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Get ungated in shoes (plus an ebook)

I recently got approved to sell shoes on Amazon. I had CategoryApproval get the approval (they did virtually all the work) for me quickly.

I got approved in shoes for 2 reasons: 1.) There’s a lot less competition in shoes than many other categories. (By comparison, shoes is ‘wide open’ right now). But more importantly, 2.) there are many major store retailers give MASSIVE discounts (up to 90%) when they’re clearing out stock. That’s where the fattest margins are for resellers like you and me. (We’re talking buying major name-brands (Reebok, Nike, Nine West) for (say) $10 and selling them on Amazon for $30 to $40+.)

(Interestingly enough, there are online arbitrage opportunities for shoes, too. More in this video.)sell-shoes-video

Want to get in on shoes, too*? (it includes an e-book from a guy who is crushing it with shoes).

1.) Go to CategoryApproval.com web site.

2.) Scroll down and select the ‘Shoe Approval/eBook bundle’ link (see the image to right, that’s what it looks like). (Note: The Shoe Category includes Handbags and Sunglasses, too! Amazon lumps them all together in the approval process)

3.) Wait to hear from CategoryApproval (please allow 2 business days.) They will tell you exactly what to do (step by step) to get approved.

4.) If CategoryApproval is unable to get you approved, they will refund you 100% what you paid, no questions asked.

Your purchase includes the ‘Flipping Shoes’ ebook ($67 for everyone else) by Ken Kelly, a trusted guy who’s making serious bank selling shoes that he’s sourcing locally from retailers’ discount racks.

* Please note: CategoryApproval’s service is not required for you to be approved (‘ungated’) for Shoes on Amazon. You can apply for approval yourself manually.  But I recommend CategoryApproval’s service because it will save you headaches and hours of time. Here’s why: Amazon likes all your materials submitted ‘just so’, and the files you have to put together and submit can be long, complicated and cumbersome)




Amazon and eBay sellers: 8079623104_5e2a334723_q_free-money

If you’re on a really strict budget for sourcing inventory and/or packaging supplies, this post is for you.

Mega-resellers are always on the lookout for shortcut and hacks (like these that I wrote about earlier ) to do it better. The whole idea is to lower expenses and increase your profit margin.

There are many ways to boost your reselling income such as buying inventory in bulk, buying at a lower price, or getting freebies with the products that you are buying. And then there are times when you can get valuable inventory for free and/or free rebates/cash etc.

All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open and grab these offers when they crop up:
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Book Sourcing Master Reveals Million-dollar Strategies

“Most Amazon sellers have no idea what they’re doing. There’s so much money to be made in the inventory they ignore.” – Peter Valley

2/19 Update:

Free Tip and Q&A  by BlindSpot Profits author Peter Valley

Free excerpt from the bundle

Remember: I back your purchase 100% for one full year (see * below).


Peter Valley is arguably the smartest guy in the used-books-on-Amazon biz.

For 2015, he’s revealing more of his sourcing secrets in a 3-ebook bundle here.

If you think Amazon is over-saturated with inventory, I can assure you the opposite is true. Why?

99% of your competition is (rudely, obnoxiously) grabbing the lowest-hanging fruit. Greed isn’t their only detriment. They also:

1.) refuse to work beyond just grabbing armfuls of products and scanning them, and

2.) they don’t have basic communication/speaking skills.

So when you (the smart reader) spend the tiniest bit of effort into 1.) looking where the greedy, obnoxious sellers refuse to look and b.) saying a few words to those in charge at the various places you source, you can cash in very well.

The $47 book bundle (see pic upper right) will teach you all that within 200+ pages. (The bonus books ‘Condition Hacking’ and ‘Social Sourcing Secrets’ will not be included in the bundle after Feb. 20 2015)

I’ve read all 3 books – they’re 100% no-fluff, easy book sourcing techniques that gross some sellers millions, like this guy (video below).

Buy the bundle from my link and I’ll personally back your purchase with my 1-year no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee*

Here’s a preview of what you can expect (even if you buy nothing, this will help you):

1.) Watch this video where Peter interviews a $1.5M Amazon bookseller.

2.) Here’s a printed interview with another successful book seller.

* Peter Valley offers a 60-day, no questions asked guarantee for his e-book.  But when you buy his e-book via my link (it’s the same price, instant download),I will personally add another 305 days to that guarantee. So: if you decide the book is not for you (and the 60 days have passed), forward your email receipt to me and I will refund you (100%) out of my own pocket. It’s the same ‘extra’ guarantee I give to several of the excellent guides and services that I endorseI will make a small commission from Peter when you buy via my link.



