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The Best Amazon Seller Software and Tools

Review of Amazon seller software and tools

I reviewed the best Amazon seller software and tools on the market for 2020 and organized it according to business growth needs.

Before we jump right in, I have one word of caution: No software or tool is perfect. 

And: this is a brand new and crazy industry. A firm that I find reputable and trustworthy one day can ‘disappear’ the following year. So do your homework, take advantage of free trials if they’re available, and ask your peers for their recommendations before you spend your hard-earned money.

That said, here is a crazy long list of the best Amazon seller software and tools for all levels.

The Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout not only helps with product research, but it also helps you:

  • Find winning products
  • Track products
  • Source reliable suppliers
  • Find keywords to optimize listings
  • Launch your product

It was originally created by Amazon sellers for other sellers. It is one of the most trusted and powerful tools to help you scale and grow your Amazon business.



CheckPermission is a chrome extension tells you immediately whether or not you're permitted to sell any item on Amazon. It also displays if the item is 'Hazmat'. Works within your web browser and in Inventorylab.



IP Alert is a Google Chrome extension that alerts you when you're on an Amazon product page from a brand that is filing intellectual property complaints against resellers. You get a satisfying little alert and know to be on your merry way to find products that won't get you in trouble.


ASINspector Pro

This research tool helps you find products to sell on Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. It can also help you:

  • Discover unique product ideas
  • Get instant sales trend data
  • Know where to source and sell profitable products
  • Find out how much inventory your competitors have in stock


Market Intelligence

A Chrome extension similar to Jungle Scout, ASINspector Pro, Unicorn Smasher, and Scope. What’s different about this tool? You get more data such as:

  • An overall score for your product idea
  • Amazon Best Seller Rank trends
  • Number of estimated customer reviews needed to increase sales
  • How many daily product giveaways are needed to rank on Amazon page one search results


Price Checker 2

Spreadsheet scanning software from Daily Source Tools to help FBA sellers uncover profitable products from wholesale price lists. 


Wholesale Inspector

Software to help you find profitable wholesale products rapidly using the latest technology for scanning price lists without a need to configure spreadsheets first. Set up a schedule to have your price lists scanned and sent automatically to your email inbox.


The Best Amazon Online Arbitrage Tools

Cleer Pro

Free online arbitrage sourcing software to you find products to sell on Amazon or eBay fast and easy! Get a big productivity boost for cheap!


Cleer Platinum

Source even more products to sell on Amazon or eBay faster and easier with this online arbitrage tool. Get all the information you need on any web page in one click!


Zen Arbitrage

Hands-down the best online book arbitrage for those who want to resell books on Amazon. See my in-depth review here.


The Best Amazon FBA Management Tools



An all-in-one software solution to help Amazon sellers increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and more. This tool works great for managing Seller Central, Seller Vendor, and for agencies administering to vendors and sellers.



Another great tool box filled with solutions to help you track and conquer:

  • Orders
  • Product reviews
  • Customer feedback
  • Email automation
  • Monitoring and notifications



This leading Amazon software tool tracks your sales, profit, keywords, feedback, reviews, inventory, page views, conversions, and more all in one place.


Hello Profit

Another comprehensive software solution for Amazon sellers needing deeper analytics. Track your orders, profit, PPC costs, and total revenue quickly.



This software helps you analyze your competition, stop hijackers, estimate profits, track inventory and hourly sales rank plus more.


The Best Amazon Rank Tracking Tools


This Amazon toolkit helps you track sales, scout products, track ranks, find keywords, and get alerts for product reviews, hijacking, feedback, and more.



Amazon seller software that helps you grow rankings for your products and keep them. You can also track keywords plus launch and promote new products. It also gives you alerts for hijacking and reviews.


The Best Amazon Profit Calculation & Tracking Tools

FBA Revenue Calculator

A free tool provided by Amazon to help you calculate your profit margins and return on investment for selling both merchant fulfilled and fulfilled by Amazon.



This Chrome extension revenue calculating tool is used right on Amazon product listing pages. It displays all the important information for product detail pages in one convenient area.



A leading profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. Exposes all Amazon FBA fees, long term storage fees, inbound shipping fees, disposal and 70+ other hidden fees. 

This powerful software also:

  • Calculates all your costs precisely through automation
  • Interactively displays your seller metrics with user friendly graphs and charts


The Best Amazon Sales History Tools


View detailed price history charts for Amazon products at a quick glance with this tool. Be sure to add their extension to your browser for on-page analysis.



Track price drops and analyze Amazon price history charts with this free tool.


The Best Amazon Listing Hijacker Protection Tools

Listing Eagle

Immediately receive email or text notifications when your Amazon listings are hijacked or suppressed.



Get instant notifications  about your Amazon product pages. Receive alerts concerning buy box hijackers, product suppressions, price changes, and poor reviews.


The Best Amazon Feedback Software


This tool from SellerLabs automatically sends out emails for Amazon sellers. Set it up to ask customers about their thoughts and experience on your behalf.



eComEngine created this tool to proactively manage Amazon feedback and customer reviews.


The Best Amazon Listing Language Translation Tools


Low-cost high quality translation services for all of your international product page listings.


The Phifer Group

International translation services for your Amazon product pages across the world.


The Best Tools For Creating Amazon Product Descriptions

Jungle Market

Hire some of the best Amazon freelancers to help you create Amazon product listings and more.

Kenji ROI

Amazon product page listing optimization services from professionals.


Helium 10

Hosts a full suite of tools all in one place with full integration. These are the most comprehensive tools for keyword research, product development, and product page optimization. A great value for the money!


