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Comparison: The Wholesale Formula and Proven Wholesale Sourcing

compare proven amazon course wholesale formula
A handful of folks are emailing me with: "Jordan, what's the difference between The Wholesale Formula and Jim Cockrum's Proven Wholesale Sourcing?"

Great question!


First, both courses are excellent. Both providers are of the highest integrity, and they are successful Amazon sellers in their own right. I am an affiliate partner of each, which means I may receive compensation from the provider if you buy one.

The fundamental differences:

Price: Jim Cockrum's Proven Wholesale Sourcing is $297 (Several months from now, it will be included for free in the $399 The Proven Amazon Course.) The Wholesale Formula is $1997.

Coaching: If you need any additional substantial help from Jim Cockrum's Proven Wholesale Sourcing, Jim's team will suggest you hire a coach. I have heard this runs $3500 and up to start. There is nothing wrong or unethical with them doing this, and their coaching is excellent. That $297 price simply does not allow them to provide personalized help to you for free - doing that would simply put them out of business. That said, the course itself is of incredible value.

On the other hand, The Wholesale Formula gives you 6 live Q&A webinars AND a private Facebook group, where any question/problem you have is answered by the course founders themselves. That isn't one-on-one coaching but more of a 'group coaching' module. That's why the Wholesale Formula price is higher (yet still far less than, say, the $3500 you would pay for a coach from Jim Cockrum's team.)

Also, when you pay that higher price for the Wholesale Formula, you receive things you won't receive in Cockrum's Proven Wholesale Sourcing:

1.) Generous discounts to their fulfillment center partner (Prime Zero Prep). This is for when you buy from manufacturers. Instead of you receiving/inspecting/processing the units, Prime Zero Prep handles it for you and sends them to the Amazon fulfillment center, for a very reasonable fee. This is a BIG headache-remover for you.

2.) Free $3000 in useful bonuses from me. When you buy The Wholesale Formula from me (see the link here), I'll give you $3000 worth of bonuses (some of which I paid for for out of pocket) . I did this after Wholeasale Formula members said "Hey Jordan I still need help with ______ for my Amazon busimness". That specific help includes: $100 worth of freelance help, a $1997 package from a major, trusted fulfillment center, and a $150 Amazon product list (a list of products on Amazon that are ideal for you to consider sourcing because they meet desireable critera.) Again, all free for you. More details on those bonuses are here.

Two more subtle differences:

1.) The Wholesale Formula includes some very detailed training - essentially a "blueprint" - for various areas of your business' growth. These areas are covered minimally or not at all, in Proven Wholesale Sourcing. Examples: "How to" info on pre-fulfillment centers; inventory management software; SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures); helping Brand Owners enhance their existing Amazon product presence, etc. This training is not critical nor essential for you to get started in wholesale.


2.) The Wholesale Formula opens only twice a year (but enrollees get access to training materials year round), where you can join Proven Wholesale Sourcing anytime. With the limited enrollment, The Wholesale Formula founders can ensure their students get their full attention during set time periods (like in the live webinar/Q&A's mentioned above).


In short: If you're just looking for solid wholesale sourcing and selling training and you don't feel need live, personalized help, Proven Wholesale Sourcing is excellent. If you are seriously looking at making wholesale the cornerstone of your business and growing rapidly, and you want to get expert feedback and answers to your questions along the way, I highly recommend The Wholesale Formula.

More help:

See my research page for The Wholesale Formula for more in-depth discussion.


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  • Waddy Platt January 26, 2018, 9:32 pm

    I wish I had that sourcing software when I was doing OA. Looks fantastic. Always like reading what you put Jordan.


    Waddy Platt

    • Jordan Malik February 13, 2018, 3:18 pm

      Sorry for the delay on this (some of the comments ended up being marked as Spam). Thanks Waddy!

  • Annie Girard January 27, 2018, 2:08 am

    Hi Jordan,
    You did not mention that Jim Cockrum also has a very helpful private Facebook group where he answers questions from the members.
    Isn’t that a bit unfair, given your statement about you offering a “fair and honest” comparison?

    • Jordan Malik February 19, 2018, 4:19 pm

      Nonsense. Read the review again, it’s totally fair and 100% accurate.

  • Andrew Glover February 2, 2018, 1:02 am

    I don’t have nearly the 1997 required for TWF. Am considering Proven Wholesale Sourcing. Should I wait to purchase until it is included in PAC or just spend the 97 dollars now? How much general Amazon selling instruction is included in PWS?

    • Jordan Malik February 13, 2018, 3:18 pm

      Sorry for the delay on this (some of the comments ended up being marked as Spam). Proven Wholesale Formula itself does not have basic Amazon selling instructions, that’s available in the entire Proven Amazon course (http://PACCourse.com).

  • Mark May 6, 2018, 4:10 pm

    Hi Jordan, when does The Wholesale Formula reopen?

  • Dave Pollard May 16, 2018, 7:17 am

    Thanks Jordan, I’m going to wait for it to hit the PAC. Got in early on that and it was worth every penny.

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