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Jordan’s CLEER (Completed Listings on Ebay Extension for Resellers)

(If you are looking for CLEER PRO, click here)

'CLEER' is the the world's first eBay completed listings browser extension (CLEER stands for 'Completed Listings on Ebay Extension for Resellers')

(It is a free extension available for Chrome browsers only. Get Chrome here. Get CLEER here. Chrome is a popular web browser that Internet users instead of (say) Internet Explorer or Firefox)

I made CLEER so you can quickly check eBay's recent completed sales activity for a product you find anywhere online.

It's a huge time saver, especially if you are 'buying low' to 'sell high' and thus need to make a purchase decision very quickly.

People who may find CLEER useful are:

'Online arbitrage' folks who like to buy an item from one online store so they can re-sell it on eBay, and thus they want to quickly check the completed sales data for that item.

Amazon.com merchants who identify an item that DOESN'T exist in the Amazon.com catalog, but they want to get an idea of how well an item will sell before they invest in it. (In other words - checking the eBay completed listings for an item may be a good indicator of how well the item may perform on Amazon.com)

- People who get deal alerts from other sites (e.g. slickdeals.net) who would like to quickly check to see how well the item is selling on eBay, and for how much.

(If you are looking for CLEER PRO, click here)

How to Use CLEER 

(Video instructions)

*After* you install the CLEER extension into your Chrome Browser:

1.) Browse or search for any product on any site (e.g., Google Shopping, Amazon.com, Kmart.com, Slickdeals.net, etc.). Or open up an email that you may have received that contains the title of an item (e.g., a slickdeals email alert).

2.) Highlight the title of the item (or any part of the title) using your mouse. To do this, simply left-click your mouse right before the first character in the product title, then, holding down your left mouse button, drag your mouse to the right until the title is highlighted.

3.) Un-press the left mouse button. Then press the mouse right button, and you'll see a drop-down menu appear. Select the 'Completed EBay Listings' menu item in the drop-down menu.

4.) A new tab will appear showing you the completed listings on eBay.


1.) Follow Steps 1 to 2 above. THEN, after the text you want to search for highlighted by your mouse,

2.) Release the mouse button and go up to the right hand corner of your Chrome Browser, and click on the CLEER icon (it's a picture of my face). Click on it.

3.) A small window will appear with the text of what you just highlighted in the search field. Edit the text if you wish, and then press 'Search on eBay'

4.) A new tab will appear showing you the completed listings on eBay.


Questions? Comments? Email me at: jordanmalik@gmail.com

Thank you,

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(If you are looking for CLEER PRO, click here)