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How I Get Free Money, Inventory & Supplies for my eBay/Amazon business

Amazon and eBay sellers: 8079623104_5e2a334723_q_free-money

If you're on a really strict budget for sourcing inventory and/or packaging supplies, this post is for you.

Mega-resellers are always on the lookout for shortcut and hacks (like these that I wrote about earlier ) to do it better. The whole idea is to lower expenses and increase your profit margin.

There are many ways to boost your reselling income such as buying inventory in bulk, buying at a lower price, or getting freebies with the products that you are buying. And then there are times when you can get valuable inventory for free and/or free rebates/cash etc.

All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open and grab these offers when they crop up:

Tactic #1: FREE: Swagbucks Website and/or Phone app  swagbucks

Earn cash by doing small tasks when you're online, like searching for products, deals, or online shopping. While clicking on ads can get you some cash, you can really make a killing for free gift cards when you shop online via the Swagbucks website. You earn Swagbucks for every dollar spent and once you've collected enough of those, you can redeem them for gift cards! Also, you can use the Swagbucks app on your phone (Android or Apple) and the website to earn Swagbucks.

Tactic #2 – FREE: RetailMeNot Websiteretailmenot

Finding coupons is easy, but RetailMeNot helps you to find the most reliable coupon codes that have worked for their users. You can bookmark the website and also download the app on your phone to make sure you do not miss out of any of the coupons. The best part is that you can enjoy saving on online deals as well as in-store deals. This is a win-win scenario for users of this app. My tip to 'stack' your RetailMeNot finds with additional cash back and discounts: If you see a special deal on RetailMeNot, write down the coupon code for the deal (if there is one). Then, log into eBates (get an account free, it's free to use) to see if the store selling the product (that you saw on RetailMeNot) is offering 'cash back' via eBates. If it is, click through the store link provided on eBates. When you find the product on the specific store, do NOT go back to the RetailMeNot link. Instead, go through the eBates link and use the coupon code that you wrote down. That way, your web browser 'eBates cookie' takes precedence (your browser knows you found the product through eBates, not RetailMeNot), and thus you will be eligible to get eBates cash back (if applicable). Then, get even more savings: after you've added the item you want to buy to your cart, head over to Raise.com to see if there are any discounted gift cards for the online store you are buying from. Ensure you buy the card that says "eGift" so you can use it online. Usually a gift card purchase from Raise takes just a few minutes to be delivered to you by email. 

Tactic #3: FREE: Chameleon app (currently for Apple only)  app

What if you could get paid every time you walked into a retail-store? Chameleon app does just that as you earn points that you can later redeem for gift cards. You can use these gift cards in the store or online! For every 20 points earned through the app, you can get a $5 Target gift card. Alsom, Chamelon gives you access to a range of discount coupons for popular retail stores along with store and shelf location for popular products in the store, availability of products, and you can even earn money for referring your friends and family members to this app. New stores are added to this app every week so that you can shop at popular stores like Target, Best Buy, Sears, Office Depot, Petco, Staples, and Walgreens.

Tactic #4: FREE Freecycle websitefreecycle_logo

Now there's no reason to say “I can't find anything to sell!”. This is a great way to get free products to sell on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. After all, you were going to use that money for buying products, right? With FreeCycle, you can skip the money and get straight to the goods! Just join the group of users on FreeCycle in your area and keep an eye out for any products they're giving away for free. This way you can build your inventory and if you're looking for a specific product, you can even post an advertisement on FreeCycle. This is the perfect service when you're looking for collectibles or small items to procure and sell, or even get supplies. For instance, lots of you FBA Sellers are always inquiring about getting free boxes, well here you go (real listing local to me): http://screencast.com/t/ilomRu1flW

Tactic #5: FREE Craigslist 'Free stuff' postings 

The principle with Craigslist's free stuff is like Freecycle, but a little looser on the rules (translation: they're not as uptight). My local Craigslist's 'free section' had this lot of board games (check it, yep, free: http://screencast.com/t/twryKTOQkh ) A safety note if you use Craigslist for anything: Bring a friend and do the transaction in broad daylight, preferably in a well-lighted, well-trafficked area. Do not enter someone's home unless you have someone with you, and even if you do, let a relative/friend know that you're there.

(More tactics right here)

While each of these resources when used on their own might not show you impressive results, the trick is to combine/"stack" these strategies and you will see your efforts bring you great savings. This is retail, folks, every penny counts.

I TRULY hope this post helps you. Have you tried any of the above mentioned methods? Do you have any other tips or tricks to make free money? Please feel free to share your views in the comments.


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  • juan February 19, 2015, 7:17 pm

    I’m used craigslist and some people give me or sell for few dollars many books.
    I’m recommend to put an ad like this:
    have a used Non-fiction Books (mostly text books) that only taking up space & dust on your bookshelves? If you want to get rid of them, just contact us by Email & we will take care of them for you & FREE.

    Please reply with the following info:
    1) Around, how many books do you have?
    2) Condition? (like new, very good, good, acceptable
    3) Address & time to pick up

    which are the Non-fiction Books? Here is the list:
    .-Textbooks: no more than 3 years old
    .-Business, Banking, Finance, Accounting
    .-Travel: no more than 2 years old

    If you have different categories than mentioned above & wants to get rid of them, do not worry we also take them all together.

    We can pickup only in “Your City”

    “Please contact by craigslist email only”

    Thank you and have a nice day…

    With this ad I’m receive around 2-4 email x month

    thank you, Jordan for a great informative blog!


    • Jordan Malik February 21, 2015, 2:02 pm

      Juan – Incredibly helpful and inspirational, thank you for sharing your tactic. Other Amazon/book sellers would be surprised as to how LITTLE the ‘competition’ does what you’re doing!

  • Shawn Searcy February 20, 2015, 6:18 pm

    Jordan, GREAT JOB on Posting, because of you mentioning Freecycle about 9 months ago, I put around 500 FREE ITEMS for sale in FBA! One woman gave me 46 of 50 Books called “The Harvard Classics ” from 1929. After finding the remaining four, I should be able to sell the entire set for about $800-1000! And all of it was free! Just ask politely and not be over greedy and people will feed you great items. Appreciate the hard work…Shawn

    • Jordan Malik February 21, 2015, 2:02 pm

      Shawn thanks for sharing this with me and my readers, it is VERY impressive (yet so easy, right?) You will inspire a lot of folks to try the same.

  • Judy Jordan September 9, 2015, 8:46 pm

    I thought Freecycle asked that you only accept items you were going to use personally. Is that incorrect?

    • Jordan Malik September 10, 2015, 3:40 pm

      Their rules may vary by region (the freecycle groups operate separately per region). Note that there is no law that says if you accept an item that you cannot sell it.

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