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He Buys *Below* Wholesale. See Inside His Amazon Seller Account.

Learn his easy arbitrage methods for about $3/day
Amazon Selling Expert

Dear Reader:

My mind is blown...

See, veteran multi-stream income expert Jim Cockrum just interviewed former high-school teacher and all around 'regular' guy J.R. Cagle (above left).

Why should you care?

I'll tell you...

  1. J.R. sold nearly $1 Million on Amazon.com in the past year alone. He proves it by logging into his account during the interview (go to the 40:00 mark)
  2. Nearly all of J.R.'s sales are of products he finds in major retail stores ("Retail Arbitrage"). What's more: $500,000+ of his sales are of products he finds in Target!
  3. You can learn J.R.'s exact strategies for free by watching the video or - even better - joining his "Knock That Price Down" MasterMind group free for 14 days. (I'll get more into his group further in this blog post.)

But first, here are 10 things I learned from his interview. (#10 = a big revelation not shown in the video!)

10 Things I Learned about Selling on Amazon from J.R.

1. Selling on Amazon is "a lot less stressful" than the school teacher job he quit 6 years ago

2. J.R.'s Amazon annual sales: $65,000 (2012)...$251,000 (2013)...$495,000 (2014)...$542,000 (2016)...$678,000 (2017)...$900,000 (2018)

3. J.R.'s 'big jump' from 2016 to 2017 was from him using 'reverse sourcing' strategies in stores - primarily in Amazon's grocery, beauty, and home categories. If you want to know more, this concept is described at the 17:00 mark (hint: it's not about scanning barcodes)

4. The Amazon shopping app (Apple/Android) - the one consumers use to purchase items - can be more helpful for sellers than the Amazon seller app (Apple/Android)  For context, go to the 24:03 mark in the video

5. J.R. buys 'less than wholesale' by "stacking" gift cards, store promotional vehicles (like Target's 5% off Red Card and Cartwheel app), and looking for specific sales and clearances

6. If you're a volume buyer of gift cards, you can get a better percentage than what is offered. Example: J.R. buys gift cards online that are (say) 10% less than the actual value of the card. He then buys products from stores to resell, with those cards. So he's ultimately paying en extra 10% less becauase he's using the gift cards. J.R. called the gift card vendor and gets an extra discount because he's buying the cards in volume.

7. Despite J.R.'s huge sales volume, he does most of the retail shopping for products himself!

8. J.R. shares his numbers by logging into Amazon live during the interview  (go to the 40:00 mark)

$1M Amazon seller

9. Groceries make up more than half of J.R.'s Amazon sales, and hit has the highest ROI: 68%. (See the 42:05 mark in the video). The "money" is in multiples/bundles of grocery/beauty items - not 'single' items - that already exist in the Amazon catalog. (You don't have to create a new listing on Amazon). For context, see #3 above and watch the video at the 42:15 mark

10. In the interview, J.R. was restricted from referencing his private MasterMind group, where he shares his product deals and strategies with sellers like you and me!

More on just that:

Before that interview with J.R. aired, I had already joined his Knock That Price Down seller group - a bargain for just $3/day. In that group, I've been networking 24/7 with other like minded sellers on strategies that are working right now.

I'll share a small fraction of the deals J.R. has alerted us to.

Below, J.R.'s alert is for a 1-day sale on bedding at Target. (In the interview, he talks about how much he profits from bedding). The screen shot is the actual message the group received on their phone/computer:

Selling bedding on Amazon

Alert from J.R. re: Bedding Sale

J.R. also sent us Target sales info on grocery items we could sell on Amazon.com in multipacks:

Buy from Target and Resell on Amazon

J.R.'s finds are not just from Target!

I Instantly Profited with ONE of J.R.'s Finds

I've been in this MasterMind group for just a couple weeks, and I've already profited.

I'll tell you exactly how.

