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Find products with no or low competition (Amazon)

low competition products on Amazon

"There's too much competition on Amazon." (I'm hearing from you folks daily about this.)

So I have help for you from a trusted expert.

See, if you know where to look, Amazon will tell you EXACTLY what high margin, zero competition, easily located products you should sell on their site for huge margins.

How is this happening? My short video explains it, but here's the reason:

Many Amazon buyers are searching for products on Amazon, that Amazon doesn't have yet or doesn't bother sourcing.

Watch this free presentation (replay) from June 20 about hunting down these "golden gaps". It's simpler than you think.

Here's my big 3 takeaways from the presentation.

1.) (The biggest one) The full program shows you exactly how to find products that buyers are asking for that Amazon isn't selling. (That's a LOT of stuff)

2.) You can discover products that can be bought retail and/or bought retail and bundled (you don't *have* to source private label/wholesale)

3.) (Bonus) You're using Amazon's Pay Per Click ad system (easy and very inexpensive) to make the discoveries. There are MANY bigger sellers who would pay an expert (you) to manage/run/teach Amazon's Pay Per Click system for them.

(The full info costs the same as two dinners out. I paid more for this show that was horrible.)

The host of the free webinar replay, Brett Bartlett, has built a huge business on Amazon ($8MM+) by using Amazon's own existing tools to track down what Amazon's own buyers are asking for - but no one else is selling (or some are under-selling).

Here's the monthly sales performance of just one of his Amazon products:

no competition product on amazon

Brett hosted this free webinar (replay) along with members of his "Golden Gaps" team.

  • Yes, the full program can work for you if you are a newbie or expert seller on Amazon
  • No, this is not about the 'private label' that you're used to. (Think private label with virtually no competition
  • Yes, you can learn basics from the replay alone bit.ly/goldengaps
  • Yes, this works if you sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world.

This is groundbreaking stuff! The full course ProvenPerformanceInventory is included in the $399 Proven Amazon Course (that will teach you all Amazon selling basics and more).

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