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How Many Virtual Assistants Can You Afford?

I've been in business for myself for over 10 years now...

And my success is largely due to hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs).


Well, VAs can do everything: list your products for sale, online arbitrage research and purchasing inventory, listing optimization, handle customer inquiries, accounting - anything that's task-oriented.

(Yes, I have used VAs for all that).

But many of my readers stop short and ask "can I afford this?"

Here's a free, instant calculator to help you figure that out {{ subscriber.first_name }}!

  • The calculator is an evergreen tool to understand how much you can afford for VAs.
  • It will tell you the # of full-time VAs you can afford per year based on where your business is today.
  • It's provided by Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan from OutsourceSchool. (You may know them from Freeeup, a business they created in 2016 that generated over $12M last year with the help of 45 VAs!).

Download this free VA calculator today. I know you'll find it useful:

-Jordan Malik of HonestOnlineSelling.com

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