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My 9 Strategies to Optimize Year-End Spending

sell on amazon ebay 2017

Hi Readers:

As you're enjoying the income from your Q4 Amazon and eBay sales, you should be looking ahead to some simple year end/early 2017 spending and budgeting. Extra money is always easy to spend, but please do it wisely and with some forethought. To help you, [click to continue…]


My new favorite and free…

jim cockrum podcast

Jim Cockrum has launched a free podcast for you (and its SO worth listening to.) Let me explain...

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Crush Q4/Christmas Sales with My 10 Tips

Amazon seller help - Christmas

Even if you are not enrolled in one of my recommended Q4 sourcing groups, I put together some tips to help you make maximum sales/profits with your Amazon business this Xmas:

1. If this is your first Q4 experience, you may have noticed that your sales haven't yet started to soar. That isn't unusual; while most of the corporate world divides the year into quarters starting in October, Amazon sellers consider November to January the "true" Q4. In other words, don't be alarmed if your sales figures are still modest because the real rush has not yet begun. [click to continue…]


Amazon FBA Restrictions Christmas

This post applies to you only if you've never sold anything via Amazon FBA. If you're affected by Amazon's announcement (next paragraph), remember there are tips for you further down the post.

As of last week (Oct. 1oth), sellers who had not sent any items into FBA are currently not allowed to sell any products into Amazon FBA until December 19, 2016. That also means [click to continue…]


eBay Seller Tips – Christmas & Q4

eBay selling tips Christmas

It is that time of year again ... the weather turns cooler, children go back to school and people begin to prepare for the holidays. It is also time for all you as an online seller to take a look at your inventory and get ready to capitalize on the annual shopping spree.

Just like any business, you have to not only have products that are demanded by consumers, but you have to be able to [click to continue…]



(Ed. Note: This post applies to you only if you sell your own private label product on Amazon and/or if you are souring a wholesale product to sell on Amazon and you're tasked with getting more reviews for the product. This won't apply to you if you sell used books/online arbitrage/retail arbitrage goods. "Private label" means sourcing mass produced goods and labeling them with your own 'brand'. "Wholesale" means sourcing mass produced goods that are already branded by the manufacturer.)

As you know already, Amazon has banned incentivized reviews. In short, it's now against Amazon policy for you to offer a discounted or free product to an Amazon customer in exchange for them leaving a review unless you use Amazon's own invitation-only (=hard for sellers to get into) Vine program.

This has everyone freaking out but [click to continue…]

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Boost Holiday Sales & Profits with my Trusted Experts

What to sell this Christmas on Amazon eBay

Now there's no reason to be in the sidelines during Q4.

Q4 (Oct 1 - Dec. 31 2016) is when many Amazon and eBay sellers frantically ask me 'what do I sell?' and 'how do I make more money?' You (like me) probably watched with envy in previous years, as bragging sellers posted their skyrocketing sales on various seller Facebook groups.

Relief is here  [click to continue…]


prep centers for your amazon businessUpdated 9/20/2016 with a refreshed list of trusted pre-fulfillment centers.

If you're an Amazon FBA seller anywhere in the world, you're probably doing 'pre-fulfillment' yourself.

By 'pre-fulfillment', I mean:

  • receiving packages from the manufacturer/wholesaler,
  • sorting the products
  • bundling and/or packaging them
  • Photographing the product to Amazon's specs (if you're a private label seller)
  • labeling them, and then
  • shipping all of it to Amazon's FBA warehouses

It's a HUGE time-suck, and it's rather inefficient. For many sellers, it's a 'bottleneck' (meaning they get a lot of inventory but it all piles up in their home/warehouse, waiting to be prepared for Amazon's Fulfillment center.)

Thus, [click to continue…]


Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course review

Review: Proven Amazon Course (Jim Cockrum)

The famous Proven Amazon Course ('PAC') by Jim Cockrum is one of the longest-running, most trusted platforms where Amazon sellers new and veteran alike start and grow their businesses. There have been a lot of improvements since its inception several years ago.

Here's my honest review:

Pros: [click to continue…]

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Review – Amazon Boot Camp from The Selling Family

Amazon Boot Camp

Review: Amazon Boot Camp (The Selling Family)

The famous Amazon Boot Camp ('ABC') is an Amazon seller course by The Selling Family. It teaches you, step by step, how to start selling products (and expand/grow quickly) on Amazon.

Here's my honest review: [click to continue…]

  • Review – Amazon Boot Camp from The Selling Family

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