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online arbitrage

CLEER PRO is the natural followup to my CLEER extension for Google Chrome

CLEER PRO  helps you with quick-decision-making you need when 'buying low' to 'sell high' online.

It is a free (for now) software ("extension") that [click to continue reading]


 This is a guest post from Amazon merchant Greg Mercer who has been incredibly successful at sourcing products from overseas to resell online. He is also the founder of  my new favorite Amazon seller software, JungleScout. Although JungleScout is referenced a couple times herein, you don't need it to get good use from this article. 


There are tons of profitable products you can source from overseas. It just takes a little digging around. Short on time? Try using JungleScout to help you; it saves an incredible amount of time.

I wanted to help you all with the next step in the game, which is contacting and choosing a supplier. [click to continue…]

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Hype/Not Hype: Google buy button; Same day delivery

This month we saw lots of folks (well, industry media mostly) wigging out over Google's proposed 'buy' button. I explain why I think it's not a threat to us (Amazon/eBay merchants); I also look at the trend of local/same-day delivery and how you might benefit. All in the video below. Please feel free to comment below.


Category Approval - AmazonIf you want to be approved to sell in various Amazon categories, I have a new (solid) recommendation for you. (For reasons why you should sell in other Amazon product categories, click here).

See, I initially used a similar service, CategoryApproval.com, but I got several complaints from customers who could not get a hold of a 'real person' there (I don't like it when a company is not 'transparent' because you can't hold anyone accountable.), and CategoryApproval.com took about 10 days to reply to a customer I had referred to them; and CategoryApproval also lied to me when I asked who their owners are. That's not an ideal way to do business. [click to continue…]


Side-by-Side Amazon Seller Course Comparison

Amazon sellers: proven amazon seller courses compared

Thousands of you downloaded my best-selling book where I reviewed the world's best Amazon seller courses, and you came back and said "Hey, Jordan, how about a side-by-side comparison?" [click to continue…]


Amazon Seller Courses Reviewed – Revised for 2015!

Amazon sellers:

Some Amazon seller 'machine' courses cost ~$5000 plus thousands more in inventory and processes (that they don't tell you about until AFTER they sell to you).

Help is here. [click to continue…]


Source products and build a real online business

Hi Readers:

I was recently contacted by a small team of experts that is nurturing beginners (like you) from 'zero' to full-fledged e-commerce business owners. (I'm talking 5- to 7-figure, real online businesses) [click to continue…]


10 Ways to fail at Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage (buying products from local stores to resell online) has gotten tougher (=more competitive). Significantly more so than 2+ years ago. [click to continue…]


How I Source Products Online to resell on Amazon

15213421314321"You can do it from the comfort of your own home!"

...Sounds like a smarmy infomercial pitch, right? [click to continue…]


60+ FREE Resources for Amazon & eBay Sellers

Hi readers: free seller resources

I just overhauled my official seller resource page (again)

Youll see at least 50 60 of my FREE trusted resources, [click to continue…]

  • 60+ FREE Resources for Amazon & eBay Sellers

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