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Online Arbitrage Software For Amazon FBA Sellers Making Money At Home

The Best Online Arbitrage Software For Amazon FBA Sellers Making Money At Home

It’s easier than ever for Amazon FBA sellers to make more money from home when using online arbitrage software. Today I’ll tell you about my personal favorite tool to use.

Like you, I would spend hours online looking for deals to buy and then flip on Amazon or eBay. One day I said “there has to be an easier way.” So I tried using online arbitrage software that was either expensive, useless, or both. So I did the next best thing:

I created my own software to do the job!

Cleer Platinum is the ultimate online arbitrage software that helps you locate price differences in the marketplace. Buying low and selling high has never been easier!

If you haven’t tried this tool yet, then you’re truly missing out. Let me explain why.


20 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs This Online Arbitrage Software

1.) Discover profitable products to sell on Amazon lightning fast. The opportunities to buy products low from online retailers and sell high on Amazon are endless.

The bottleneck in this business is the time spent. Sure you can source products online manually, but it does take a considerable amount of time gathering all of the resources.

The best thing you can do to increase your profits is to speed up the process using software specifically for the online arbitrage business model.

2.) Save yourself some mental anguish. If you have been sourcing items online for very long, then you understand the headaches. Finding profitable inventory online is intense and time-consuming. Skip the unnecessary headache by using the right Amazon FBA tools for online arbitrage.

3.) Beat other Amazon sellers. Be first in finding items, buying items, and selling those items on Amazon. The early bird truly does catch the worm with online arbitrage. The key to success is to stay ahead of your competition. This is the best way to build momentum and bring in more cash regularly. Sellers who haven’t automated the online sourcing process yet by using the software will be left in the dust with unsold inventory. Don’t be one of them.

4.) Check the Amazon price history quickly before making your purchases. This software makes product evaluation go even faster so you can spend more time on other areas of your business. It is critical that you analyze products careful including price history when making buying decisions. At the same time, this process shouldn’t take you long either before making a decision to pull the trigger.  Speed it all up with tools all in one place.

5.) Quickly calculate your profit margin and ROI. Your total product cost of goods includes shipping costs, sales tax, FBA fees, and any inventory prep services needed. This online arbitrage software can speed up your profit calculation before you buy, reducing your risk significantly. Get a healthy profit margin that can withstand the Amazon buy box price changes and make a bigger bottom line. 

6.) Uncomplicate the sourcing process. No more wasting time wading through online store product listing pages. You can go insane browsing the web for deals. My online arbitrage software comes with a free list of direct links to clearance and sales pages at dozens of online retailers.

7.) Get started in minutes. The low learning curve with easy to use software makes it easy to get started right away. No more wasting time spending hours or even days trying to learn how to use a complicated tool before you can even get started sourcing. Start building your business immediately.

8.) Build up your inventory faster. This will be especially important as it gets closer to Q4 (Christmas). You can’t make money when you’re out of stock. Keep that inventory moving by becoming a power sourcer.

9.) Scale-up this business model quickly. All you need is a little cash to get started buying inventory. Speeding up the process of finding products to sell on Amazon means that you will be able to sell through more of your stock at an alarming rate. Reinvest as much as you can back into the business to help you build a 6 and 7-figure empire.

10.) Live the freedom lifestyle. As long as you have Internet access or wifi, you can keep sourcing from anywhere. Make money while you live out your dreams.  Travel or take vacations any time you want. Become the digital nomad you always wanted to be!

11.) Spend more time with the people you care about most. With more of your time freed up, think about everything you have always wanted to do with those you love. Get a quick and efficient system in place using this time-saving tool. Your family and friends will admire you while your stress level goes down.

12.) Diversify your inventory. Resellers of products in all categories will love this tool. Booksellers and private label product researchers enjoy using it too. There is something for everyone!

13.) Train a VA easily. Cleer Platinum is easy to learn, making it fast to train a virtual assistant on how to use it.  This is especially beneficial if you currently work on a full-time job. Make money while you’re making money during your "real" job.

14.) Find replenishable products you can keep selling over and over again. The best way to build a solid business foundation is with anything that you can repeat easily. Once you find a product that sells well for you with little competition, keep it in stock by locating through multiple different online stores

15.) Save money on your own personal shopping. Cleer Platinum users tell me that they save more money by finding the best deals online for their "regular" purchases. Use those savings to pay off debt or build up your emergency or retirement fund. Remember to use coupon codes and promo codes to make purchases at the lowest possible prices. Christmas gift shopping will be a breeze for you every single year!

16.) Decrease time running around to retail stores. Waiting in line is a time killer. Save gas money and get more done by doing your research at home first. The deals you uncover will help you know exactly what products to buy if you do decide to pick some up in a brick and mortar store.

17.) Skip peeling off price tags. Imagine how much time you will save not having to peel off every single store price sticker as you do with retail arbitrage. This may not seem like a big deal, but the amount of time saved can be used on sourcing more inventory online.

18.) Get free shipping supplies. The best part about online arbitrage sourcing, in general, is the number of boxes, shipping paper, and air pillows - sent to you with your online orders - for free.All of that can be reused for your shipments into Amazon saving you some major cash that you can spend on sourcing inventory instead.

19.) Decrease the supply of your competitors. The more you are able to find products online, the less your competitors will be able to purchase. In extreme cases, I've seen online arbitrage experts buy out the entire quantity of a single item. This means fewer people will be fighting over the Amazon buy box which in turn increases your profits by keeping prices up.

20.) Master Amazon flips. Buying and reselling on Amazon has many advantages. Take advantage of Amazon’s low-priced deals especially during the holidays. What’s nice is that you already have the ASIN you need to list the product for sale and it may already be prepped for you with a polybag. Of course, you can reuse the same box it arrives in too.

This inexpensive sourcing tool truly is a game-changer and the 7-day free trial plus numerous bonuses make it a no-brainer. Are you ready to take it for a test drive?

Get Cleer Platinum and start building your online money-making machine now: cleerplatinum.com/. Or watch the below video to see how I use CleerPlatinum to find 5 profitable products in under 10 minutes:

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