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Busted! 8 Amazon myths (Jason Fladlien)

Review Operation Physical Products Jason Fladlien

Ed note: You've asked me for help with sourcing profitable, replenishable products for your Amazon business. ('Private label' means sourcing mass produced goods and labeling them with your own 'brand'.) I'm bringing it to you with my post below.


I’ve met a lot of successful Amazon sellers over the years. I’ve also met a lot of people who can teach their approach to other people.

Jason Fladlien is one of the top Amazon selling experts (with proof in smarts AND his own performance launching more 7+ figure eCommerce businesses.) His success stories are mired in truth and legitimacy, and his reputation is bulletproof.


Because Jason understands our (us sellers') psychology. Specifically: how that psychology determines whether you and I are successful on Amazon…or if we fail.

How many times have you asked yourself "Can selling my own private label product on Amazon really work? If it does work, will it last?"

There are myths we believe that can paralyze us. They did for me. Those myths allow fears to rush in and overcome the truth. They tell you and I we cannot do it when we truly CAN.

Jason joined me in a conference call (transcript). Not only did he give away gobs of private label success tips and ideas, he busted several Amazon myths. (The very same myths that hold us back from pursuing or succeeding in private label.)

Here they are:

MYTH #1 - You need user reviews for Amazon to put you in the top search results. 

Not true. Other sellers - your competition - who don't deserve to be on page 1, are there anyway. Although getting honest, multiple positive reviews should be your goal,  MANY winning Amazon private label products - that are poorly listed and poorly optimized and with little to NO customer reviews - appear at the top of popular search phrase results in Amazon.  And they're generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. What if you 'did better' in selling an identical product (labeled your own) that was listed and optimized properly - which is VERY easy to do.


MYTH #2: Amazon's search engine is finely-tuned and perfect, and it automatically surpresses new sellers' listings.

Not true. Amazon technology is VERY imperfect in displaying who they display for first-page results (for virtually any product search). And it's easy for you to capitalize on those imperfections.


MYTH #3: Amazon is over-saturated with sellers and/or products.

Not true. Amazon's growth far outpaces the amount of 'stuff' available, and there are plenty of products that customers ask for which aren't even available on Amazon yet. (Translation: the 'golden days' of selling on Amazon are not over.)


MYTH #4: It takes a lot of money to get started with Private Label.

Not true. For 2 reasons: the providers you need (everything from manufacturers to Amazon software tools) have adapted to the 'little' guy starting out.


MYTH #5: You have to buy 10,000 or more units in a first order 

Not true. Actually doing that is a surefire kiss of death. Instead, the (far cheaper) method of buying 200-500 units is the saner, more proven approach to growing your business. Running out of product is a good problem to have because it simply justifies your research. To replenish, you can always re-order or 'get more' another way. (Versus housing 10,000 units of unsellable product and having to start all over again.)


MYTH #6: U.S. Private label manufacturers are faster than China Manufacturers.

Not true. In many cases, sourcing from China tends to be faster. Because of their manufacturing's sheer manpower, technology, and the ease/fluidity of air shipping products to the U.S.


MYTH #7: At some point I have to fly to China to meet my suppliers. "In person relationships are EVERYTHING".

Not true. Travel is NOT required to be a successful seller importing private label products from China. There are plenty of successful Amazon sellers, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, who have never stepped foot off the U.S. mainland for dealmaking. (Knowing a reliable China-based broker helps tremendously).


MYTH #8: My product's images, packaging, and presentation on Amazon are hardly important. I just need reviews and a cheap price.

Not true. Many ship-shod sellers are using 1 crappy, blurry image with the wrong background (yet some of them are still making bank on Amazon). Submitting images that comply with Amazon's rules help with your initial sales and customer experience, and can even mean the difference of your customer bypassing better-ranked products and selecting yours instead.

- Jordan

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  • John January 19, 2017, 1:41 pm

    I watched the webinar and it was great. They did not talk about competition much but I heard from the video that with people selling similar products and know what they are doing can achieve success. Other courses teach us going for low competition review.


    • Jordan Malik January 19, 2017, 5:47 pm

      Yes John the rush of fools is over and there are now folks ‘doing it right’ by not giving up early. Long live entrepreneurship!

  • Jeff November 12, 2016, 4:42 am

    Hi Jordan,

    After the free 8 weeks what is the cost?

    Thank you

    • Jordan Malik November 12, 2016, 11:39 am

      I can only assume you mean the cost of the Chinese broker service. It’s very affordable. After 8 weeks (if you follow their process) you’ll likely be having success where the continued cost of using the broker (that is, if you even need it) is negligible. Further questions please contact support@rapidcrush.com, tell them I sent you.

  • Syed November 11, 2016, 10:17 am

    You mentioned knowing a China Based broker. I have gotten recommendations in the past but they were shaky or unresponsive at best, Do you know or have you dealt with a particular broker you recommend?

    • Jordan Malik November 11, 2016, 1:33 pm

      You get access to a top broker (trusted and used by dozens of successful Amazon sellers) for free for the first 8 weeks when you join Operation Physical Products. If you don’t want to Join Operation Physical Products, reach out to a Facebook group comprised of Amazon sellers (most of them are free), maybe someone can direct you there. The challenge for you is this: In *most* cases, a random seller/expert you reach out to is likely uneasy about handing over their broker’s contact info. The exception would be a.) the seller you reach out to knows you/trusts you or b.) the broker isn’t great to begin with so the seller you reach out to has no problem pushing you to them.

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