Look what I just bought

eBay and/or Amazon Sellers:proven wholesale sourcing

I’ve told you how wholesale sourcing has a lot of traps that can empty your pockets.

That’s why it’s a relief when a trusted partner of mine provides a proven system to source profitable wholesale inventory.

Enter the just-launched ‘Proven Wholesale Sourcing‘ by Jim Cockrum (this is for Amazon and/or eBay sellers)

Even though Jim’s a partner of mine, I didn’t ask for free access. I bought mine ($97, click to see my receipt). That’s how well his stuff works.

With Proven Wholesale Sourcing, you’ll learn how to source wholesale inventory for profitable selling on Amazon/eBay with:guaranteesource wholesale for amazon ebay

  • 5 live training webinars (recorded so you can view them anytime afterward) beginning Jan. 29 2015.
  • You’ll learn directly from Robyn, an Amazon/eBay megaseller who started with $100 and went to $1 MILLION+ in Amazon/eBay sales
  • No commercial address or warehouse needed (this works ‘from home‘ anywhere in the world)
  • Live access to support in their private Facebook group
  • Jim’s 100% money back guarantee for this course is anytime. I’m double-backing the course. That means if for any reason you don’t get a refund (you will, but just in case), I will refund you 100%, out of my own pocket. Just buy it from this link (I get a small commission from the sale), forward me your original email receipt (send it to jordanmalik@gmail.com) with the word REFUND in the subject.

If you can wait, all of Proven Wholesale Sourcing will be FREE beginning May 2015 IF you’re already a Proven Amazon Course (‘PAC’) member. (I’m a PAC member but I simply couldn’t wait 4 months to get my hands on this).

So, are you going to join me? I hope so! See you in the first webinar.


P.S. If Proven Wholesale Sourcing is still too rich for your blood, here’s a proven guide to get your feet wet


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Amazon category approval – how I did it

approval photoAmazon restricts sellers from selling in various categories (e.g. Grocery, Health and Beauty, Clothing, Watches, Shoes, etc.). Everyone who wants to sell in those categories, naturally, has to apply for approval (or ‘ungating’).

The cool thing is that if you are approved, you can enjoy (generally) far less seller competition than the default categories you’re already approved to sell in (e.g., books, toys, baby, etc.)

Any seller in good standing can apply, but the whole process can be cumbersome (witness this partial screen shot of the spreadsheet I had to submit for approval in clothing, for example. Yipes!)

So I looked to CategoryApproval.com to help me and it was pretty effortless on my part. They took care of everything for me, from photo selection, the templates, the application, etc. They just gave me the exact instructions  info to submit to Amazon and a few days later I was approved in ShoesWatches, Clothing, & Jewelry <–click on each link to see their approval email to me.

Get guaranteed approval – You too can get CategoryApproval.com‘s service and get approved or your money back  in the below categories

  • Watches (you actually get CategoryApproval’s service for watches free when you pick 2 other categories below)
  • Clothing
  • Shoes/handbags/sunglasses
  • Luggage/Travel accessories
  • Automotiveguaranteed approval amazon category

CategoryApproval  guarantees their work. If you don’t get approved in the categorie(s) you select, they’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

Good luck, and keep me posted!


P.S. (Just interested in getting approved in Grocery and/or Health and beauty?) See mega-seller Jessica Larrew’s posts here and here.)


Ed. note – this is a guest post from Jeff Roth at one of my new favorite Amazon seller blogs, ScanOnTheSide.com

time photo

If you’re an active FBA seller, chances are you’re doing so on a part time schedule. Part time selling on Amazon provides an actionable way to make some extra money online since anybody can find stuff cheap. With the natural time constraints doing FBA on a part time basis, having a solid plan of action is the key to succeeding in this role. What plan you ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you that ours is the be all end all of FBA but what I will say is that it works for us in our part time FBA business and can work for you as well.

Thrifting + Retail Arbitrage = Best of Both Worlds

Our preferred ‘part-time’ sourcing channels are:

  • Thrift store (new in box items) and
  • major retailer seasonal/post-holiday/clearance and
  • regional discount store sourcing.

I highly recommend those three methods for part-timers because the high margin/low competition finds from thrifting new in box items provide a solid foundation of profits to allow for potential misses and high competition limitations of retail arbitrage.

Sourcing seasonal and post-holiday items at huge discounts at major retailers (e.g., Big Lots, Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) has also proven to be very profitable when you buy low right after the holiday, and then sell high 9 to 12 months later . Be sure to:

  • See the history of what the best seller rankings were during the holiday season (ed. note – I use camelcamelcamel.com)
  • Plan ahead to see which stores are getting rid of which post-holiday merchandise
  • Keep an eye out for non-holiday items that are also lumped into the holiday clearance including toys and gadgets that sell year-round.

