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Amazing.com is back and it’s free. (It’s not what you think)

amazing.com reviewMany of you remember the colorful history I've had in the past with Amazing.com.

Well, they've completely reinvented themselves and I have to tell you about it (for, at the least, their Amazon sourcing training.)

This has nothing to do with me earning an affiliate fee (the amount is really negligible). This is about the value to you.

I got Amazing.com's free trial subscription myself.  There were no upsells when I joined. 

See, full access to all of Amazing.com's 100+ courses - not just for Amazon sellers - is free for the first month (a credit card is required), then it's $97/month. You can cancel anytime with no pressure, no tricks. To cancel, email: support@amazing.com

I've answered some questions below:

Q: What is Amazing.com?amazing selling machine review

A: Amazing.com is now a membership site with full access to 100+ (current) courses about:

  • Selling on Amazon (The basics and more)
  • Retail arbitrage (for Amazon sellers)
  • How to boost your product's sales on Amazon (targeting sellers who source via private label- or wholesale)
  • Facebook marketing (for any business)
  • eBook creation and marketing
  • How to import from China (an in-depth course from my trusted partner Manuel Becvar of the Import Dojo)
  • Much more

Q: How can Amazing.com help me?

A: If you're a beginning/intermediate Amazon seller, you can learn a lot about growing your Amazon business with Amazing.com's courses on selling on Amazon and retail arbitrage. Those courses alone, within the Amazing.com membership, are VERY in depth - I checked them out. My just-released podcast talks about getting inventory now for the upcoming Christmas season, so Amazing.com's retail arbitrage courses are a great way to learn how.

If you have interests outside of Amazon, e.g., Facebook marketing, selling on Etsy, entrepreneurship, writing and marketing ebooks, there are some quality courses for that as well.

Q: What's the catch?

A: Nothing. Your first 30 days are free and a credit card is required to join. If you want to continue to have access to all the content, you have to pay  $97/month.

The following items aren't 'catches',  just things for you to consider. Keep in mind the risk to you is still 'zero' if you cancel before 30 days:

  1. Many of the courses included in Amazing.com may become obsolete a year or two from now. That's why you should get in now and learn all you can
  2. Only about 1/3 (qty: 35+) of the courses were very professional and in-depth. I can't say the same for the other 2/3. Still for the price it's an incredible value
  3. To continue to access newly added courses/content to Amazing.com, obviously you would have to keep your subscription at $97/month
  4. I also suspect there will be some soft up-sells after you're a member, for software or other things that aren't critical for you to succeed (see the 'What's this 'Brand Genesis' - is that part of the membership?' question below).

QWhat's this 'Brand Genesis' - is that part of the membership?

A: Yes, included in your membership is access to Amazing.com's 'Brand Genesis' training. I haven't reviewed Brand Genesis yet so I can't comment on it. (The Brand Genesis training begins July 21, 2016) Amazing.com claims Brand Genesis is a step-by-step journey (you follow along) of the founder Matt Clark establishing a new product on Amazon, marketing it, promoting it, tracking sales, etc. This 'journey' will run the span of several months, so obviously to follow along you'd have to keep your membership active.

I also suspect, as it was hinted in the promotional copy, there is optional software that will be offered to you via the Brand Genesis training. I expect that software to be affordably priced.

Q: Do I get any one-on-one support?

A: Probably not. There is no private 'coaching', and at this price point there shouldn't be. However a private 'bulletin board' community for members is available but I didn't see it (perhaps it's not live yet). Thus: you probably won't get access to an established professional expert for hand-holding unless someone volunteers to help you. Again, demanding hand-holding at this price point is nonsensical. The value is too high as-is.

Q: When I go to sign up all I'm seeing is this 'Brand Genesis' stuff. Will I get access to all the other training material? 

A: Yes. After you get your username and password, you'll get access to everything.

Q: Will I succeed with this? 

A: People just like you can succeed when they take action with the information they get. Most sellers sign up for these trainings (regardless of price), do 1/100th of the work, and then expect the money to roll in (I talk about that in depth here.) No training/courses work like that. You have to do the work. You'd be surprised at your own potential. Take action.

You can sign up for Amazing.com (it includes all their courses and 'Brand Genesis') here: http://bit.ly/newamazing

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  • Taher Afridi December 20, 2016, 1:35 am

    This review is Exactly the same as the one here on Mary Czarnecki’s blog/site. Is this all affiliate content copy/paste sorta thing? Is there a real review we can have?



    • Jordan Malik December 26, 2016, 5:38 pm

      First, the review is not the exact same thing. She picked up bits and pieces of mine obviously, but it’s not the same. And mine was posted several months before hers. And my review is 100% accurate and honest.

  • Jay December 11, 2016, 11:02 pm

    i was a student, it’s a scam. the info you get you can get for a lot cheaper or for free. plus the market is flooded with items you want to sell or already selling. for example if you want to sell a flashlight there are 10 differnt sellers on amazon already selling the same flashlight but just a different branding. you can smack your brand on companies products. then you force to lower your price to compete. i can only say it create your own unique product,patent it and get it mass produced and sell it online. hopefully i can use this experience and come up with something positive in the future. you win some and you lose some,thats the life of an entrepreneur.

    • Jordan Malik December 12, 2016, 1:26 pm

      That may have been when they offered something else. The current Amazing.com is not a scam, it’s $39/month and they teach a strategy entirely different than what you mentioned above.

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