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Amazon Seller Support Rep Explains What It’s Like

Do you know what reddit is? It's basically an extremely popular (free) online discussion board divided up into tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of topics where anyone can join in a discussion about virtually anything. Many celebrities/executives/leaders from around the world conduct an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session where they directly answer questions posted by common folk like you and me.

Well a former Amazon Seller Support Rep just conducted an AMA session in the popular-among-FBA-sellers FulfillmentByAmazon reddit.

And it was glorious, revealing, scary and reassuring all at once. [click to continue…]


10 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales This Holiday

Even if you are not in one of my recommended Q4 boot camps, I put together some tips to help you make maximum sales/profits with your Amazon business this Xmas:

1. If this is your first Q4 experience, you may have noticed that your sales haven't yet started to soar. That isn't unusual; while most of the corporate world divides the year into quarters starting in October, Amazon sellers consider November to January the true Q4. In other words, don't be alarmed if your sales figures are still modest because the real rush has not yet begun. [click to continue…]


Amazon sellers:

Some Amazon seller 'machine'/private label training costs ~$5000 plus thousands more in inventory and processes (that they don't tell you about until AFTER they sell to you).

Help is here in my free new-for-2016 e-book. [click to continue…]


Proven Ways to Save Big on your Inventory All Year

Amazon and eBay sellers:

save money photo

If you purchase any inventory from online or brick-and-mortar stores, this post is for you.

See, with your competition increasing (Amazon and eBay sellers buying the exact same deals as you, online and in-stores), the 'immediate reflex' is for all those sellers (including you) to drop prices. Follow suit and you'll cut [click to continue…]


Boost Holiday Sales & Profits with my Trusted Experts

Now there's no reason to be in the sidelines during Q4.

Q4 (Oct 1 - Dec. 31) is when most Amazon sellers frantically ask me 'what do I sell?' and 'how do I make more money?' You probably (like me) watched with envy last year as bragging sellers posted their skyrocketing sales on various seller Facebook groups.

Relief is here from [click to continue…]


Sourcing and selling coffee online (for just $47)

barrington mcintosh reviewHere is training (for U.S. and Internationally-based sellers) that I wish wasn't made available for such a low price (because it's that good).

Barrington McIntosh is well-known in Amazon FBA seller circles. He's 100% legit, lives in Jamaica, sells a lot of products [click to continue…]

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"A competitor undercut me in price and is stealing my sales!" 

"Another seller has come in and is 'illegally' selling my own branded product!"

If you have said either/both the above, I have some help for you (this applies to you primarily if you have a wholesale- or private-label sourced product, but even arbitrage/resellers folks can find this useful).

You can remedy this 'stealing' by  [click to continue…]


Early preparation pays here.prepare for selling on Amazon and eBay during Christmas

If you want to cash in this Christmas, you should focus on the biggest-selling category: Toys (new AND used).

Don't bother trying to figure out what are going to be the hot 'fad' toys. This year, I'm expecting another huge increase of Amazon/eBay sellers all chasing the same new toys in stores (which inevitably leads to plummeting prices.) [click to continue…]


9 new things I just discovered about e-commerce

ecommerce-tips-2015WebRetailer just posted a long, in-depth interview with online mega-retailer CostumeBliss.com's owner Jason Sanchez. I learned 9 new things I did not realize (or I didn't think were important) before.  (This will help you whether you're starting out or in a growth phase.)

Bold text is a point summary from the article. Italics are my observations.

1.) If you decide to grow into any operation beyond 'just you/your family', good employees are hard to find and harder to keep. This is why I'm reluctant to grow my 'physical' operations and instead send everything to Amazon FBA and/or fulfillment centers. Before I quit my 'real' job in 2010, I was in charge of departments from 2 to 20 employees. Managing folks is not my gig. So thank God for fulfillment centers. [click to continue…]


Five things many Amazon sellers forget

This is a guest post from Amazon FBA Expert Chris Wilkey, one of the four founders of FBAMaster.com. I asked Chris if I could repost it on my blog because it has critical 'mindset' tips if you are a new or beginning Amazon seller. (You'd be surprised at how many sellers don't pay attention to this stuff, at their own peril). It has been lightly edited for structure/style. (The original is entitled: Top 5 Things All FBA Sellers Need To Know"). Check out their blog and Facebook group.


This post has been a long time coming. I have been collecting my thoughts and putting together a list that every FBA seller should live by. These are essential truths that hold true based upon economic models and human behavior. The quicker you come to terms with these items, the sooner you can capitalize on growing your income!Supply and demand

1. The laws of Supply and Demand will always drive the marketplace – No matter if you understand how it works or why it works, you need to come to terms with the fact that the core principals of supply and demand (and economics in general) drive the Amazon marketplace. As FBA sellers, we are fixing the inefficiencies of the market by finding excess supply and selling it in a marketplace where the demand is high. When a hot toy runs out of stock online, that doesn’t mean it runs out of stock in a rural community. By speculating and playing the market, we are able to capitalize on these inefficiencies and profit along the way. Overall, everyone is better off and we bring the market back to equilibrium (or as close as we can get). [click to continue…]

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