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My free online arbitrage software is 4 years old

"Wow. I just sold an item on Amazon for $150. [Another software] told me the next "lowest" price was $160. Using Cleer Pro, I found the item on Newegg for less than $50!" - Holly Helder

Can I brag a little bit?

It's awesome to hear how my various books, podcasts and resources have helped Amazon and eBay sellers like you.

But it's even better when I can offer you something for free. (Over 4400 of you have taken me up on it).

My Cleer Pro software (for online sourcing) turns 4 years old this July 2019. It's been helping sellers like you every day since. And it keep accumulating rave reviews (click on the image to the right to view a mere fraction). And yes, it's 100% free (no catch.)

What's Cleer Pro?

Currently for U.S. sellers only, Cleer Pro is software that dramatically reduces the time involved when you are 'buying low' to 'sell high' online.

You have to see it for yourself. Check out my video series below or scroll down to read additional reviews (not shown in the above image).

(Get Cleer Pro for free here.)

More reviews:

"Online arbitrage is much easier now. Rabbit trails are quickly evaluated and are often ordered, by me, from the online source I'm currently drilling down on." - Roy Blom

"Excellent extension for FBA Sellers, works well and is very handy. I am considering deactivating some of my other Chrome extensions normally used for research as this one covers most of the ground by itself!" - John Edwards

"I have been going to all of these sites separately. It is nice to have a way to select one button and the sites open up and do the search for you. Thanks."- Lisa Miller

"This app is a great time saver. Thank you very much"- swift 88

"Jordan, this app is the bomb ... saves so much time ... very convenient ... and a joy to use. Thank you so much for making it available to us." - Mystic Fawn

"Jordan, Thanks so much for this App. It's very helpful.. Nice Work!!" - Mike Jurhs

"This App has helped so much during my research. I like how you can view what you are looking for on so many different web sites with just 1 click of a button." - Allen Scott

"This is an excellent app and thank you Jordan for making it free and accessible to all. Appreciate all you contribute to the Amazon Fba Sellers. Your information is so useful!" - Suzy Lee

"A great time saver for selling on both ebay and Amazon!" - Mike Vetovich

Do you have a success story using my software? Post it as a comment below...And thanks for reading!

-Jordan Malik

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