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The Best Online Arbitrage Tools for Amazon Sellers

Best software for Amazon sellers using Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage works amazingly well helping Amazon sellers find profitable inventory. For beginners, the learning process can seem overwhelming and tedious.

To help make this sourcing method go faster and easier, there are free and paid online arbitrage tools readily available.

Before we get to the list of tools, here is a quick overview of the complete Amazon FBA online arbitrage money making opportunity.

What Is Amazon Online Arbitrage?

Amazon online arbitrage is buying a product at a low price from one online store and selling it for a higher price on Amazon.com.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with a high traffic of customers. Buying an item from an online retail store such as Walmart and selling it for a higher price on Amazon can result in major profits.

That’s more money in your pocket to help you pay bills, take a vacation, or even reinvest back into another product flip. Many people start out doing this as a hobby and scale up from there.

A lucrative online business is born once you have enough inventory selling regularly. This could even help you quit your day job. Can you imagine shopping online in your pajamas for a living?


Why Use Online Arbitrage Sourcing Tools?

  1.  Save time finding profitable products. The right tools will help you uncover hidden gems.
  2. Find product deals first. Seize the opportunity to buy the best deals first before your competitors.
  3. Make buying decisions better and faster. Stay profitable by running all calculations first before you buy. This alone can help you save thousands of dollars in unsold inventory.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest problem with online arbitrage is just getting started in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Luckily for you, I’ve put together a huge list of my favorite online arbitrage tools that will help you save valuable time building up your inventory if you sell on Amazon.

Before you buy anything: this is a brand new and crazy industry. And software that I find reputable and trustworthy one day can ‘disappear’ the following year. So do your homework, take advantage of free trials if they’re available, test, and ask your peers for their recommendations before you spend your hard-earned money.

Are you ready to level up your ecommerce business? Are you ready to gain a competitive edge? Are you ready to finally show your friends and family this can be done from anywhere easily? Let’s get to the list!


The Best Online Arbitrage Tools

Cleer Pro – The best free online arbitrage tool for beginners! It will give you a big productivity boost while sourcing online with an easy learning curve built in.

It allows you to check the Amazon rank and price history, gives you the ability to find products on Amazon easily in another store, and you can receive the sales performance history of any product via email.

Go here to get started with this free online arbitrage software: cleerpro.com


Cleer Platinum – This low-cost tool is great for anyone who sells on Amazon looking to ramp up this business model quickly. The simplicity of this software makes it easy to learn and reveals in just one click whether or not you can make a profit.

You can get a free trial of Cleer Platinum here: cleerplatinum.com


PriceBlink & Honey – These two free Chrome extensions will help you find additional discounts on any purchases you are planning. They automatically help you find lower prices and discount promo codes while shopping online.

You can find both PriceBlink and Honey online.


Invisible Hand – Similar to PriceBlink and Honey, this free Chrome extension (it will also work on Firefox and Safari) will compare prices for you around the internet. The icon will pop up on your screen telling you where to locate this item for the lowest price.

Download this free tool here: InvisibleHand


RetailMeNot – This is another great place to find even more promo codes, cash back and coupon codes to get your buy cost down or free shipping. It is completely free to use and definitely worth a couple minutes of your time before heading to the checkout page.

Go here to start looking for discounts to save you even more money online: RetailMeNot


Raise & Gift Card Granny – These two sites allow you to buy discounted gift cards that you can use to buy inventory. You actually pay less than face value for each card but the are accepted at full value in online stores.

Check out Raise here: Raise

Start shopping in Gift Card Granny here: Gift Card Granny


Rakuten (previously Ebates) & Top Cash Back – Another great way to get extra cash while you’re shopping is with cash back sites. These two sites will pay you a percentage of the total amount you spend in participating online retail stores. Be sure to begin by clicking through the cash back link first that refers you to the online store. A cookie will track your full shopping trip giving you cash back credit.

Start making extra cash with Rakuten here: Rakuten

Get even more cash back with Top Cash Back here: Top Cash Back


RevROI – This low-cost Chrome extension helps you see which cashback sites will give you the highest dollar amount. Instead of clicking around to compare the sites, you can just use this tool to see them all on one page.

It will also show you coupon codes and discount gift cards available to lower your buy cost even further.

Go here to download and use RevROI: RevROI


RevSeller – While you can definitely use the FBA Revenue Calculator for free, this paid tool saves you that extra step of opening a new window in your browser.

RevSeller is a paid Chrome extension that helps you calculate your profit margins right on the Amazon product listing page.

Here is a list of even more cool features:

  • Total FBA and merchant fulfilled offers
  • Shipping weight and product dimensions (used to estimate FBA fees)
  • ASIN
  • UPC
  • Current buy box price
  • Amazon best seller rank
  • Average 90-day rank
  • Product category
  • Parent/child product variations

Grab RevSeller here: RevSeller


Keepa – This Chrome extension shows you the price history of any Amazon product for free. If you want sales rank history, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee (still worth it, in my opinion.)  It is a favorite for getting a clear picture quickly of the price and rank history right on the Amazon product page.

Go here and add Keepa to many different web browsers: Keepa


The Camelizer & CamelCamelCamel – These free tools are much like Keepa, but they do not show rank history. You can also use this CamelCamelCamel site to track price drops and find some pretty good deals on popular products.

Just paste the Amazon URL or ASIN of any product in the CamelCamelCamel search bar to find the price history and start tracking price drops.

Go here to start using CamelCamelCamel: https://camelcamelcamel.com/

Find The Camelizer extension in the Chrome Web Store here: The Camelizer Chrome Extension


AMZ Seller Browser – This Chrome extension shows you the sales rank in the Amazon search results page without having to click through to analyze each product.

You can use this tool for free, but the paid version also tells you the total number of FBA sellers plus whether or not Amazon is selling the product.

Go to the Chrome Web Store and add this tool to your browser: AMZ Seller Browser


Jungle Scout – This Chrome extension turns your Amazon product search results into an online spreadsheet-style database. You can check buy box competition, sales rank, and estimated sales per month for each product all on one page.

This subscription-based tool is billed annually and can help speed up your product research.

Sign up for Jungle Scout here: Jungle Scout


ASINspector Pro – Like Jungle Scout, you can quickly check competition, sales rank, and monthly sales velocity all on one page that is easily downloadable. Also included is the ability to upload a spreadsheet of ASIN’s or copy/paste in several ASIN’s at once for fast analysis.

Another unique feature is checking the inventory on hand for all sellers or only Amazon

FBA sellers. This will help you know how much your competition has in stock before making any purchases.

It is also a subscription-based tool that is billed annually.

Check out ASINspector Pro here: ASINspector Pro


Helium 10 – This product research software also helps you find the sales history, selling velocity, and profitability of any Amazon item quickly. If you plan on ordering larger quantities, use this tool to do your due diligence first.

Us it for free or upgrade to a paid plan.

Learn more about Helium 10 here: Helium 10


Where Do I Begin?

With all of these online arbitrage tools, where do you even begin? Concentrate on adding just one tool at a time while you grow your business. Practice using it well before adding another.


Need Just One Tool to Get Started?

If you can only choose one online arbitrage tool right now, I would recommend getting Cleer Pro or Cleer Platinum. Either one will help you save time while staying ahead of your competition.


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