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I stalked a book sourcing expert, and it was awesome.

Ok I didn't stalk Peter Valley in person, but I did watch 5 hours of video of him sourcing for books (it felt like stalking).

(You can get the same videos too with my 1-year guarantee - I'll explain peter valley reviewfurther down).

Let me preface this by saying smart online resellers love sourcing used books for several reasons (If you're a regular reader of this blog or a listener of my podcast, I've told you this already). Why?

  • The profit margins are ridiculously high - because inventory can be ridiculously cheap
  • There is too much inventory with too little sellers out there (this market is nowhere near saturated, no matter what Facebook trolls angry Amazon sellers tell you.)
  • Books are easily shippable, hard-to-break products with generally low return rates
  • Anyone (yes, you) can 'start from zero', nada, zilch, and create up to a 6-figure (or $1000 profit/day) business with no employees (there are 'lifestyle' entrepreneurs who are doing this now, but they're a secretive bunch).

Do you need recent profit proof? Sure you do: check a handful of my recent sales here, here, here and here.

Remember I only dabble in used books and I still do very well with it profit-wise.

So if I only dabble, what happens when a guy (like Peter Valley) turns sourcing into an all-day event just by driving around?

Peter Valley video book sourcingYou can find out here. See, Peter documented 5 hours worth of him scouting and sourcing local books (some free, the rest very cheap), edited it down, and added a 100-page manuscript. His final work is not glossy/slick (it's not supposed to be) but it is very, very interesting.

See, I learned 10 new things from Peter's DVDs:

1.) Most of your'competition' (local resellers) is amateurs who have no idea what they're doing (they're leaving a lot of money on the table)

2.) Some books that go untouched by resellers (because they have no barcode nor ISBN) can sell for big bucks (when you create the product page for the first time for those books)

3.) You can earn a significant income sourcing and selling used books.

4.) By scanning/scouting consistently, you 'automatically' learn what books to avoid scanning entirely, thus increasing your productivity five-fold. Likewise, you learn how to 'gravitate' towards the more profitable books - automatically.

5.)'Poorer' geographic areas are better for used book sourcing - far less competition and much greater selection.

6.) Used 'Test review guide'-style books can be lucrativeeven if they're 10 years old

7.) Weirder = better:If you don't immediately understand what a book's topic is about, there is a high chance it is a profitable book for you to resell.

8.) Vegan cookbooks are "almost always worth good money'

9.) University-published books also have a high chance of being profitable

10.) "[Used book profit] margins are so high [overall], it really doesn't matter if you're wrong [in your sourcing selections] most of the time."

(Read that last one again, out loud).

So if you're hip to the idea of becoming a smarter sourcing powerhouse for used books (locally and yes, online), I highly recommend Peter's just-released Book Sourcing: 1K in a Day.  It's his all new box set (it includes the DVDs, this 75-page manuscript and other bonuses, that I also devoured immediately).

Get Peter's box set, and take action!


P.S. If you've never sold used books on Amazon before,  you should first download and read this free ebook.

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  • Chee Chiaw January 7, 2016, 8:51 am

    This looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. But do you think it can works for international sellers?

    • Jordan Malik January 7, 2016, 11:14 am

      Hi, if you can source textbooks inexpensively in your country that can be sold on a major Amazon.com marketplace (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) yes it can probably done but I really don’t have the expertise to help you.

  • Don November 16, 2015, 1:12 pm

    Click Funnels “$1,000 a day” link is still down. How do I proceed?

    • Jordan Malik November 16, 2015, 1:14 pm

      Hi, This appears to be a glitch with the hosting provider (Click Funnels) I am emailing Peter Valley at fbamastery@gmail.com, I will cc: you in the email.

  • Jay November 15, 2015, 1:31 pm

    When I click link to get $1000 a day, it goes to page not found! Help!
    I want this.

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