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An Easy-to-Source-and-Sell eBay Product

Sell skechers on ebay

eBay Sellers:

It's been a LONG time that I've gotten this excited about an opportunity for us. (And this one has been sitting right under our noses).

It's about sourcing and selling used shoes on eBay. Don't balk at it - sellers just like you are making some serious profits, easily. And I'm not talking bout Air Jordans nor vintage Vans. No, these are 'everyday' shoes.

First let's do some background here. [click to continue…]


How to source and sell coffee on Amazon

barrington mcintosh reviewHere is training (for U.S. and Internationally-based sellers) that I wish wasn't made available for such a low price (because it's that good).

Barrington McIntosh is well-known in Amazon FBA seller circles. He's 100% legit, lives in Jamaica, sells a lot of products [click to continue…]


List on Ebay easily

eBay pain solved! Sellers like us can be reluctant to list on eBay because of the time it takes to post a product - it's cumbersome.

I found a solution but it has risks if you're not careful. Wowlister (created by the guys at Joelister) is - last I checked - free to use. It takes any Amazon listing and puts the item for sale on your eBay account. (I can imagine a bunch of bottom-feeders are going to use it for that whole sleazy eBay and Amazon scheme.)

Here's how to use Wowlister ethically: If you have an item you want to sell on eBay AND the same item is in the Amazon catalog, use Wowlister to instantly put it up for sale on your eBay account. Then edit your eBay title and description so it's different from the Amazon listing (you don't want to infringe on anyone's copyright).

Also note that Wowlister will also duplicate the Amazon product photo(s) in the eBay description and photo section. So ensure you replace them with your own photos in your eBay listing.

Again, this isn't perfect but it does at least 1/3 of the work out for you. I receive NO compensation by referring you to Wowlister.


P.S. If you no of other FAST tools that you used and recommend, comment below!

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Amazon Hackers and You (Two-step Verification)

My Amazon Seller account was hacked

There have been SOME cases of people hacking into sellers' Amazon account, re-routing the sellers funds to banks in different countries (yikes!) and more.

There are some almost fool-proof ways prevent this from happening to you:

1.) Change your password to a strong one (tips here) and, more importantly:

2.) Activate Amazon's two-step verification - Here's how to do just that from Amazon, or in plain English from my trusted partner: snip.ly/kkba8

What does 'two-step verifcation' mean? In short: you have an option to ensure that you (or anyone) who wants to log into your Amazon Seller Account - with your username and password - has to verify "it's really you" by receiving (say) a mobile text msg or phone call or email, for each log-in attempt.


(Video of Amazon Expert Stephen Smotherman)Two-step verification for amazon sellers explained


Source products cheaply for reselling on Amazon or eBay

Amazon and eBay sellers:

If you purchase any inventory from online or brick-and-mortar stores, this post is for you.

See, with your competition increasing (Amazon and eBay sellers buying the exact same deals as you, online and in-stores), the 'immediate reflex' is for all those sellers (including you) to drop prices. Follow suit and you'll cut [click to continue…]


Time Saving Apps for Amazon and eBay Sellers

time saving apps Amazon eBay sellers

I'm always looking to shave off a few seconds/minutes to routine tasks. Yes, it's a cliche' but SO true: Time is much more valuable than money - time is unrecoverable!

Thus, here are my top 8 productivity tools - all of them are free - that I  use every day. I use a PC but some of them will work on a MAC, too.

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Amazon refunded me $3200+ that I didn’t know about

amazon reimbursements

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Many sellers and I have been discovering that Amazon does not always reimburse you for any inventory they damage or lose. They're supposed to do reimbursements 'automatically' but there's a whole lot they can forget. Which is where you come in: you have to ask (=file a case with Amazon).

I've received reimbursements of over $3200 in just a couple months. That's from about 1 year's worth of lost/damaged/improperly reimbursed inventory. Those reimbursements are paid to me just like Amazon's regular payments. There have been reports of $250,000+ annual sellers being reimbursed $3,000 to $10,000 at a time. [click to continue…]


How to sell on Amazon from another country

Below describes how most international-based sellers are able to successfully sell on Amazon.com (U.S.). Amazon's International seller policies can change without notice, so when in doubt, check with Amazon Seller Support. If you need more help, try the free Import Bible here, and/or a free Amazon Seller Support Groups on Facebook (U.K./Australia/Canada) or the inexpensive InternationalAZ Coaching system


I get this question a lot: "I live outside the U.S.  - can I sell products on Amazon.com?" Yes, in most cases you can sell on Amazon.com, even if you live in another country.

Let's say you live in another country (Australia, U.K., Japan, etc.) and you want to sell products on Amazon.com.
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What’s the best Amazon Business Model?

What is the best sourcing method for Amazon

Ed. Note: You have asked me '"What's the best method of sourcing products to sell on Amazon?" So I contacted a trusted expert to write a guest column about just that. Greg Mercer is the founder of the uber-popular Jungle Scout product research software. Greg is extremely bright and has founded multiple (bullet-proof) companies and services for Amazon Sellers. P.S. I am an affiliate of Jungle Scout, but that in no way influenced my decision to post his exclusive article below - Greg's advice can stand on its own. - Jordan

Global retail ecommerce sales in 2016 grew 8.7% over 2015 to $1.9 trillion, according to ecommerce solution provider PFS (source). Amazon sellers like you and I make up a huge part of that growth.

But when it comes to sourcing products to sell on Amazon, there are quite a few different business models and avenues.  [click to continue…]

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Seller suspended false infringement claimExclusive:

If you sell private label or wholesale products, you might have jumped out of your skin at the recent news about the increase in false infringement claims resulting in sellers just like you being banned from Amazon.

A 'false infringement claim' means that an unscrupulous competitor or irate customer can basically submit a form on Amazon claiming that you are selling a counterfeit product. In many cases, Amazon just ensures the form is completed 'correctly' and then pulls your listing down or bars you from selling the product or - in the worst case - bans you from selling on Amazon.

So I reached out to my top experts to get their advice for you. I'm so thankful I have instant access to them! It's all here for you, below.

Note: If you have been suspended, contact my only trusted partner who can help you, Scott Margoluis at FeedbackRepair.net. His advice is at the end of this article.

Lastly: If you source retail arbitrage ('RA') or online arbitrage ('OA'), you're not immune to being banned! A customer or even the brand owner can easily get your account suspended - or at least, 'on notice'- by complaining to Amazon. RA and OA are NOT 'dead', but remember you're at a far greater risk versus if you were sourcing and selling products via private label and/or wholesale. If you need help with soucing wholesale, click here. If you need help with sourcing private label, click here.

Read on, and  [click to continue…]

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