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Why the new $99 Prime price doesn’t matter (really).

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So Amazon Prime started at $79/year in 2004, and soon it goes up a whopping 25%. (This translates to an extra $1.67 per month for Prime customers). Comparatively, these increased by at least 50% during the same period:  gasoline and ~1 lb of Oreo Cookies 

So don't listen to the  handful of ninny sellers (you know, the Facebook troll types) who are predicting pending doom  a mass exodus of buyers and thus plummeting sales of their FBA merchandise.

That just ain't gonna happen.

Why? 'Cuz there still ain't a better alternative to Prime and at $99 (or even, arguably, $119), there is still a TON of value. When a consumer can't get the same or better value elsewhere, they'll stick around and/or suck up the price increase.

Plus with all the media hype around this increase, imagine the flood of Prime prospects (Customers) that are quick to sign up at $79 before the April 17 deadline?


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  • Andy March 17, 2014, 9:55 pm

    So true! I am honestly surprised they didn’t increase rates two years ago. I will still gladly pay $99 for how much I use my prime membership.

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