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Please quit. Now.

This post is a bit of a brain dump as I'm watching a healthy fraction of Amazon sellers quitting for no valid reason. If they're not quitting, they're panicking and pulling back on everything, virtually hiding under the covers.

See, some sellers (including me) are seeing their Jan-Feb sales dip from a little to a lot (there are some likely reasons for this, and they're cyclical and controllable, I'll explain in a minute).

Here's some points, encouragement and help:

1.) If you're going to win at Amazon, you accept the lumps and find a way to adapt. Quitting is for losers. I love quitters. It helps clear the deck. This happened repeatedly over the years with eBay sellers. eBay would increase their fees ever so slightly, and some sellers threw a fit, stomped out of the sandbox and went to sell elsewhere (that didn't work out to well for them, with the exception of the folks who left for Amazon).

2.) If there is indeed a dip overall, it's temporary. Online product sales can tend to match a dip in the stock market. The stock market is very wonky right now, so consumers are tightening their belt and not buying as much. It's human nature. When things stabilize, their spending habits continue as if nothing happened.

3.) The time to buy inventory is RIGHTNOW. You're freaking out and guess what? Retailers (online and stores) are freaking out too and slashing prices. Are you or your virtual assistants checking clearance deals online daily? Physical retailers are clearing their shelves, too - have you been scouting at your local stores (do more than just follow the herd to the closing Walmarts)? You're even in a great bargaining position with importing from China as their economy is looking wonky too (they're eager for reliable buyers).

4.) FREE inventory abounds. Do you look? Do you ask your local store managers' for extra discounts? Do you make the stuff come to you? Getting free/cheap inventory (especially books and media) help 'fill in the revenue holes' when sales are down.

5.) Your risk is incredibly low. Many independent 'mom-and-pop' online sellers like myself are very privileged to have Amazon/eBay for revenue. We start selling with nearly nothing, and we earn $10K - $100K+ per year with minimal overhead and sunk costs. Some of those who are considering quitting Amazon are also considering getting a $200K loan to open up a Chipotle franchise, where they pay it back over 30 years and have to show up to work every day for the first 5 years. I'm being serious - quitters panic and then they think the higher the dollar outlay for their next venture, the better chances for their success.

6.) Buy when no one else wants the stuff. If you're stumped at your low sales, are you getting more 'risk-tolerant' buy, say, sourcing wholesale for upcoming holiday seasons (Easter, Spring cleaning, next Christmas, etc.) where consumers lose their minds and buy everything under the sun? The time to do that is right now. Last month, my wife and I bought $3,000 in major name-brand Christmas merchandise via online and retail stores, and we put it in a spare bedroom. This will net us at least $6,000 profit when we send it in for Christmas 2016. The deals are there, you have to use elbow grease and be patient.

7.) Out of sourcing/product ideas? That's impossible. The amount of free/inexpensive information to help you source, buy and receive a wholesale or private label product inexpensively has never been more abundant than now. So if you're convinced sourcing locally or via online arbitrage isn't helping you, try something different without losing a fortune (or your mind):

Things will turn around. Remember that Amazon keeps grabbing a larger share of consumer's online spending. You just need a little elbow grease, determination and less 'following the herd' to win.


BONUS: Revisit this post, and take action. Don't be a quitter!




She took my info and did THIS?

I give away a LOT of helpful seller sourcing ideas right here on this blog.

(When I'm not giving it away, it can be bought for Happy-Meal prices.)

The readers who take action with my info make great profits with relative ease. Below are portions of a (real) testimonial that just arrived from 'Terry G.' (last name not revealed to protect her anonymity):

"[I sold a $100 Braun coffee maker that I] picked up for free, and [I did the] same with a Sunbeam food processor. I wouldn’t have given these items a second glance at the various post-estate-sale* giveaways had it not been for your specific advice about picking up small kitchen appliances..."

"At another post-estate-sale giveaway in September I picked up slightly over 850 books for free."

"I bought two Swarovski Christmas ornaments for $20 each and sold on Amazon for $300 each."

I love hearing from  my readers like Terry. Read more of her actual email (sensitive info blurred out) here.

I give more on sourcing highly profitable goods at 'near-zero' prices here, here and here.


* By "post-estate-sale", Terry means that she acquired homeowners' products at the end of the estate sale at a very low cost or for free, like what I did in late October here.

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2016 Cheat-sheet reveals best Amazon Seller training

Amazon sellers: proven amazon seller courses compared

Thousands of you downloaded my best-selling book where I reviewed the world's best Amazon seller courses, and you came back and said "Hey, Jordan, how about a side-by-side comparison?" [click to continue…]


Mega online seller Brett BartlettBrett Bartlett was just interviewed by The E-commerce Momentum podcast. Grab a pen and take notes because if you paid for one-on-one time with a guy like Brett it would easily cost you up to $1200 (and worth every penny). (Open up the podcast here or right-click this link to download it).