What’s included in the tool box:

  • Black Box - Amazon product research tool
  • Xray - Chrome extension for Amazon product research
  • Magnet - Keyword research tool
  • Cerebro - Competitor keyword spy tool
  • Frankenstein - Amazon keyword processor
  • Scribbles - Amazon product page optimization tool
  • Keyword Tracker - Track keyword changes
  • Index Checker - Check which keywords are indexed by Amazon
  • Alerts - ASIN monitor
  • Inventory Protector - Set limits on purchases of your products
  • Refund Genie - Locates lost or damaged inventory for reimbursement
  • Trendster - Analyze products before you buy
  • Profits - Analytics to discover true profitability
  • Follow-Up - Amazon customer email automation tool


The Best Amazon Keyword Tools

Keyword Tool

Use this free tool to find Amazon autocomplete keywords. An affordable way to create and optimize Amazon listings plus get started testing keywords in your Amazon ad campaigns.



Another great keyword research tool to help you create better amazon product pages and test keyword conversions in your manual ad campaigns.


The Best Amazon Conversion Tools


Split test your product on Amazon with variations of (say) your product image to see which listing variation generates the highest conversions.



This Amazon research tool will help you find products and keywords that make money.


The Best Amazon PPC Tools

PPC Entourage

Software to help you speed up your time running Amazon ad campaigns.



Software to help you maximize your profits from Amazon PPC campaigns. 



Grow your Amazon business using a massive suite of management tools that allow you to:

  • Track sales, revenue, and profit
  • Identify trends and discover new opportunities
  • View reports that include costs, receipts, and net profit
  • Update ad campaigns easily
  • Reprice products staying competitive automatically



This all-in-one software helps you track profits, increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns and more through both Seller Central and Vendor Central.


The Best Amazon Reimbursement Tools & Services

Refunds Manager

A service that files manual claims on your behalf to help you get back more money from Amazon in reimbursements.


Refund Retriever

An auditing service for FedEx and UPS invoices. Reduce your shipping costs by getting shipment refunds.



A software and service that will analyze inventory Amazon lost or damaged but didn’t reimburse you for, then manually submit requests on your behalf.


The Best Amazon Pricing Tools


Pricing and advertising optimization software for Amazon sellers.



Amazon repricer for Amazon and eBay sellers to help you get more sales.


The Best Amazon Product Launch Tools

Jump Send

When you join as an Amazon seller, you can launch and promote your products directly through the Jungle Scout app.


The Best Amazon Tax Tools


International VAT tax compliance services to help ecommerce businesses succeed.



Automated sales tax reporting and filings for ecommerce businesses.


The Best Amazon Inventory Trackers

Restock Pro

Inventory management software for Amazon sellers that includes automated FBA forecasting.


The Best Amazon Multi-Channel Tools


Ecommerce multi-channel product listing and repricing software.



Simplifies the process of turning your Amazon products into eBay listings plus automatically fulfills orders with your FBA inventory.


The Best Amazon Seller Suspension Prevention Tools and Solutions


Identifies policy violations in your seller account plus hijackers/piggybackers of your private label products.


eGrowth Partners

Services to protect your brand while growing your Amazon business.


Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer

Get help with Amazon account and ASIN reinstatement from experienced lawyers.


The Best Amazon China Product Sourcing Tools


A product sourcing service that helps you find manufacturers in China.


Sourcing Summit

Network and mastermind on a sourcing trip with other Amazon sellers. 


The Best Amazon Listing Photo Tools


Product photography services for Amazon sellers. You ship your product to them (they’re in the U.S.) and they email back top-quality images of your product.



Product photography service outside the U.S. (Philippines). Highly recommended because they will do “lifestyle” pictures of your product (showing your product ‘in use’ by a real person).



Product image editing services for ecommerce businesses with a quick turnaround time.



Free online tool for do-it-yourself sellers. You take your own photos and upload them to the site. The site automatically removes only the background of image.


The Best Amazon Product List Optimization Services


David (owner of PLProminence) provides you top-level, white-hat tactics within Amazon seller policies to enhance your listing with the goal of “crushing your competition.”


The Best Amazon Product Inspection Solutions

Guided Imports

This long-standing firm was one of the first to “make importing from China simple” for Amazon sellers. Product label Amazon sellers can minimize their risk and save money with this sourcing and manufacturing service.


The Best Customer Service Tools


Amazon seller help desk plus feedback alert for providing optimal customer service.


The Best Amazon Product Promotion Tools

AMZ Promoter

Create landing pages to help you drive traffic from outside of Amazon.



Software that helps you find influencers and optimize your brand storytelling with conversion tracking across multiple marketplaces.


The Best Place To Find Amazon Virtual Assistants


A freelancer marketplace to hire virtual assistants with or without specific Amazon training.


And there you have it! The best Amazon seller software and Amazon FBA tools to help you grow your online business and make selling on Amazon easier.


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  • Shabana January 27, 2020, 4:28 pm

    I’m new to this. Doing my research. Found this very helpful. A little overwhelme. So many choices. Scratching my head. Him…

    • Jordan Malik January 27, 2020, 8:33 pm

      Shabana my suggestion is before buying any tools, try taking an easy-to-follow course on selling on Amazon like this one.

  • shanjana December 5, 2019, 2:31 am

    Hai Jordan Malik,

    Your blog is very useful for every Amazon sellers,

    In Addition, Insight Mailer is the best Amazon feedback management software, especially you can send promotions to your customers with an automated email template. Recently they have introduced feature for email click and open rate.

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