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Resell Black Friday sourcing flip

It's that time of year again, where online sellers grab great deals to flip during the holiday season. Black Friday falls on Friday, November 29, 2019, the day after Thanksgiving, as always. Although it's traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, retailers have stretched out Black Friday to really encompass at least a week or more.

Check out the following strategies to help you prepare for Black Friday online sourcing and in stores, stretch your sourcing dollars, and grab the right products to flip:

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How I Made Big Profits Last Christmas. (Copy me)

Resell on Amazon Christmas 2019

Above is a fraction of the inventory I'm reselling on Amazon for Christmas 2019. Now: Time to get yours.

Dear Reader:

I thought I knew it all.

See, I've been reselling products online - and writing about it in this blog -  for ten (ten!) years now.

And around October of every year I get the same question from dozens of readers:

"Jordan, what can I sell during the Christmas season to make big money?"


And my answer was always the same: "It's too late, you should have bought clearance items during the Summer."

Years later, I discovered I was only partially correct.

That's right.  You can find products to resell (online and in stores) during October, November, and December, and still make a lot of money.

That is, if you have the right advice on exactly what to buy...

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Ungated for Amazon brands


I get emails all the time: "Jordan, I can't sell products by [Brand]. What can I do?" 

If you source products in stores or online to resell on Amazon, you've undoubtedly come across the below image when listing or researching a product:

restricted product on amazon


Or, if you're using the free Amazon seller App ( iPhone/Android), this: [click to continue…]


7 Reasons Why Selling Toys on eBay Is Super Profitable

Selling Used Toys on eBay - does it still work?


Ten years ago, I was fired from my big city advertising agency job. (I hated it).

And that's when I turned my part-time job selling on eBay & Amazon into my "full time" gig. [click to continue…]


It’s Time to Rethink Christmas

retail arbitrage 2019Above: A very recent sourcing trip. I paid average 68% below retail, and I had help with where to go and what to buy.

Dear Reader:

Every Fall, I get an influx of emails from Amazon sellers in a panicasking "What can I sell online to make money this Christmas?

The problem: By then, it's too late for most sellers to source products for the Holiday.

Instead, right now (Summer '19) is the time for you to start sourcing for products to resell Christmas/Q4 shopping season. This is whether you sell on Amazon or eBay (or anywhere else).

Why now?

Because every Summer, retail chains clear out their inventory to make way for new releases and stock for Christmas.

That means there are incredible bargains to be had by savvy online merchants like you and me.

In fact, for the past 2 weeks, I've been grabbing deeply discounted merchandise in stores (and online) at up to 75% off.

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Learn his easy arbitrage methods for about $3/day
Amazon Selling Expert

Dear Reader:

My mind is blown...

See, veteran multi-stream income expert Jim Cockrum just interviewed former high-school teacher and all around 'regular' guy J.R. Cagle (above left).

Why should you care?

I'll tell you...

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What to Sell on Amazon to Make Money in 2019

Endless searches in stores & online stops today

Can't find items to resell on Amazon?

Dear Reader:

It's a crucial time of year for you - Summer. Why?

Because right now, all retailers are announcing major discounts to boost sales. They're competing for your dollar, due to the traditional summer sales slump. They're also clearing the shelves for "Q4" (the October through December shopping season). That means they need to liquidate their stock in order to make room for all the millions of new products coming through their stores.

More importantly - and I've been saying this for years - is that online sellers like us can capitalize on these up-to-90% off sales by:

  1. "Holding" those sale items for a couple months until Q4, when Amazon prices really skyrocket, and/or
  2. Finding some quick flips to by reselling the item on Amazon for a nice profit.

The problem is: How can you find those items easily? [click to continue…]


Warning: You Can’t Rely on Just Amazon

This is probably my most important blog post this year.

Meet (former) Amazon seller Nida Kazmi, below. CNN recently reported that she was making $1,000/month in profit when Amazon inexplicably shut her down:

(I'll talk more about Nida in a moment.)

See, Amazon is still the #1 place I sell products, BUT it's been known to suspend sellers - or warn them of possible suspension - for wrong reasons.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, it could in the future. [click to continue…]


The Best Online Arbitrage Tools for Amazon Sellers

Best software for Amazon sellers using Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage works amazingly well helping Amazon sellers find profitable inventory. For beginners, the learning process can seem overwhelming and tedious.

To help make this sourcing method go faster and easier, there are free and paid online arbitrage tools readily available.

Before we get to the list of tools, here is a quick overview of the complete Amazon FBA online arbitrage money making opportunity.

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How to List Items on Amazon

Part 3 in a 3-Part Series

(Part 1 | Part 2)

In case you have missed the full article series, Part 1 of “How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners” includes a basic overview while Part 2 shows you how to sell on Amazon step-by-step.

We are now in Part 3 where I will show you how to list, price, and ship your inventory into the Amazon fulfillment centers.


How to Determine Your Selling Price

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  • How to List Items on Amazon (Part 3 in a 3-part Series)

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