You See a Plush Bunny, I See Money, Honey - The Amazon & Ebay Merchant's Guide to New & Used Soft Toy Profits

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PLUSH toys can be found easily, near YOU, for as low as 25 cents - and then resold for up to hundreds of dollars on eBay and Amazon!


From: Jordan Malik, bestselling author & founder of

Date: Friday 1:30 pm


Online Merchants:

I am making HUGE profits by sourcing and selling new and used plush toys that can sell for up to a 2500% ROI (Return on Investment). And today I'm letting you in on all my secrets and profit tips, with nothing held back.

How do I know? I have been selling on Amazon for 5+ years (seller ID: Honest Online Selling); I sold $135,000 worth of merchandise on Amazon in 2012, and I received's Top Seller Award for the 2010 AND 2012 Holiday Season!

See, PLUSH toys can be found EASILY, near you, for literally pennies (I explain WHY in my e-book). Yet the DEMAND for plush can reach into the hundreds of dollars on eBay and Amazon (and I'll show you PROFIT PROOF).

SOME so-called Amazon & eBay 'selling experts' are going to get very mad at me for revealing my 'secrets' in this book. But I don't think my knowledge of plush toys should be a 'secret' - I like to share my knowledge to help other sellers!


Here's What's Inside:

My new-for-2013 book, "You See a Plush Bunny, I See Money, Honey" reveals:

  • 'Profit Proof': Screen shots of sold on eBay plush toys and my actual sales receipts of various plush toys
  • Why it's OK to sell used plush, despite what other sellers think (they're wrong)
  • Exactly how to find profitable plush toys locally (it's much easier than you think)
  • How to source these products without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Videos of my own personal training
  • Lists of what plush to 'be on the lookout for'
  • List of plush toys to AVOID

My guide will help you, whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, and/or Amazon FBA!


Do my e-books help sellers like you?  Here are some real testimonials from eBay and Amazon merchants:

"Jordan is a genuine, honest guy- the sort you can rely on for information of value which you can take a apply to your business in a practical and immediate way. His eBooks are proof of that. Jordan always provides relevant and applicable advice." - Tristen

"Jordan takes time to be personable and give good tips for a new seller as well as a seasoned seller. If you follow the positive tips presented by Jordan, your selling experience will be better and less stressful." - Pro Merchant 'busdriver2010'

"People don't often like to share this kind of information because they fear giving someone else a competitive edge. Clearly, Jordan's heart is set on helping others...and he is not concerned that he'll be put out of business by doing so." - Cheryl Pickett

"Jordan is a brilliant resource for selling on Amazon." - M. Bestercy

Some 'eBay Consultants' or 'Amazon Coaches'  will charge you at least $150 to personally teach you how to find and sell plush toys.

Not me!

Your Price for All This Goodness:
Just $7

And It Comes with My Personal 365-Day
"No Questions Asked" 100% Guarantee!

Start using the ideas in this book and I guarantee you'll get awesome results. To back up my claims, I'm giving you a FULL YEAR to get your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


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