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prep centers for your amazon businessUpdated 9/20/2016 with a refreshed list of trusted pre-fulfillment centers.

If you're an Amazon FBA seller anywhere in the world, you're probably doing 'pre-fulfillment' yourself.

By 'pre-fulfillment', I mean:

  • receiving packages from the manufacturer/wholesaler,
  • sorting the products
  • bundling and/or packaging them
  • Photographing the product to Amazon's specs (if you're a private label seller)
  • labeling them, and then
  • shipping all of it to Amazon's FBA warehouses

It's a HUGE time-suck, and it's rather inefficient. For many sellers, it's a 'bottleneck' (meaning they get a lot of inventory but it all piles up in their home/warehouse, waiting to be prepared for Amazon's Fulfillment center.)

Thus, enter Amazon.com's official FBA Label service, as well as independent companies like FBAInspection.com and Varehouse.com (both of which charge nominal fees per unit that is prepped for you).

> Amazon's own FBA Label service is fine if you having a single SKU shipped in multiple quantities directly from the wholesaler/distributor/manufacturer. Sellers just like you are having further discussions about Amazon's FBA Label service on the facebook threads here and here (those Facebook groups are free to join.)

Some pre-fulfillment centers are 'fly by night' and/or going out of business. So which fulfillment centers can be trusted?  Below are two honest ones (I did a lot of homework on this). Fees are very reasonable. Yes they will work with any Amazon seller around the world, they accept retail arbitrage and online arbitrage products, as well as wholesale and private label and international shipments.

FBAInspection.com (California): 707-961-0343. Minimum order $35. They also do product inspections & photography and more. Use my discount code mk10 to get 10% off all services across the board (new customers only)

Varehouse.com (in tax-free Oregon): 971-251-5202. Starter plan is $0 monthly (per-carton/per-unit fees are extra, you have to spend a minimum of $15). They also do product inspections & photography, etc. Save 10% on their professional plan ($100/month) when you commit to an annual contract - coupon code Jordan2016 Note: you don't enter the coupon code at checkout. Just sign up at varehouse.com and you'll get a welcome letter from the owner (Jim Wilson). Reply with the Jordan2016 code and Jim will complete the process.

(If you need a pre-fulfillment center on the East coast of the U.S. I've also heard good things about Prime Zero Prep and Ship in New Hampshire.)

So you don't actually have to 'touch' (nor receive, nor label, etc.) the inventory you order. Your inventory goes straight to the folks at and they take care of it as if they were 'you' (everything is tracked, 'your' sales are yours, it's your existing seller account, etc.)

Good luck, and feel free to post your experience with any of the above facilities here (click on 'Comment' below).


* For FBAInspection first-time customers: mention referral code MALIK and they will waive the 1st time minimum order fee AND take 5% off your 1st order. FBAInspection is not accepting arbitrage customers at this time: private label, white label, or wholesale products only


(A tip of the hat to Brian Guy from Australia for his tremendous help with this post.)


Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course review

Review: Proven Amazon Course (Jim Cockrum)

The famous Proven Amazon Course ('PAC') by Jim Cockrum is one of the longest-running, most trusted platforms where Amazon sellers new and veteran alike start and grow their businesses. There have been a lot of improvements since its inception several years ago.

Here's my honest review:

Pros: [click to continue…]


Review – Amazon Boot Camp from The Selling Family

Amazon Boot Camp

Review: Amazon Boot Camp (The Selling Family)

The famous Amazon Boot Camp ('ABC') is an Amazon seller course by The Selling Family. It teaches you, step by step, how to start selling products (and expand/grow quickly) on Amazon.

Here's my honest review: [click to continue…]


Amazon Brand Restrictions – What to Do?


restricted brands on amaozn

Updated 9/6/16 - It appears Amazon has changed its stance on restricting brands for existing sellers. Thus, from what I know to date:   It seems sellers who had been selling newly restricted brands in the past may be able to sell them as usual. If they are able to sell them as usual, the dreaded fee up to $1500 per brand won't apply. (What remains to be seen is if those existing sellers still need to get ungated to sell the brand.) However if you have not previously sold a newly restricted brand, you will still need to apply for brand ungating. CNBC quote: "[Amazon is telling] existing sellers that they're being grandfathered into the system and that the charges, which typically range from $1,000 to $1,500 per brand, only apply to new merchants. In other words, if you've been selling Nike shoes or Hasbro toys for several years, it's business as usual. " Remember, even if you're a new Amazon seller (and thus restricted from selling various brands' products), there is still plenty of opportunity for you. If you're an existing Amazon seller, it's still wise to expand your sourcing to methods in addition to retail arbitrage and online arbitrage. Read on and also see this 9/6/16 'Do's and Don't's' article [click to continue…]


Source your products for Christmas now

Sell on Amazon Q4

Right now (Summer '16) is the time for you to start sourcing for Christmas/Q4 shopping season. This is whether you sell on Amazon or eBay (or anywhere else).

See, I get an influx of emails in October from sellers panicking because they waited too long.

By then it's (generally) too late. [click to continue…]


The Wholesale Formula Review

Ed note: You've asked me for help with sourcing profitable, replenishable products for your Amazon business. I'm bringing it to you below. You've already seen The Wholesale Formula's webinar replay and excellent free video series. Below is my review of the full program.

The Wholesale Formula registration is closed. It reopens in early 2017. Get notified here.

Review of The Wholesale Formula (Scroll down for text)

You're here because you're wondering 'should I get The Wholesale Formula to grow my Amazon business' or take it to the next level.

The short answer (my opinion) is [click to continue…]


How wholesale changed his FBA business

Ed note: We all start as just 'sellers of stuff'. Some online sellers take it much farther with, say, wholesale sourcing. It's up to me to find those stories and bring them to you. (Plus, you asked for exactly this in my recent survey). Below is a very helpful guest post from a (modest, 100% legit) multi-million-dollar seller Dan Meadors (l). This is chock full of great advice and a lot more is to come. Enjoy!

P.S. If you're looking for Dan's program The Wholesale Formula, registration is closed. It reopens in early 2017. Get notified here.

Life of a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Seller

By: Dan Meadors

wholesale formula review

A little bit about us and how we got started selling on Amazon

In late 2011 we were both working full-time jobs for an online retail company that specialized in selling collectible card games. One day, the CFO of the company quit. It surprised us because he was making a six-figure salary at the time, so we asked him why he was leaving. He told us that he was making more money selling stuff on Amazon and he was just going to focus all his time on that.

We were shocked that this was even possible and to be honest, rather skeptical. We probed him about it [click to continue…]


See my 2016 used book profits (from hardly working)

sell books fbaIt's 2016 and I have a news flash: the used book business for Amazon sellers is still very profitable and inventory is plentiful.

How do I know? I keep casually sourcing used books and media (CDs, DVDs) and make a killer profit margin. I spend just 3 to 5 hours a month (total) in local thrift stores and on used book sites like AbeBooks.  Just some of my results are:

That's a net profit, after the cost of inventory and Amazon fees, of [click to continue…]


Amazon seller training (& more) is free for 30 days

amazing.com reviewMany of you remember the colorful history I've had in the past with Amazing.com.

Well, they've completely reinvented themselves and I have to tell you about it (for, at the least, their Amazon sourcing training.)

This has nothing to do with me earning an affiliate fee (the amount is really negligible). This is about the value to you.

I got Amazing.com's free trial subscription myself. My receipt is here. There were no upsells when I joined.  [click to continue…]

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online arbitrage software reviews

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