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online arbitrage sourcing strategies

Online arbitrage sourcing is one of my favorite ways to source products and make money selling on Amazon. What I love about this method is that it is so easy for anyone with Internet access and a small amount of cash or credit card to get started. [click to continue…]


sell on amazon ebay 2017

Hi Readers:

As you're enjoying the income from your Q4 2018 Amazon and eBay sales, you should be effectively managing your 2019 sourcing, spending and budgeting. Extra money is always easy to spend, but please do it wisely and with some forethought. To help you, [click to continue…]


Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam, but…

Is Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) a Scam?

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is not a scam by any means. I think it's way overpriced, but it's not a scam.

There, I said it.

ASM does NOT compensate me if you buy their $4997+ program. Go ahead, get it here. <-- That's not an affiliate link. (Translation: I don't get paid anything if you buy it.)

Why am I saying it's not a scam, then? Well, it isn't. If you remember a few years ago, I gave those guys (Matt and Jason, founders of ASM) a really hard time, and went out of my way to discourage you from signing up.

But as years went by, a weird thing happened. Those guys proved that they're a legitimate business. And they kept churning out legitimate Amazon seller success stories*, growing and hiring at their office in Houston Texas, attracting quality partners, and honoring all their 30-day refund requests from customers.

But I'm still not promoting ASM. That may sound crazy to you. Because as an affiliate with the size of my audience - 17,000+ unique readers, 4,000+ Facebook followers, and 10,000+ YouTube subscribers - I could make an easy $50,000+ in affiliate commissions from ASM every year!

Am I stupid? No. I'm not promoting it because the price - up to $6,000 if you pay in installments - unsettles me a little. That's not ASM's fault - they're pricing what the market will bear. Thousands of ambitious Amazon sellers will buy it.  Some will succeed, others will fail - but that has nothing to do with ASM (more on that in a moment).

* A word of caution as you're reading/watching any 'success stories' from ASM students - or students of any other similar program at any price: Those are the 'exception to the rule'. There are far more failures (and quitters) than success stories for even the most legitimate 'online income' trainings.

So with ASM's high price of entry - remember you still have to pay for your product manufacturing, marketing, and more - what can you do?

See, many of my readers want to sell their own branded products on Amazon, but they're hard-pressed for cash, just starting out, or not ready to make such a large financial commitment.

Good news!  There are other trusted Amazon systems/courses that focus on sourcing and selling your own branded products on Amazon, for a fraction of the price. And they're all from my honest, trustworthy partners.

And many of you will ask me "Jordan, what's the difference between Amazing Selling Machine and your recommended alternative?"

The truthful answer: Not a whole lot.

All the trusted courses:

  • Teach the general same techniques and strategies
  • Offer a few bells and whistles.
  • Offer no-questions-asked money back guarantees

But none of them has THE magic bullet to your success. Nor do they offer anything that makes private label markedly "easier" or "faster".

(Some of them will respond to this post and say "Yeah but we have ___________ features that make us really unique from the rest!". That's a great selling point but it's not critical to you pulling off private label successfully. I don't care what the features are.)

See, an Amazon seller's degree of success tends to directly correlate to the amount of work he/she puts in to learning and doing, regardless of which trusted course they take.

I'll say it again:

An Amazon seller's degree of success tends to directly correlate to the amount of work he/she puts in to learning and doing...

A course (again, a trusted one) is something that can help you along the way. If you follow it step-by-step and execute, it's a tremendous asset.

And with other trusted courses generally teaching the same tactics, why pay that much? You don't need the bells and whistles to be sucessful.

So, what is my top recommendation** for you?

Proven Private Label 3.0 Plus Mentorship Program ($497) from my trusted partners. All the instructors are seasoned, successful Amazon sellers. Proven Private Label will teach you Private Label the "Easy Way" via their 8 step-by-step modules and live mentoring (30 days of mentoring in their Facebook group are included, then $47/month afterward if you elect to continue with mentoring). You get lifetime access and lifetime updates to the Private Label courses and a 30 day, 10o% money back guarantee. Right now it's my top pick. At least read the testimonials halfway down the page here.

My most critical advice for you: whether you buy ASM, another course/system, or learn on your own for free:  Take action. I've seen hundreds of sellers fail because they don't take the first few steps - they just prematurely quit. Take action, follow through, ask questions, and pick yourself up if you fall down.

I welcome your comments and feedback below.


*I am an affiliate of some of my recommendations above (Not ASM). That means if you buy any of them, I may receive a small commission from them.


online arbitrage

Online arbitrage is still a viable way to make money selling on Amazon. It is one of 3 major ways I still source products today and it continues to bring in plenty of money. [click to continue…]


Amazon counterfeit textbooks

If you source textbooks to resell, note that there are counterfeits out there. Not enough to scare you into avoid the business entirely, but enough to keep your eyes peeled.

It's appealing for the unscrupulous to commit the crime [click to continue…]


Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course review

Review: Proven Amazon Course

The famous Proven Amazon Course ('PAC') by Jim Cockrum is one of the longest-running, most trusted platforms where Amazon sellers new and veteran alike start and grow their businesses. There have been a lot of improvements since its inception several years ago.

Here's my honest review:

Pros: [click to continue…]


Amazon Brand Restrictions – What to Do?


Amazon restricted brands and approval

Sponsored bycan you sell it on amazon


Many 3rd party sellers like you and me are restricted  from selling products from a couple hundred brands on Amazon. Thousands of brands are not restricted...

[click to continue…]


prep centers for your amazon businessIf you're an Amazon FBA seller anywhere in the world, you're probably doing 'pre-fulfillment' yourself.

By 'pre-fulfillment', I mean:

  • receiving products from the manufacturer/wholesaler,
  • sorting the products
  • bundling and/or packaging them
  • photographing the product to Amazon's specs (if you're a private label seller)
  • placing FBA barcode labels on them, and then
  • shipping everything to Amazon's FBA warehouses

It's a HUGE time-suck, and it's rather inefficient. For many sellers, it's a bottleneck (meaning they get a lot of inventory but it all piles up in their home/warehouse, waiting to be prepared for Amazon's Fulfillment center.)

Thus, [click to continue…]


Everything you need to know about The Wholesale Formula

Wholesale Formula review

The Wholesale Formula is closed for 2019. It is scheduled to re-open in 2020

The Wholesale Formula ("TWF") is a proven blueprint/system for sourcing and selling wholesale products profitably on Amazon. Its founders Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert have sold over $20M in wholesale products on Amazon. Enrollment is rumored to reopen in 2020.

You're probably here because you're asking "is The Wholesale Formula legitimate, and does it work?"

The short answer is "yes" and "yes". But perhaps you need more info. So I wrote this post for you. (Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate partner of TWF, so I may be compensated if you purchase it). [click to continue…]


The Wholesale Formula Review

Ed note: You asked me for help with sourcing profitable, replenishable products for your Amazon business. Below is my review of the The Wholesale Formula for Amazon Sellers.

The Wholesale Formula is closed for 2019. It is scheduled to re-open in 2020

Note: the video review is from July 2016. Since then, The Wholesale Formula has improved even more, with incredible value.

You're here because you're wondering "should I get The Wholesale Formula to grow my Amazon business?" or take it to the next level.

The short answer (my opinion) is [click to continue…]

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