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Start sourcing your Q4 inventory now (Free ideas)

Source products for Q4

                                        (She waited till October to source products for Q4. Don't do the same!)

Right now (Summer '18) is the time for you to start sourcing for products to resell Christmas/Q4 shopping season. This is whether you sell on Amazon or eBay (or anywhere else).

See, I get an influx of emails in October from sellers panicking because they waited too long.

By then, it's too late for most sellers to source products for the Holiday.  So I have some free help for you below, as well as other recommendations. Read the below and take action! I cover the best resources for learning retail/online sourcing of products, then wholesale and private label.

Want to resell products from physical stores ('retail arbitrage')? Hit your local retail stores now as many are a.) clearing out discounted merchandise and/or b.) going out of business (see lists of major store closings here).

  • Remember you may be restricted from selling some brands. See this blog post.
  • What to buy in a 1 sentence: Well-known brand items - new and yes, used - that are marked down 70% or more

Want to source products online (online arbitrage)Now is the time to:

  • Start checking all major stores' clearance and sale sections online (free list here)
  • When you buy online, get more cash back and save more using my tactics here (free)
  • If you need to know what to source in a quick sentence: Buy well-known brand items that are marked down 70% or more off of their retail price.
  • What to buy in a 1 sentence: Well-known brand items - new and yes, used - that are marked down 70% or more

Want to resell wholesale products? Research product(s) and suppliers now. Ordering from manufacturers can take a few weeks to a couple months. Many brand owners and manufacturers start raising their wholesale prices closer to the holiday. Early bird gets the worm! Resources:

  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing ($297) is an easy to follow system from my trusted partner Jim Cockrum. You get it free when you buy the entire Proven Amazon Course ($399)

Want to resell private label products? Research product(s) now. Orders from manufacturers (particularly non-U.S.) can take several weeks to a few months.  If you're unprepared you'll face plenty of pitfalls. Resources:

If you've never sold on Amazon beforeFree getting started help right here and/or here.

If you've never sold on eBay before: Free getting started help is here and/or here

Bonus tip: If you plan on shipping anything from home direct to customers (like via eBay or Amazon Merchant Fulfilled), start getting your boxes, packaging tape, tape dispensers, poly bags, etc. soon. I get everything but boxes from Amazon. I get my boxes from Uline. Order your free USPS priority mail supplies, they can get delayed if you wait till after October. .

Good luck and keep me posted!


Some links above may be affiliate links, where I may be compensated if you purchase from the provider/publisher.

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  • Noah August 19, 2016, 7:30 am

    Thanks Jordan!
    I am exited and to be honest – pretty scared, to get on my first Q4 ride to Amazon. I will now follow your links to online arbitrage to get started, and take action.

  • Chantel August 24, 2016, 2:29 am

    Hi Jordan,
    I see you recommending RA. It seems like Amazon is trying to shut down RA. What are your thoughts?

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