues on his website FindSpotter.com. His forums are especially useful and have a positive vibe. He seems to put a lot of thought into making his services as user friendly as possible."
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Great ideas and very professional

"Jordan has been very professional in my communication with him. I have used most of the products that he has available. He has a lot of great ideas. I assume he is very busy as sometimes it takes several days to reply to emails, never rude or ignored. Good guy to deal with."
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"Jordan is one of the good guys

I have been familiar with Jordan’s body of work for nearly 2 years. I was first introduced through Jim Cockrum’s newsletter and products. Jordan has proven to be consistent in his advice and his advice has always helped me be more successful in my online sales, in particular in finding products to sell on amazon. I whole heartily recommend Jordan and his websites if you want to be successful, he’ll help you steer through the minefields of internet marketing. – Tim"
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