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Get Negative Feedback Removed (or your money back), 100% backed by me.

I have a new resource for you if you are having problems with your Amazon Seller Feedback score.feedback photo

See, keeping your overall feedback score high (ideally no less than 98%) can be critical for you. A higher score:

a.) Helps you compete with other sellers.  I achieve more 'buy box' exposure (versus the competing sellers) when my feedback score is higher than theirs (even when my price is higher than theirs).

b.) Helps you stay in Amazon's good graces.  I have heard stories (I can't verify them) from other sellers who had their funds from Amazon held and/or seller accounts terminated due to a high percentage of negative feedback. By 'high percentage,' I mean 15% or higher, which doesn't seem like much.

Enter Scott and his site FeedbackRepair.net. For (bargain-priced, I-dont-know-how-he-makes-any-profit) $125US, Scott will analyze five of  your negative feedbacks and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do with the goal of getting that negative feedback removed. His success rate is "80%" (I believe it.). I threw an example his way (on the phone) and he handled it deftly. I asked him if he was a psychology major because he knew exactly how to get inside the customer's head. You don't provide Scott with your Amazon username nor password (his service does not require that he accesses your account).

Also (the best part), here's his guarantee:

"If we are not successful in removing your feedback or you feel you have not gotten your money's worth, we'll provide a refund. Plain and simple. No fine print. We've only ever had one request for a refund."

 I'm going to back up Scott's guarantee, since I know he's 100% legit: When you buy his service via this link (I earn a small fee by referring you to Scott), I will personally reimburse you 100% out of my own pocket if, for any reason, you don't get a refund from him. No questions asked. All you have to do is forward your emailed receipt from your purchase to me ( jordanmalik@gmail.com ).


P.S. Scott invites you to "Call, Chat or Email before you buy".

P.P. P.S. You can see all my other feedback solutions here).

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