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I just bought a wholesale sourcing course. Join me?

eBay and/or Amazon Sellers:proven wholesale sourcing

I've told you how wholesale sourcing has a lot of traps that can empty your pockets.

That's why it's a relief when a trusted partner of mine provides a proven system to source profitable wholesale inventory.

Enter the just-launched 'Proven Wholesale Sourcing' by Jim Cockrum and Teresa Rose. (this is for Amazon and/or eBay sellers)

Even though Jim's a partner of mine, I didn't ask for free access. I bought my copy. (That's how well his stuff works.)

With Proven Wholesale Sourcing, you'll learn how to source wholesale inventory for profitable selling on Amazon/eBay.

You'll also get all this:

  • 5  hours of video training (recorded so you can view them anytime)
  • You'll learn directly from Teresa Rose, an Amazon/eBay megaseller who started with $100 and went to $1 MILLION+ in Amazon/eBay sales
  • No commercial address or warehouse needed (this works 'from home' anywherein the world)
  • Everything you need to know to profitably source wholesale products as an online seller
  • Understanding the basic fundamentals of wholesale
  • How to know if a wholesale supplier is legit
  • What you need to get started
  • List of research tools to speed up things up
  • 25 different ways you can find untapped wholesale suppliers and manufacturers fast
  • Email inquiry template that will increase your chances of getting accounts opened
  • What to say when companies say "no" to Amazon or online sellers
  • Reasons you can share why companies may want to consider allowing their products on Amazon if they are afraid or say "no" initially
  • How to answer questions commonly asked by suppliers such as, "Do you have a website?"
  • How to create a website quickly if you happen to need one
  • How to analyze price lists and catalogs fast to find winning products to sell
  • How to develop a system you can work easily or outsource to someone
  • Live access to support in their private Facebook group
  • Jim's 30 day, 100% money back guaranteeI'm double-backing the course. That means if for any reason you don't get a refund (you will, but just in case), I will refund you 100%, out of my own pocket. Just buy it from this link (I get a small commission from the sale), forward me your original email receipt (send it to jordanmalik@gmail.com) with the word REFUND in the subject.

All of Proven Wholesale Sourcing is included FREE if you're already a Proven Amazon Course ('PAC') member. 


P.S. If Proven Wholesale Sourcing is still too rich for your blood, here's a proven guide to get your feet wet


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  • Shawn Searcy February 2, 2015, 10:11 pm

    Being in Online Selling for about one year, us Sellers have to “Pick & Play” in multiple areas to find products to sell. I have been hesitant to dive into Wholesale or Private Label, just for the amount most likely needed to purchase, whereas Local Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage allows us to buy small amounts and spread the Risk.
    Do you recommend at least$2000 to start with Wholesale? Keep up the great work!

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