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Ed. note: This type of product sourcing can be very profitable, so don't dismiss it until you try it! 

U.S. consumers are living in a "throwaway" economy. This means that we buy lots of 'stuff', use it for a little while, and then replace it with other 'stuff'.

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Find products with no or low competition (Amazon)

low competition products on Amazon

"There's too much competition on Amazon." (I'm hearing from you folks daily about this.)

So I have help for you from a trusted expert.

See, if you know where to look, Amazon will tell you EXACTLY what high margin, zero competition, easily located products you should sell on their site for huge margins.

How is this happening? My short video explains it, but here's the reason: [click to continue…]


Amazon expert Robyn JohnsonThis is a guest post from a trusted Amazon expert Robyn Johnson. You don't need to buy anything to learn from this post. But all her (very) affordable and free trainings are top-notch (her prices should be higher). Below, Robyn instructs us how to properly read Amazon seller reports. If you're just sending inventory in and hoping it sells (and ignoring the data that Amazon provides), well your profits are probably lower than you think they are. Use these tips to ensure you're tracking your real profit and performance (regardless of what you're selling.)

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Secrets to overcoming a downturn in your business

advice for discouraged amazon ebay sellersExclusive:  In my recent survey, some of you were feeling discouraged with 1.) your Amazon/eBay sales and/or 2.) increased competition (Ed. note: the latter is sometimes just a perception).

So I reached out to the best (=most trusted) experts I know in: retail arbitrage, eBay sales, used book selling, and more. I asked them:

"What help can you give the discouraged seller?"

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amazon expertsExclusive:  In my recent survey, many of you online sellers asked me for  private label or wholesale sourcing advice. So I reached out to the  best (=most honest) experts I know and asked "What's your best advice for someone just starting out?"

So here you go. Many of the experts have links below for free (or inexpensive) help, I highly suggest you pick one and take action.

(Private Label means sourcing mass produced goods and labeling them with your own 'brand'. Wholesale means sourcing mass produced goods that are already branded by the manufacturer).

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How to import classMany online sellers freak out if they have one competitor selling the same item.

Well, how about if you have thirty - count 'em, 30!

Trusted importing and Amazon expert Manuel Becvar aimed to find out. Using his own money. And he's almost sold out of his inventory!

Becvar is author of the recommended Import Bible (free) and head of the Import Dojo training program I endorse.

Manuel's killer process is detailed here. In summary, here's what I learned: [click to continue…]

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Why I’m not listening to offers

listening to offersEd Note: This is a departure from my usual posts. Today's post is for: Companies who have a service/software they want to 'sell' to my audience. If you're one of my avid readers/listeners, you may still be interested in this.

I'm very lucky to have: a big, loyal newsletter readership , a dead (for now) podcast that still gets 9,000+ downloads monthly, and a blog with almost 1,000 daily page views.

I work(ed) hard to get a big audience (with a rocking email open rate), so it's not a surprise that I get a LOT of inquiries from companies (mostly Amazon and eBay software and service providers) who smell fresh blood want to get in front of them. [click to continue…]


7 Hacks for Finding eBay Deals to Resell Online

Ed. Note: The below post is buy Phil Dunn, an eBay Marketing author and frequent contributor to the eBayInc.com blog. Phil interviewed me and then gave me permission to post his finished article below.


sell from eBay to AmazonMany eBay and Amazon sellers are expert flippers. Their ability to find bargains online has a direct impact on how much profit they can make from reselling them (many times on the same site they sourced them from!) 

Jordan Malik is one of the masters at this game, and he’s got a few tips that even casual sellers can use to save money on purchases that they can resell on Amazon or back on eBay. If you want to dig deeper into 'Buying Low to Sell High" check out his ebook on the topic here.

Note: this is not about 'drop shipping' an item you purchased on eBay directly from the eBay seller to your Amazon customer, or vice versa. That is a controversial, risky, and generally far less profitable way to flip items. Further, it may violate eBay or Amazon seller policies. Instead, this is about buying an item on eBay, receiving it, and then selling it back on eBay or Amazon 

Here are 7 hacks: [click to continue…]


Suspended by Amazon? Don’t do this

amazon account reinstatement(Ed. note: If you have been suspended and need more help than what this blog post provides, contact my trusted partner Scott from Feedbackrepair.net who can provide you a detailed consultation or even write your appeal letter for you.)


If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, there are several steps you will need to take to have it restored. First and foremost, you will need to identify why your seller account was suspended and make a Plan of Action or POA. This is a detailed plan outlining the steps you will take to restore your account.  [click to continue…]


Exposed – My faults, my sobriety, my failures

Here's the most private information I've ever given to anyone. Instead of hearing the umpteenth "How to sell online'" podcast, you can learn about my failures and faults as an online entrepreneur, how I recovered, how my sobriety occurred, and more. From the just-released episode of the terrific Ecommerce Momentum podcast (thank you Stephen Peterson)

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(If you don't want to listen to the whole thing, Below are time markings for the various topics).

0:00-1:30 Intro

06:30 - 07:45: How I started aimlessly in high school/college, then business school

08:52 - 10:35: Major lessons from my first major failure (my 1st doomed company in 2001)

10:48 - 12:00: Why your risks today are FAR less than today in owning your own business

13:00 - 14:00: Why I discourage people from paying to talk with me (or ay other coach)

14:30 - 16:00: A major mistake beginning sellers make when they have a chunk of money to spend

18:50 - 20:00: What I started selling on eBay (and how bankruptcy introduced me to selling online)

20:00 - 21:51: What was I better at - working a 'real job' or selling online myself?

22:40 - 23:50: My prediction for the 'workers of tomorrow' (kids)

26:50 - 28:23: Licking my wounds when I was nearly broke (2001)

28:40 - 29:20: How my wife got me to pick myself back up

29:26 - 31:59: How sobriety was life-changing for me + what it was like (before and after)

32:10 - 38:00: Me getting fired, lashing out and being self-destructive

36:05 - 38:50: What waiting for someone to 'choose' me didnt' work (and 'Choosing yourself')

39:35 - 41:00: Is being an entrepreneur 'easy'?

41:55 - 44:30: Starting my blog/multiple income streams and the dawn of my 'information' businesses

44:45 - 45:45: How I started selling on Amazon, "hacking around", used books

45:50 - 46:30: Going from $130,000 a year to nothing.

46:35 - 48:20: Scanning for books in 25+ libraries a week, $2500 profit every 2 weeks

48:30 - 50:00: Monetizing my information (newsletter), "hocus pocus"

51:15 - 52:35: Why I stopped my podcast

52:40 - 54:25: Why our Amazon sales dipped and My 'other' income streams

54:30 - 57:00: Meeting my subscribers; sellers' feedback/fears etc.

57:05 - 1:00:00: If the morons are successful, you can be too (x10)

1:02:45 -1:04:45: Fear of Missing Out; Unreleastic demands from new sellers

1:05:00 - 1:05:55: Sourcing wholesale and selling in person (not online)

1:06:30 - 1:10:40: My plans for growth (software, Cleer Platinum), Amazon programmers in Romania

1:11:55 - 1:15:00: My advice for online sellers (or any entrepreneur)

  • Exposed – My faults, my sobriety, my failures

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