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Book Sourcing Master Reveals Million-dollar Strategies

"Most Amazon sellers have no idea what they're doing. There's so much money to be made in the inventory they ignore." - Peter Valley

2/19 Update:

Free Tip and Q&A  by BlindSpot Profits author Peter Valley

Free excerpt from the bundle

Remember: I back your purchase 100% for one full year (see * below).


Peter Valley is arguably the smartest guy in the used-books-on-Amazon biz.

For 2015, he's revealing more of his sourcing secrets in a 3-ebook bundle here.

If you think Amazon is over-saturated with inventory, I can assure you the opposite is true. Why?

99% of your competition is (rudely, obnoxiously) grabbing the lowest-hanging fruit. Greed isn't their only detriment. They also:

1.) refuse to work beyond just grabbing armfuls of products and scanning them, and

2.) they don't have basic communication/speaking skills.

So when you (the smart reader) spend the tiniest bit of effort into 1.) looking where the greedy, obnoxious sellers refuse to look and b.) saying a few words to those in charge at the various places you source, you can cash in very well.

The $47 book bundle (see pic upper right) will teach you all that within 200+ pages. (The bonus books 'Condition Hacking' and 'Social Sourcing Secrets' will not be included in the bundle after Feb. 20 2015)

I've read all 3 books - they're 100% no-fluff, easy book sourcing techniques that gross some sellers millions, like this guy (video below).

Buy the bundle from my link and I'll personally back your purchase with my 1-year no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee*

Here's a preview of what you can expect (even if you buy nothing, this will help you):

1.) Watch this video where Peter interviews a $1.5M Amazon bookseller.

2.) Here's a printed interview with another successful book seller.

* Peter Valley offers a 60-day, no questions asked guarantee for his e-book.  But when you buy his e-book via my link (it’s the same price, instant download),I will personally add another 305 days to that guarantee. So: if you decide the book is not for you (and the 60 days have passed), forward your email receipt to me and I will refund you (100%) out of my own pocket. It’s the same ‘extra’ guarantee I give to several of the excellent guides and services that I endorseI will make a small commission from Peter when you buy via my link.


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