Last week, J.R. alerted us to an in-store Costco Clearance item, below:

Sell Air Mattress on Amazon

So I promptly ran out and snagged 5 of them at $29.97 each at my local Costco. My invoice:

Costco to Amazon Flip

I promptly listed them on my Amazon.com seller account. And boom! The same day, I sold one for $74.95, netting me a ~$20 profit. I sold it via Amazon Merchant Fulfill, where I ship it to the customer myself:

Amazon seller profit

That's right, a $20 profit just from one tip inside J.R.'s Knock That Price Down Mastermind group.

Make These Strategies 'Come to You'

You know I only bring you the honest methods that really work for your online business. And I bring them to you at very reasonable prices.

And now you can join the same Knock That Price Down Mastermind group that I'm in. You'll receive ALL this, directly from J.R. himself:

  • Monthly Live webinar on how to buy products and sell them at premium profits (not from just Target!)
  •  coupons, cash back deals and sales so you can buy inventory at ultra-low prices/
  • Buy Below Wholesale: Step By Step walk through of how to get your inventory at Wholesale or better pricing... You make your profits When you BUY!!
  • Exactly what products to look for in stores and online - not just Target
  • These are year-round strategies and buy alerts - not just for Q4/Christmas!

The cost of membership is really cheap: Just about $3/day (it's billed $297 for the first three months, then $297 every 3 months after that, should you decide to continue your subscription).

(If you're skeptical, the group is co-managed by Barrington McIntosh and Lance Wolf, the same e-commerce experts I told you about herehere and here.)

Ed. Note: This group is not ideal if you are outside the U.S. 

But I Have Two Warnings for You:

  1. J.R.'s MasterMind Group is accepting only 100 members. Once it hits 100, access will be closed off. This helps balance the # of deals available to the # of group members
  2. This low-ball price is way too low for the value. The fee should be higher!

Questions? Email the group founders directly: Support@balanceyourfba.com

And whatever you do, take action to make this your most profitable Amazon selling season year round.


P.S. If you've never sold on Amazon before, I have free resources under "Amazon FREE BEGINNER HELP" here

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  • Norma Ibarra July 27, 2019, 10:18 am

    Jordan, thank you for so valuable information, I know that there are several categories that are closed to sell in amazon, I am interested in selling in grocery, could you inform me how I can access that category?
    Thank you.

  • Andy Younan July 24, 2019, 12:31 pm

    Shame there is no UK stores that he can help with so i guess no point in even getting the 14 day trial 🙁

  • Terri July 24, 2019, 6:31 am

    Jordan Malik, do you have any insights to SourceMogul? I work a full-time job that requires me to travel so actually making it to the stores to “shop” for products is not happening for me. I for sure can see how J.R. Cagle’s process works but wondering if SourceMogul could help the process?

    • Jordan Malik July 24, 2019, 8:15 am

      Hi Terri:

      I have never used SourceMogul. SourceMogul is a software that searches online for products that priced well below Amazon prices, and alerts you to those possibly profitable flips. (You would still have to do a little research on them to ensure they are valid). J.R. advises you to deals (most are in stores, some are on line) and strategies focusing on flipping products profitably. So one if the two services (SourceMogul and J.R.’s MasterMind Group) won’t help nor compliment the other.

  • Michael Morejon July 23, 2019, 7:03 am

    Great info! I also heard his interview when it released and was blown away by his numbers at Target. I honestly barely do Target but now I am going more to them and finding items thanks to his inspiration. I had no idea about that group of his, thanks for the share, I am going to try out that 14 day trial 🙂

  • Jim July 22, 2019, 10:27 pm

    How could this work for sellers outside US but selling on Amazon.com?

    • Jordan Malik July 23, 2019, 8:14 am

      For online purchases of products, you would need to buy them online and have them sent directly to a prep center, which in turn would prepare them and send them to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

  • DAVID FRIEDMAN July 22, 2019, 12:55 pm

    Congratulations on your buy at Costco.
    I noticed you didn’t pay sales tax? Do they accept re-sale certificates?

  • Mark DeLung July 22, 2019, 11:56 am

    I don’t see why this is really helpful. I can see for people who have plenty of experience but for newbies, this has no helpful qualities in the fact I will be way into the costs before I even learn how to start. But thx for the info.

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