garage sale photoWhy garage sales?

Because they’re one of the cheapest sources of highly-profitable inventory for Amazon and eBay sellers.

I guess I’m lucky because if I throw a  stromboli rock, I’ll hit a dozen any weekend. Long Islanders LOVE to have yard sales every Spring/Summer/Early Fall. The opportunity for you is huge – see some profit proof in my video below.

I am sure your region has plenty of yard sales too  (if too, I suggest you travel as far as 90 miles to hit them).

If you’re asking ‘how can I make big profits too? “, scroll further down to see my list of helpful resources (most are free, the rest are ridiculously inexpensive).

My recommended resources:

> FREE: This post about buying books at garage sales. Some valuable info on ‘strategy’ here.

> FREE: My favorite 2014 ‘tactical’ guide (instant PDF download) to mastering garage sale hunts very efficiently (if clicking on that link doesn’t work, hover your mouse pointer over it, right click your mouse, and then select ‘Save As’ or ‘Download As’)

> FREE: My favorite yard sale locator (I also view Craigslist’s garage sale listings)

> FREE: My favorite site to locate estate sales

FREE: My favorite tool to map out the fastest routes to multiple yard sale locations (really helpful if you like to hit multi-sales in a day).

> $27:  Jenni Hunt’s Summer Toy Guide - one of my resources for figuring out what toys to ‘be on the lookout’ for this summer.  (Risk free with a 30-day guarantee, I’m adding another 335 days to that guarantee, no questions asked. See the ‘*’ below.  The price goes up June 1, 2014!

> $57: Janelle Elm’s Home Run Guide (I’m a contributing author), a whopping BIBLE for yard sale flippers like me. (Risk free with an ‘anytime’ 100% money back  guarantee, I’m double backing that guarantee, no questions asked. See the ‘**’ below. 

 Jenni Hunt backs Summer Toy Guide with her 30-day 100%, no questions-asked, money back guarantee. I’m personally adding another 335 days to her guarantee. If you buy her guide via my link and decide afterward that the guide is not for you, Jenni will refund you within 30 days. If the 30-day mark has passed and you decide the guide is not for you, , I will  refund you, no questions asked, from my own pocket. All you have to do is forward me your original email receipt for the Summer Toy Guide (my email is:  jordanmalik    @    g mai l   <dot>   c o m)

** If you’re not happy, Janelle Elms backs her Home Run Guide with a 100%, no questions-asked, money back guarantee anytime. I’m double-backing her guarantee. If, for any reason she doesn’t refund you (she will), I will personally refund you anytime, no questions asked, from my own pocket. All you have to do is forward me your original email receipt from Janelle (my email is:  jordanmalik    @    g mai l   <dot>   c o m)

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unlock photo Amazon put selling restrictions on product categories (or ‘gated’ them) for some sellers.

The first thing is – don’t panic.

The second thing, to calm your nerves: Read EACH of these blog posts from seasoned selling expert (much smarter than me), and follow through (direct links, no opt-in required):

1.) Jessica Larrew (she covers just health/beauty/grocery categories)

2.) Skip McGrath (he covers the restrictions overall)

My additional advice:  if you are restricted from a category you were/want to sell in AND you can’t get approved in that category, there is still plenty of opportunity in the ‘default’ categories you are not restricted from (used/new: Toys and Games (Amazon calls most used ones ‘collectible’), books, CDs, DVDs, Kitchen & Household, etc.)



Amazon FBA sellers:Amazon Nexus Tax How To

You’ve heard a LOT about your responsibilities to collect state tax and (in many cases) ‘nexus’ tax for your Amazon (and other online) sales. 

