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My new favorite and free…

jim cockrum podcast

Jim Cockrum has launched a free podcast for you (and its SO worth listening to.) Let me explain...

When "selling stuff online" was just beginning in the 1990s, Jim Cockrum started on a mission to help entrepreneurs like me in this new and growing phenomenon. Jim's goal was to marry fundamental business knowledge with creative online strategies - all in "plain talk" - and share the information with anyone who was interested.

Jim has documented more than 1,000 success stories from entrepreneurs and businesses using his ideas and strategies. An independent watchdog service ranked Jim as one of the most trusted Internet marketers in the world, and his best-selling book Silent Sales Machine (psst...grab it free here) not only made a huge impact on me personally, but continues to sit high on Amazon's best seller list in the Internet business category.

By sharing his most successful ideas, Jim has helped people like me and you expand our online businesses to generate multiple income streams.

For instance, today I have ongoing, residual income - not just from Amazon. Today I have revenue streams from blogging, eBay, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, and software! That's right: Jim taught me how to create and sell software with no coding skills, how to write and market valuable eBooks, and how to produce profitable YouTube videos, and more (yes, selling on Amazon and eBay is in there too).

In short, Jim has been instrumental in helping me be the 'business guy' I am now.

Now it's your turn! Check out Jim's newly released free podcast. Grab a pen and jot down ideas! Perhaps you will be one of Jim's next entrepreneurial success stories.


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  • Alex December 12, 2016, 1:15 pm

    There is no asterisk on the comment box so I didn’t know it’s compulsory!
    Anyway I look forward to the podcast I’m sure coming from you it’s pure gold.

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