We like to focus on major retailers post-holiday because we know that these stores need to clear shelf space for their new merchandise.

Regional Discount Storeschristmas merchandise photo

Here, I don’t mean the dollar store but rather more ‘mom and pop’ retail stores that offer items you just can’t find regularly in the big box stores. You might not be getting items at insane clearance prices but with the uniqueness of the items sold here, the competition by in large is much less and thus the margins are still there. If these stores exist in our local area then I’m pretty sure they’re everywhere so do some research, start asking around (Ed. note – check your online or printed yellow pages under ‘General Merchandise’ and/or ‘Sports Equipment’ and/or ‘Toys’ etc.), and make a list.

Allotting Your FBA Time

My full time ‘real world’ job involves daily travel. This allows me the freedom to take 30-45 minutes a day to source during my normal daily route. It all comes back to time conservation and proper allocation of it. Part-timers don’t have time to walk into Target and comb the aisles scanning everything in sight like some recommend. It’s just not realistic. Instead, they plan ahead and attack the specific sections above, at the right times, when things are super cheap. Remember, if you find a good deal at one store there’s a good chance that same store has the same deals throughout their chains so strike while the iron’s hot.

Why not 100% Thrifting?

I have been asked “If you find such great things thrifting, why don’t you just do that and skip the retail stores?” My answer: If I only had 10 minutes a day, I would! Meaning, I have enough time to do both so why would I shut out a complete source of sellable items? If your time is limited, I would start with thrift stores. Once you know each store well, you will cut your scanning time in half and open up time for other opportunities including retail.

2015 and Beyond

So here’s to a prosperous 2015 for you in your business. Go and get approved to sell in every Amazon category possible. Many FBA gurus predict the ability to sell in categories such as Apparel, Jewelry, and others will become harder and harder as time goes on. Fulfillment by Amazon is a growing community where I learn things from each day and put to good use and you can too. Follow our plan of action and you too can have success doing FBA part time.

-Jeff Roth

(Ed. note: here’s a reliable directory of thrift stores in your area. Also see more thrift store sourcing strategies here)

Photo by Kid’s Birthday Parties


Amazon Negative Feedback Removed (or your money back)

I have a new resource for you if you are having problems with your Amazon Seller Feedback score.feedback photo

See, keeping your overall feedback score high (ideally no less than 98%) can be critical for you. A higher score:

a.) Helps you compete with other sellers.  I achieve more ‘buy box’ exposure (versus the competing sellers) when my feedback score is higher than theirs (even when my price is higher than theirs).

b.) Helps you stay in Amazon’s good graces.  I have heard stories (I can’t verify them) from other sellers who had their funds from Amazon held and/or seller accounts terminated due to a high percentage of negative feedback. By ‘high percentage,’ I mean 15% or higher, which doesn’t seem like much.

Enter Scott and his site FeedbackRepair.net. For (bargain-priced, I-dont-know-how-he-makes-any-profit) $18.95US, Scott will analyze one of  your negative feedbacks and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do with the goal of getting that negative feedback removed. His success rate is “80%” (I believe it.). I threw an example his way (on the phone) and he handled it deftly. I asked him if he was a psychology major because he knew exactly how to get inside the customer’s head. You don’t provide Scott with your Amazon username nor password (his service does not require that he accesses your account).

Also (the best part), here’s his guarantee:

If we are not successful in removing your feedback or you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, we’ll provide a refund. Plain and simple. No fine print. We’ve only ever had one request for a refund.”

 I’m going to back up Scott’s guarantee, since I know he’s 100% legit: When you buy his service via this link (I earn a small fee by referring you to Scott), I will personally reimburse you 100% out of my own pocket if, for any reason, you don’t get a refund from him. No questions asked. All you have to do is forward your emailed receipt from your purchase to me ( jordanmalik@gmail.com ).


P.S. Scott invites you to “Call, Chat or Email before you buy”.

P.P. P.S. You can see all my other feedback solutions here).