I’ve got 3 resources for you: 2 are free, and the last one has a free 30-day trial. It’s saving my accountant TONS of time (=$aving me $$$):

1.) FREEThe guide that fully explains how to file state and nexus tax

2.) FREE - The facebook group for TaxJar (experts in e-commerce co. tax filings, incl. state and nexus)

3.) FREE no-obligation 30 day trial, then starting at $9.95/month) – TaxJar’s automatic Amazon sales tax reporting

(Tip: at the very least, read the free guide and then hand it to your accountant. You can use the info in your guide WITHOUT using TaxJar’s service)

I am VERY thankful TaxJar appeared because doing it before  literally took me/my accountant dozens of hours at first, then a few hours each month. Now it takes just my accountant a few minutes:


FREE for you…Easy to follow; requires a little bit of elbow grease to execute. I’ve done it myself: 123211221414-24

1.) See what eBay products are the ‘most pinned’ on Pinterest (interestingly, many of them have little-to-no competition)

2.) Of those, identify one you have an interest in/passion for**

3.) See the completed listings (or use my free tool) to gut-check sell-through rates and average selling price

4.) Ask yourself ‘How can I …’ (Select one from below)

a.) … Find more of that?

b.) … Create that?

c.) … Improve upon that?

(ed. note – DON’T plagiarize an item or infringe upon a trademark. Get an inexpensive, fast answer from a lawyer if you’re in doubt)

5.) Then go do it (if you don’t want to/won’t, then outsource it to someone/hire someone who can help)

6.) List it, sell it, rinse and repeat the process.

** Just by looking at that list, I see 3-4 product ideas I could start today and get a completed product to sell in anywhere from (depending on the product) 1 day to 6 weeks from now (and I have zero or nearly-zero interest in many of them).



How I Source Products Online – Profit Proof (for Amazon or eBay Sellers)

by Jordan Malik May 17, 2014

“You can do it from the comfort of your own home!” …Sounds like a smarmy infomercial pitch, right? But when I say it, it’s true: For the past 4 years, I’ve been showing Amazon/eBay sellers like you how to (honestly) source products online and make a real income. I’m giving you profit proof and more tips […]

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Did Amazon deactivate some of your listings? (…don’t panic)

by Jordan Malik May 15, 2014

There’s a new default setting in your Amazon seller settings you may not know about. If it’s left checked,  Amazon could ‘deactivate’ any of your listings(s) if they think you have a ‘pricing error’. (‘Deactivating’ it is no big deal, it’s just turning it ‘off’). (A pricing error could be: you inadvertently priced an item at $10.00 when you […]

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Restricted Amazon Categories: Do.Not.Panic

by Jordan Malik May 15, 2014

There’s been a lot of hubbub around Amazon ‘suddenly’ requiring sellers to apply for approval in various categories. Here’s some help: 1.) To see if you’re ‘already’ approved in certain categories, click here (source: 2.) To apply to sell in any category you’re not approved in, click the same link. Note: different categories have different requirements. 3.) Follow […]

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Fast, proven way to buy and sell wholesale

by Jordan Malik May 15, 2014

Amazon and eBay Sellers: Here’s my only recommended method for buying wholesale products from trade show vendors (you can do this without traveling anywhere.) 1.) Review this FREE list of upcoming product trade shows (U.S.) 2.) Select the shows where you have some interest/passion for the product category (Jewelry? Tools? Cosmetics? Food) 3.) Follow the simple steps in the $25 ‘Trade Show […]

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Buy low on Amazon, sell high on Amazon

by Jordan Malik May 6, 2014

You CAN buy products on Amazon, receive them, and then profitably resell them back on Amazon.  (Click on the infographic I created to help you, to the right)  ——————————————> (or download the print-ready PDF version here) EXAMPLE: I just bought 3 of these books (new) for $15 ttl each, and now I have them relisted on Amazon for $40 each. […]

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FREE TIP: 3 types of books that sell well on Amazon

by Jordan Malik May 6, 2014

I call mega (book) seller Peter Valley the ‘Hemingway of FBA’. While many other Amazon sellers are giving up (way too early) on selling books, Peter (creator of the Blog ‘FBA Mastery’) continues to crush it by using a tiny bit of elbow grease and a droplet of creativity. Read about the 3 types of books he’s […]

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