Why Jet.com should have our attention

by Jordan Malik on December 3, 2014

Jet.com is a not-yet-launched e-commerce site (founded by an ex-Amazon employee) that has my ears perked up.  Jet.com

Normally I brush off the “here’s-a-company-poised-to-go-against-Amazon” PR-fueled hype, but there are two reasons why I’m paying attention:

1.) (If the rumors are true), Jet.com will be poised to at least carve a small niche that Amazon is either too big to pursue or simply not capable of doing


2.) They have $80M in venture-backed funding and they haven’t even launched yet.

Keep in mind I know nothing more than you about Jet.com (they’re quite secretive right now)

The rumor is that Jet.com will (among other methods of selling) use its members base (or fans or whatever) to get goods to a buyer quicker, based on proximity between the merchandise and the buyer (same day/next day in-person delivery, perhaps? This is quite alluring since Amazon is now flubbing up it’s 2-day delivery for Prime members, and eBay has promptly exited the same-day-delivery race)

A while back on my facebook page I talked about how new e-commerce entrants will look to existing eBay and Amazon merchants (those with the expertise in sourcing and selling products) to help the new entrants with product delivery to the customers within the merchants’ proximity. In other words:

1. Customer A needs a personal humidifier and looks at (say) Jet’s site and selects one for purchase.

2.  Jet identifies that Merchant B (you) happens to fulfill that item from home (on eBay, for instance).

3. Jet provides you an incentive (or sends a driver to pick upthe item from you) to deliver the item to Customer A.

Result: You get paid for your product (and your service), Customer A gets the product real fast, Jet gets paid via the monthly membership fee, and everyone wins

Again, all this is speculation. We’ll know what Jet does exactly in a few months. In the meantime, you can get ‘insider status‘, free membership (monthly membership revenue seems to be part of Jet.com’s planned revenues) and/or free stock options if you help Jet spread the word.


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The Listen Money Matters podcast interviewed me recently on the topic of Amazon/eBay and more. It’s a fun interview (the uber-popular show bills itself as “An Uncensored Personal Finance Podcast”) and you’ll even learn a couple personal things about me that you may not note already (Caution: this podcast is known to have some ‘explicit language’, although in this episode there’s just a smattering)




unlock photo Amazon restricts sellers from selling in various categories (e.g. Grocery, Health and Beauty, Clothing, Watches, Shoes, etc.)

I believe Amazon made those restrictions because the categories were getting flooded with fly-by-night sellers. Now Amazon requires an application process (which can be rather lengthy for some categories) that can help reduce (or eliminate) their number of illegitimate sellers.

Everyone who wants to sell in those categories, naturally, has to apply for approval (or ‘ungating’).

The first thing is: don’t panic.

Second: Read EACH of these blog posts from seasoned selling expert (much smarter than me) (direct links, no opt-in required):

1.) Mega-seller Jessica Larrew’s posts here and here. (she covers just health/beauty/grocery categories)

2.) Mega-seller Skip McGrath (he covers the restrictions overall)

3.) Mega-seller Debra Conrad has a podcast episode dedicated to the topic.

Third (optional): 

There are services that will (for a fee) help get you ‘ungated’ in various categories (the process is quite painless when you use a trusted service).

Here are 2 of those trusted services (I don’t get paid or compensated in any way for referring you to them)

1.) Amazon selling expert Karen Locker (her web site is here) can help you get approved in the following categories:

  • Automotive
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Watches
  • Shoes/handbags/sunglasses
  • Luggage/Travel accessories
  • Business and Industrial
  • Clothing

Karen’s current rates are a bargain and I know she’ll get swamped with requests (with Holidays here), so get in touch with her asap, and tell her “Jordan sent you” (again, she doesn’t compensate me in any way).

2.)  CategoryApproval.com is also a trusted service provider who can help you get approved in these categories (although I do think some of their rates are unreasonably high):

  • Watches
  • Shoes/handbags/sunglasses
  • Luggage/Travel accessories
  • Automotive

My additional advice:  if you are restricted from a category you were/want to sell in AND you can’t get approved in that category, there is still plenty of opportunity in the ‘default’ categories you are not restricted from (used/new: Toys and Games (Amazon calls most used ones ‘collectible’), books, CDs, Tools & Home improvement, Baby, Electronics, Kitchen & Household, etc.)

Good luck, and keep me posted!



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