Photo by cogdogblog


Last month I told you about the mysterious Jet.com  (founded by an ex-Amazon employee) that has $80MM+ in financial backing, and why we should pay attention.  Well, all has been revealed about Jet in this Business Week article:

  • Jet will be an online Costco-like marketplace  with an annual membership of $50
  • Prices of everything from diapers to electronics will be so low (“10% to 15% less than anywhere else online”), that Jet’s profits will only come from the annual subscription fee revenue)
  • Jet.com will have some merchandise in its own fulfillment centers, and other ‘I-want-to-compete-with-Amazon’ online vendors like Sony, Sears Home and small ones like BabyAge

Jet will show its online shoppers that they can get even lower prices on their desired items if they (say):

  • combine multiple items from the same vendor, and/or
  • use a debit card instead of credit (nets them a 1.5% decrease) and/or
  • buy items that are shipped from a regional location (versus across the country), etc.

So while Jet may not yet allow mom-and-pop merchants like us to sell on their platform (a prediction I made last month), I do see some opportunity for us in online arbitrage (buying items low to resell on Amazon/eBay at a profit). Not just because of Jet’s promised super-low prices, but it will spur their deep-pocketed competitors like Amazon, Walmart, and others to cut their products’ prices to artificially low levels, thus presenting an arbitrage opportunity.  Interested in Jet? Get ‘insider status‘, free membership (monthly membership revenue seems to be part of Jet.com’s planned revenues) and/or free stock options if you help Jet spread the word.

your jet insider status

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Why Jet.com should have our attention

(Ed. – A followup to this post is here).

Jet.com is a not-yet-launched e-commerce site (founded by an ex-Amazon employee) that has my ears perked up.  Jet.com

Normally I brush off the “here’s-a-company-poised-to-go-against-Amazon” PR-fueled hype, but there are two reasons why I’m paying attention:

1.) (If the rumors are true), Jet.com will be poised to at least carve a small niche that Amazon is either too big to pursue or simply not capable of doing


2.) They have $80M in venture-backed funding and they haven’t even launched yet.

Keep in mind I know nothing more than you about Jet.com (they’re quite secretive right now)

The rumor is that Jet.com will (among other methods of selling) use its members base (or fans or whatever) to get goods to a buyer quicker, based on proximity between the merchandise and the buyer (same day/next day in-person delivery, perhaps? This is quite alluring since Amazon is now flubbing up it’s 2-day delivery for Prime members, and eBay has promptly exited the same-day-delivery race)

A while back on my facebook page I talked about how new e-commerce entrants will look to existing eBay and Amazon merchants (those with the expertise in sourcing and selling products) to help the new entrants with product delivery to the customers within the merchants’ proximity. In other words:

1. Customer A needs a personal humidifier and looks at (say) Jet’s site and selects one for purchase.

2.  Jet identifies that Merchant B (you) happens to fulfill that item from home (on eBay, for instance).

3. Jet provides you an incentive (or sends a driver to pick upthe item from you) to deliver the item to Customer A.

Result: You get paid for your product (and your service), Customer A gets the product real fast, Jet gets paid via the monthly membership fee, and everyone wins

Again, all this is speculation. We’ll know what Jet does exactly in a few months. In the meantime, you can get ‘insider status‘, free membership (monthly membership revenue seems to be part of Jet.com’s planned revenues) and/or free stock options if you help Jet spread the word.


SALE ENDED on DEC. 4, Sorry :)

U.S.-based online merchants (not in the U.S.? Click here):
Amazon course coupon code

I’m sharing a CRAZY offer with you (with my personal full year, 100% money back guarantee*).

Amazon mega-seller Jessica Larrew’s ebooks and courses are all HALF PRICE. (she only does this twice  a year. Offer ends the evening of Dec. 4, 2014)

(I’ve personally used most of them. They have directly contributed to my ~$70,000 net pre-tax profit on $140,000+ in Amazon product sales in 2013.)

Full details are on this page (to get the 50% discount, use code BF2014JM at checkout for any/all the courses)

I already reviewed many of them on my blog, but here are some direct links:

> “Amazon Boot Camp” (1 of the easiest courses for learning how to sell on Amazon in the US) / Get it for just $149 here (enter coupon code BF2014JM at checkout)

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> I also used her tips in her Health and Beauty Webinar – Get it for just $13.50 here (enter coupon code BF2014JM at checkout)

Good luck and remember, the offer ends tomorrow evening (Dec. 4 2014)


*My personal guarantee (no strings attached):  I’m personally guaranteeing all of Jessica’s courses/guides for a full year. If you decide it’s not for you after Jessica’s own 30 or 60-day guarantee, email me your paypal receipt ( by the 365th day after your purchase) and I’ll refund you 100% out of my own pocket, no questions asked. You just have to buy any/all of the courses via my affiliate links above or right here . (I make a small amount of $ for the referral.)

SALE ENDED on DEC. 4, Sorry :)

  • 1 day left for 50% off these proven Amazon Seller courses (I use them)