Things I learned:

1.) Brett went from nearly broke to selling $5MM+ annually in just 4 years. His start - with no prior experience - was rooted in his purchase of Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. (By comparison: my Amazon product sales for the past 3 years averages $120,000 annually - and I've been selling online at least three times as long as Brett has. What's the difference between Brett and me? Brett has chosen to run and scale a business - with employees - where I've chosen more of a 'lifestyle' business where I don't have to worry about payroll, facilities, etc. I spend very little time on managing my Amazon/eBay business (under 10 hours/week), where Brett is constantly 'working it.' Brett's risk, commitment and financial investments are higher, but - as you can see - so are his rewards.) [click to continue…]


“Pie in the face” for some Amazon sellers?


Ed. Note – As I write this (I originally made a video), my theory about the Pie Face game price on Amazon plummeting is dubious, as consumer demand for the game seems to be outpacing Amazon's supply (the toy is ranked #2 in Toys and Games). But my advice (below) still sticks: Be very cautious when buying what you think is 'hot' because hundreds of other sellers may follow suit.

I’m seeing some risky seller activity this December: Newer Amazon sellers are flooding the marketplace with newly-'hot'/fad products they are buying for near-retail price online and in retail stores, thinking it's going to continue its high-priced selling streak on Amazon. [click to continue…]


Ok I didn't stalk Peter Valley in person, but I did watch 5 hours of video of him sourcing for books (it felt like stalking).

(You can get the same videos too with my 1-year guarantee - I'll explain peter valley reviewfurther down).

Let me preface this by saying smart online resellers love sourcing used books for several reasons (If you're a regular reader of this blog or a listener of my podcast, I've told you this already). Why?

  • The profit margins are ridiculously high (because inventory is ridiculously cheap)
  • There is too much inventory with too little sellers out there (this market is nowhere near saturated, no matter what Facebook trolls angry Amazon sellers tell you.)
  • Books are easily shippable, hard-to-break products with generally low return rates
  • Anyone (yes, you) can 'start from zero', nada, zilch, and create up to a 6-figure (or $1000 profit/day) business with no employees (there are 'lifestyle' entrepreneurs who are doing this now, but they're a secretive bunch).

Do you need recent profit proof? [click to continue…]


Source products and build a real online business

Hi Readers:

I am a parther with the Startup Bros - a proven, transparent team of experts that is nurturing beginners (like you) from 'zero' to full-fledged e-commerce business owners. (I'm talking 5- to 7-figure, real online businesses) [click to continue…]


Amazon selling machine refund

Amazon sellers:

If you bought a~$5,000+ Amazon course (I can't mention the name here but it might rhyme with 'A Hazing Yelling Obscene') and you want a refund, you have (depending on when you bought it) until November 15,  2015.

Need help getting your refund?

>    Go to their main web site and click on "Contact" link (this is normally in the upper right hand corner of the page). Call, email or chat with them and remind them of their 'no questions asked' 30-day money back policy.

>    Is your refund request / cancellation being delayed beyond reason, or refusedIf you feel you've been wronged, consider contacting the Better Business Bureau and/or State Attorney General local to the course provider's headquarters. For instance, if you had a complaint about a Texas-based company, you would contact  The Texas area Better Business Bureau and/or the State of Texas Attorney General.

   If all else fails, you may be able to get your credit card company to help you. Here's an amazing primer how to dispute credit card charges. It doesn't hurt to contact your credit card company and ask them to refute charge(s) and/or stop future payments to the installment plan for any purchase of any product or service.

-Jordan Malik

P.S. This free guide describes alternative proven Amazon selling courses and systems - some are free, and the highest-priced one is $1497 after all discounts. Amazing!

amazon selling machine

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Do you know what reddit is? It's basically an extremely popular (free) online discussion board divided up into tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of topics where anyone can join in a discussion about virtually anything. Many celebrities/executives/leaders from around the world conduct an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session where they directly answer questions posted by common folk like you and me.

Well a former Amazon Seller Support Rep just conducted an AMA session in the popular-among-FBA-sellers FulfillmentByAmazon reddit.

And it was glorious, revealing, scary and reassuring all at once. [click to continue…]


10 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales This Holiday

Even if you are not in one of my recommended Q4 boot camps, I put together some tips to help you make maximum sales/profits with your Amazon business this Xmas:

1. If this is your first Q4 experience, you may have noticed that your sales haven't yet started to soar. That isn't unusual; while most of the corporate world divides the year into quarters starting in October, Amazon sellers consider November to January the true Q4. In other words, don't be alarmed if your sales figures are still modest because the real rush has not yet begun. [click to continue…]

  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales This Holiday

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