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He Buys Replenishible Products to Resell on Amazon – a $1M/year Business!

How to flip products on Amazon

Dear Reader:

My mind is blown once again ...

See, veteran multi-stream income expert recently Jim Cockrum interviewed a former "regular job" guy Jimmy (above, l.) who is just crushing it with his $100,000+ per month Amazon business

Why should you care?

I'll tell you...

  1. This Amazon sourcing strategy really works. Jimmy's approach is a slight variation of J.R. Cagle's (who I introduced to you here) and Oscar Motumbo (here)
  2. Nearly all of Jimmy's sales are of inventory he finds in major retail stores ("Retail Arbitrage"), and he pays full retail
  3. You can learn Jimmy's exact strategies for free by watching the video or - even better - joining his "Replens" System training

But first, here are 10 things I learned from his interview.

10 Things I Learned from Jimmy:

1.) Amazon has “golden nugget” listings – typically bundles are variety packs -  that very few sellers know about, that Jimmy capitalizes on. How Jimmy and his team discover these:  They will enter a local retail store, walk down an aisle, and browse products. Then they will do general searches of a branded product in the free Amazon seller app (Apple/Android) and/or the free Amazon buyer/app (Apple/Android). They do that to ‘discover’ bundles and variety packs that are being sold on Amazon. This is fully explained at the 17:07 mark in the video)

1a.) Product examples are: toothpaste, chocolate, candy, coffee, tea, health and beauty, etc.

2.) His business is thriving so much, he's hiring hiring more people to do his shopping and prepping.

3.) Just a few years ago Jimmy and his wife were in boring jobs (Insurance and waiting tables, respectively) top focus on Amazon 'full time')

4.) Jimmy does not focus on clearance items in stores. That strategy burned him out (10:16 in the video)

5.) Jimmy (and his team) buy replenishables in stores at full price (!). Then they make multi-packs or bundles to sell on Amazon. They aren't creating the Amazon listings, they're already in the Amazon catalog.  Those replenishible bundles and multi-packs lend themselves to a scalable, reliable income for them (10:23)

6.) His part-time employees – paid hourly - are sent out with a shopping list containing exactly what to buy and bring back. This keeps things very simple (nearly zero training is required). (11:00)

7.) Jimmy's Amazon sales TRIPLED 3 months after they hired employees to do the shopping for them. (13:40)

7a.) Don’t let the ‘hiring employees’ thing scare you. Jimmy and his wife did the work themselves until they got plenty of revenue to hire folks.

8.) Jimmy and his team do not create their own listings on Amazon! All their success comes from pre-existing listings of bundles/variety packs on Amazon 22:30

9.) Yes, this can be done if you’reoutside the U.S.! (International: 32:00)

10.) Jimmy's astonishing success in retail arbitrage (95% of his business) led him to a "discovery": He was selling a lot of a retail product, so he created a similar private label product and sold that on Amazon. His product was, at one point, an Amazon best seller. (37:00). Ed. note: This specific private label strategy is teachable, too, via Proven Performance Inventory.)

Sellers just like you are CRUSHING it

These are actual testimonials from inside the private mentoring (Facebook) group. I verified these independently. Note how sellers just like you are doing $10,000+ per month and ramping up very quickly:

Here's a seller whose Amazon sales skyrocketed after they started sourcing replenishibles in retail stores in July of this year (note the jump from June to July, then from July to August, etc.):

proof of Amazon sales replenishbles

...And here's another Amazon seller grossing $10,000 per month (they started just a few months ago.)

proof of Amazon sales replenishbles 2

Learn the Same Strategies (and get mentoring), very inexpensively

You know I only bring you the honest methods that really work for your online business. And I bring them to you at very reasonable prices.

Now you can get access to everything all  the training via the Replens System that I also have access to. You'll receive all this, directly from Jimmy himself:

  • A step by step plan to go from $0 to $100k per month
  • How to have the right mindset to find replens
  • How to keep track of your replens
  • When and how to hire a shopper
  • How to find 30 replens in 30 days
  • When and how to hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Includes access to Jimmy's standard operating procedures and documents
  • Once you have a team, how to manage and pay them
  • How to have the most efficient workflow
  • How to expand to wholesale and PL replens
  • And much more!

This is a system used year round by Jimmy and other sellers like you and me. Not just for the holidays!

The cost to learn Jimmy's Replens System is really reasonable: $299 for lifetime access - no up-sells. Mentoring is optional (but recommended) and a bargain $9/month with the first month free.

But I have a Warning for You:

The doors can close entirely when Jimmy (and Jim Cockrum, above right in the image at the top of this page) feel they can't serve every member effectively. Then they'll have a waiting list. So get your lifetime access today for just a one-time $299 (that's non-recurring).

Questions? Contact Jimmy's support directly at: Support@SilentSalesMachine.com

And whatever you do, take action to make this your most profitable Amazon selling season year round.


P.S. The video says Jimmy's Replens System has a waiting list. That's changed, and now (as of publication date - November 12, 2019), it’s open at a great price with a 30-day no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. Get it right here: jordanmalik.com/replens

P.P.S. If you've never sold on Amazon before, I have free resources under "Amazon FREE BEGINNER HELP" here

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