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“How do I increase traffic to my Amazon listing?”

Updated 3/30/15

This post is for Amazon merchants who add a product to the Amazon catalog for the first time (meaning the product/ASIN never existed on  Amazon until you created the product page itself.)*

Sellers often ask me:

"How do I make sure my item is found by people searching for it on Amazon"?

Answer:  Just read this free tutorial from a couple successful Amazon merchants.* The article explains how to add the necessary keywords, description, bullet points; and great photos that meet Amazon.com's requirements.

This is SO good that these guys should be charging for the info.

* If you didn't create the product lisiting, you can still submit corrections/better photos if you wish - instructions here.

 From 7/9/14An alternative  tutorial is here.

Let me know your progress!
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  • Nathan Grimm June 5, 2014, 12:08 pm

    Thanks for posting the article. The SEO speak was definitely for the audience at Moz. I dove into eCommerce from the SEO side of online marketing and had to shift my thinking in some key ways so I thought it would be useful to include that in the article.

    The Google doc won’t work in Excel because it’s scraping data from Amazon with a function that is not native to Excel. My hope is that someone builds an Amazon rank-tracking service like the hundreds of Google rank-tracking services out there. I’d rather have reliable, fast access to the data than have to gather it myself.

    • Jordan Malik June 5, 2014, 1:16 pm

      Nathan thanks for weighing in, as well as for writing the article. Great to have you here and I am sure your article is helping a LOT of sellers.


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