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"If Jordan's name is on it or near it, it sells"

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Jordan Malik affiliate info


You probably got to this page because you want to pitch your product or service to me. So, thank you for considering me!

(If you wish to be an affiliate of my software/services/e-books, please go here)

I am always looking for great services and products to share with my customers and 17,000+ subscribers/listeners/viewers, so you have my attention.

Please note that only the highest quality content/services get pushed to the top of my list. The best content gets wide exposure and brings the creator/owner many rewards (stuff like this.)

I am looking for win-win-win situations:

> You win
> My audience wins
> I win

This 3-way win ensures the best offerings get the attention they deserve. I work enthusiastically and very hard for my partners.

Thus, your product/service should meet my 'A.V.O.T.E' criteria (not listed in order of importance):

> Has an (A)ffiliate/sales tracking program in place, operable and tested
> Has (V)erifiable testimonials from end users/customers
> Is 100% (O)riginal material
> Available for me (T)est (free trial preferred)
> Is 100% (E)thical

If you feel your product/service is ready based on my A.V.O.T.E. criteria, send me a note.

Thanks again,


P.S. - The top of this page contains quotes from some of my partners. They are among the biggest/most successful veterans in the e-commerce/Amazon information market.