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9 eBay Seller Tips – Christmas & Q4

eBay christmas selling tips

It is that time of year again ... the weather turns cooler, children go back to school and people begin to prepare for the holidays. It is also time for all you as an online seller to take a look at your inventory and get ready to capitalize on the annual shopping spree.

Just like any business, you have to not only have products that are demanded by consumers, but you have to be able to reach them effectively as well. Right now is the time to optimize your ecommerce listings and make sure your potential customers can find your products first and fast when they embark on their online shopping days.

Check out my tips and suggestions that follow to make sure you maximize your profits this holiday season:

1.) First, don't ignore eBay. I have some stock that Amazon won't let me sell: various new Transformers toys, Shopkins, Matchbox cars, some Christmas lights, etc. I'm using eBay more this year than the last 5. If you haven't sold on eBay before, here's a short and sweet tutorial: wikihow.com/Sell-on-eBay . Remember eBay places selling limits on new sellers, generally a few items per month, so start now.

2.) Speed up your eBay listing creation: Instead of creating a listing from scratch, I'll use my newly created Airlister.co - FREE to - with just a few keystrokes - take the content from the same product in an Amazon or Walmart listing and - within a few seconds - create the eBay listing within my eBay account. Separately, the free eBay Selling App (iTunes/Android) now makes it incredibly easy to list virtually any item

3.) Organize and list all inventory. Take a look at all the things you've purchased for resale over the year and invest the time to list them online. Hire friends and family to help you get everything listed as soon and as early as possible. Retail stores know that some super-organized, holiday-loving shoppers start shopping right after Halloween--that's why all the holiday products appear earlier and earlier each year. Be sure your items as an online seller are listed just as early.

4.) Specify at least a 30-Day return. By allowing shoppers to change their mind, you build a lot of goodwill through your listings. In addition, you will actually bump your listings higher with great return policies, which means more shoppers will see your listings.

5.) List used items. Not all shoppers are looking for brand-new bargains on eBay (I wrote entire ebooks on used: toys, plush, and 'stuff' that sells for big profits on eBay). Re-purposing and up-cycling are today's fads and lots of potential customers might be looking for inexpensive used items to personalize for a perfect gift. Many of my readers are on a cash-crunch, so to them I say: Look over the stuff you have stashed in closets to see if there are any personal items you want to sell - eBay's terrific for that.

6.) Order shipping supplies now. More and more people are shopping and selling online and the chances of shipping suppliers as well as delivery companies running out of padded envelopes and tape is very high during the holiday season. Don't get stuck without the basics to get your products to their customers. Remember, USPS Priority boxes and supplies (I use them a lot) are 100% free and can be delivered to you free, too. Sams Club has some cheap packaging supplies. If you anticipate shipping lots of products, get boxes from uline.com

7.) Disregard stores' 'hot' lists.  I recently wrote about that here.

8.) More Christmas/eBay tips can be found via one of my favorite Youtube channels, Raiken Profit (Hi Steve!)

9.) Online arbitrage/retail arbitrage tips can be found here

Good luck, and remember: If you won't list it, you can't sell it!


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  • Glen October 15, 2016, 12:32 am

    I realize that everyone’s selling through Amazon FBA these days, so articles like the above are greatly appreciated especially by those of us who are solely selling through eBay. Thank you for these tips. I have purchased just about all of your eBay related ebooks,…they are invaluable!

  • Darrell October 13, 2016, 2:20 pm

    I looked at the eBay Valet FAQ at the link and it looks like larger qualified eBay sellers are usually the ones doing the listing and selling which should be better than FedEx employees doing it. 100,000 items per month is a lot. It might be a good deal for people with estates to sell for example. See here: “How do I become a valet? To become a valet, they are carefully screened for inclusion in the program. Requirements include, but are not limited to: (1) ability to list 100,000 listings each month, (2) storage capacity sufficient to hold and manage items received for at least 21 calendar days, (3) ability to list items across all eBay categories, and (4) physical presence in all major metropolitan hubs in the U.S. and (5) demonstrated ability to consistently deliver the highest standards of buyer experience to eBay shoppers.”

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